Interview with Dennis Falt

Date published: 2014.06.25

To commemorate the 10th Silent Hill 4: The Room anniversary we chatted with Dennis Falt, the actor who had played Walter Sullivan in SH4 as well as had voiced over Mary's doctor in SH2, and asked him a few questions. Please tell us some background info about yourself.

I've been a professional actor since I was a child. Got a BA degree in Theater Arts from CSUSF (California State University San Francisco). Move to Hollywood where I joined SAG (Screen Actors Guild). Worked in TV and film (Starred in SLITHIS) and voice over. Moved to Tokyo. For many years in Tokyo's Industry, I was declared a "Tokyo Super Star" by a national magazine. One of my more memorable films was GODZILLA. Also had a daily TV show for 11 years. Went to Hawaii for a while and acted in LOST, etc. Now back in Tokyo and very busy. Finished my first novel, SAXON BRIGHTLIGHT, TIME SURFER. What did you like about your character? Was it easy or hard portraying him?

Frankly, it's been a long time since I did this, (and I do many of these), I can't remember anything about the character, even his name. Was it easy portraying him? This is my job, it's always easy, because I love the work. Sometimes I have to do 10 or more different character in one production, all very different voices. That's when I really have fun. Do you remember some interesting or funny moments from your recording sessions?

Funny moments during recording? We had a break for lunch, and a few of us went to an Indian restaurant near the studio in Akasaka. Then during recording my stomach kept making weird noises, and we'd have to cut and go back many times. It was a bit embarrassing, but everyone else thought it was funny. Are you a fan of horror (films/games)?

I am not a fan of horror films or games, no interest in them at all. Silent Hill 4 featured hauntings and ghosts. Do you believe in these kinds of paranormal activity in real life?

I'm not sure if I believe in paranormal activity, but I do feel spooked when walking in a graveyard by myself at midnight, especially if there's an owl going "Hoo, hoo", or a crow cawing, or bats flying around. "Ain't nobody got time for that." Would you do another Silent Hill?

Sure, I'll do anything if they pay me, and like I said, I love the work.