Interview with Donna Burke (Silent Haven)

Date published: 2011.04.25
Source: Silent Haven

Silent Haven: What got you involved in Silent Hill? Why did Team Silent pick you?

Donna Burke: I auditioned.

Silent Haven: What kind of mind set did you have to be in for Angela Orosco in Silent Hill 2?

Donna Burke: Defensive and hurt but still hoping for good

Silent Haven: You made a reprising role in Silent Hill 3 as the strong voiced, evil Claudia Wolf was this harder or easier to get into character when comparing it to the disturbed Angela?

Donna Burke: Yes Claudia is an iconic roll- I loved it.

Silent Haven: Which role did you like better Claudia or Angela in terms of character and attitude?

Donna Burke: Claudia is so strong and acts out instead of reacting so it was definitely more exciting to play

Silent Haven: You are a very talented woman with your singing ranging from classical to techno to rock and your talent of being able to act as innocent yet disturbed teenager like Angela as well as an evil antagonist like Claudia Wolf; which of your talents do you prefer and why?

Donna Burke: I think singing is acting and it’s also something you can do on your own for your own pleasure. I love that acting moves people and touches their spirits. However music has another deeper power that can transcend language.

Silent Haven: There was a rumor you would do some singing in the new upcoming Silent Hill Downpour is this true?

Donna Burke: No comment but the answer is no

Silent Haven: Are you at all interested in seeing how Carrie-Anne Moss will portray your character Claudia Wolf in the upcoming Silent Hill movie?

Donna Burke: Absolutely! I love her and can’t wait to see what she does with the role. One weird thing is that when I shot Claudia’s role, I had brown curly mid length hair and now my hair is JUST like Claudia’s! Long, blonde and straight. I swear if I shaved off my eyebrows I’d be a spitting image of her now!

Silent Haven: Does any part of you miss working with Konami? What are your fondest memories during that time?

Donna Burke: I still work with Konami on different projects and hopefully will continue to do so for many years

Silent Haven: Do you plan on making a return to Silent Hill either in film or voice over? I know all Silent Hill fans look at you as an iconic figure in the Silent Hill universe.

Donna Burke: I’m waiting for a call from the producers! Maybe I could be Claudia’s good sister she locked in a cupboard..or her wait!! Her TWIN!!