The plot of Silent Hill: Ascension develops around two families in two separate locations: a troubled rust-belt town in Pennsylvania called Hope’s Junction and a dying fishing village in Norway named Stilledalen.

Hope's Junction

Rachel Hernandez

James Sunderland

A mother and zealous community leader who has it all under control until a mysterious death causes everything to unravel around her, bringing her standing in the community and her own beliefs into question.

Alonso 'Eric' Hernandez

James Sunderland

A sensitive & loyal soul who finds himself trapped in a conflict between his wife and his friends. When things reach a breaking point, he is forced to choose between family, friends, and beliefs.

Xavier Candless

James Sunderland

A charismatic leader with devotion to a cause so strong it's intoxicating to others. When a tragic event shakes his community, others begin to question Xavier and the lengths he is willing to go to achieve his aims.


Karl Johansen

James Sunderland

A placid Norwegian farmer, Karl Johansen is weighed down by the regrets of his past and is plagued by strange, disturbing visions. Fueled by these visions, he is willing to do whatever it takes to protect his daughters & grandson from the townsfolk who hate his family.

Astrid Johansen

James Sunderland

A neuropathologist who questions her sanity when she’s linked to a mysterious disappearance. Old wounds are re-opened when a tragic event involving her father reignites the town’s resentment for her family, and she's forced to face her troubled past while protecting her son from inheriting a dark legacy.

Toby Cirelli

James Sunderland

The town drunk, irresponsible and reckless Toby’s behavior has brought suffering to the town and driven his sister to embrace a cause he hates. Now, he’s out for revenge against the people he believes drove a wedge between them.