Interview wih Akira Yamaoka (GamePro)

Date published: 2007.04.01
Source: GamePro

Fans of the famous horror franchise Silent Hill will be happy to know that we have managed to get a short talk with Akira Yamaoka (Sound Director, PC version "Silent Hill 3" Producer) who will have a great role in the making on Silent Hil 5, we are happy to report.

GamePro: Akira, its good to have you here to dicuss. Silent Hill has a very unique fanbase caused by the obvious unique **** and settings of the games, will this be continued in Silent Hill 5?

Akira: At the moment I cannot reveal much detail on the story, or our progress, but I can tell you that this game will resemble Silent Hill 2 in the terms of the way the player is directed and the characters' behavoir.

GamePro: Despute is over the console which SH5 will appear on. Does Konami Digital Entertainment have any plans or ideas of the platform which Silent Hill 5 will be?

Akira: At this time we are still not sure. We are thinking of putting the next canon game on the next generation consoles like Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, but we have had a good past experience with Playstation [where the series was born] and we hope to continue that trend, but there are no definate plans as of yet.

GamePro: Will the gameplay aspect be a resemblance of Silent Hill: Origins or remain as far as the series is?

Akira: Everything is draft at the moment, but we might not copy the Silent Hill: Origins. That is not our intention as a different studio is inventing Silent Hill: Origins.

GamePro: You sound displeased with the new system?

Akira: I dont mind it, infact I like it and agree with the choice for the Playstation Portable System, but I dont think thats the camera angle we want on a home console. That way you don't see enough of the surroundings that really mean alot to the player in Silent Hill.

GamePro: Will you be composing the music as well as directing?

Akira: I have considered the sound directing offer, however nothing is 100% on the project, though I do hope it can be arranged.

GamePro: Thank you for joining us in this short interview Akira, we and all the fans of Silent Hill are extremly excited about the next installment.