Lucas's Scenario

Karen: Don't touch that locker!
Lucas: Who...? Where am I?
Karen: I'm sorry Lucas, but I don't want you to get the wrong impression.
Lucas: Who are you?
Karen: My sweet Lucas, don't you remember?
Lucas: You seem so unfamiliar to me...
Karen: My little darling, I will take care of you. You are so special.
Lucas: ...
Karen: Close your eyes.

(Lucas unlocks the storage room and finds a corpse lying against a wall).
Lucas: Who... Who is this?
Karen: Lucas...
Lucas: Why do you keep calling me that!?
Karen: Because that is you. That is your name.
Lucas: Me? My name? It's my... I don't know... I don't...
Karen: Yes?
Lucas: I... I don't remember!
Karen: You will, I promise. I have never let you down, have I?
Lucas: No... But... I... I don't... Stop it! Get out... Get out...
Karen: Lucas! Don't! You need to focus!
Lucas: I... My... My skin feels warm...

(Lucas takes a note out of the corpse's grip).
Note: Mark me as a dead man. Mark me with red. Mark my way straight to hell.

(Lucas takes the red wax crayons to draw an upside down triangle over the child's drawing).
Karen: Lucas! Please stay calm! All you need to do is wait for a man to come!
Lucas: Who is this man? What should I do with him?
Karen: We must punish him, Lucas! I finally found him. Now he will have to pay!
Lucas: Why? I'm not sure... I don't understand... Who is he?
Karen: He is the reason for our pain, for your pain! But if we capture him, the pain will end. I promise!
Lucas: The pain... I feel... empty... I need to know...
Karen: Lucas, listen. We must not fail... I... We need to have him...
Lucas: But I need to know what...
Karen: Lucas, we must punish him!
Lucas: Everything feels so strange... Is this all real? What has happened
to this drawing?
Karen: What have you done!? Go away! Do not come here!

(Lucas finds a note attached to a hanging piece of meat).
Note: Brad killed himself. Bill is the father of Marie. Sarah is gone. Marie's offspring Lucas is here. Bill is hanging from the ceiling. Karen is dead.

Karen: Lucas... Leave that alone... Please...
Lucas: What is it?
Karen: This man is coming to us very soon, Lucas. He's already on his way. If we capture him, everything will be well again. The pain will go away... Lucas, please listen to me.
Lucas: I can't... All I see is filth, I'm bleeding... Take me away from here...
Karen: Lucas, we need to be in this together. We are... family...
Lucas: Don't touch me! I don't know you! Who are you?
Karen: Lucas... Please...

Lucas: It... It's empty.
Karen: Get away from there!
Lucas: I can hear screams...
Karen: Run Lucas! You must run away!
Lucas: I can't... I'm bleeding! They're all bleeding! They're all going to bleed!

Lucas: They... They are all dead... Fetuses... All dead...
Karen: I... Lucas...
Lucas: You killed them?
Karen: They were already dead, Lucas... After the orphanage... If I could only save one, that would make up for everything, and they were all so special, every one of them...
Lucas: What are you telling me? Am I not special? You said I was the only one!
Karen: Yes, you are. There was only one I could save...
Lucas: ...
Karen: Lucas, you must...
Lucas: No! You have betrayed me all this time! I... the blood... It's everywhere! Burn me!
Karen: Lucas, don't do this! You need to understand! Please let me explain! We are family, you have to listen! Come to my office and we can sort everything out...

Karen: I'm sorry Lucas. I know that you are... You are so special.
Lucas: I'm not special and neither are you! You lied to me all my life!
Karen: I took care of you. No one else did. They wanted you dead!
Lucas: Your lies, they're everywhere. They are all I can hear. They fill my head... I want them to go away! They must go away!
Karen: Lucas, listen. He is coming. All the pain will stop. I promise!
Lucas: All these lies... away... They need to go away...
Karen: Lucas, my dear son, listen to me. We must not fail... Please...
Lucas: They need to go away!
Karen: Lucas...

(Lucas kills Karen with the steel pipe).
Lucas: Bleed witch...

Vincent's Scenario

I know everything. Fields of red. The flesh burns. Meet me at the hospital in Silent Hill or I will tell.

Voice: So you came...
Vincent: Who is this? Identify yourself!
Voice: I'll play with you first.
Vincent: Say what?
Voice: ...

(Vincent finds Karen dead in her office. He finds a prescription. There is a note written on the back).
Note: A pair of raindrops fell from the sky. As they landed on the ground, a child was born...

(After collecting quarters, Vincent is able to receive a wallet out of the vending machine. He finds a note).
Note: Half a decade later, he spoke his first words and said: "Let Me Go." Six weeks later he died.

(Vincent unlocks the first lock with the pass code, and the second with the brass key).
Voice: Come and you will find what you're looking for.
Vincent: Who is this? Are you the one who wrote this letter?
Voice: Downstairs.

Voice: Father... You have never been so close before. Come here... I have something to say...

(Vincent continues forward and finds a face coming out of a wall).
Voice: Finally...
Vincent: Who are you?
Voice: She called me Lucas.
Vincent: She? Do you mean that woman in the office?
Voice: Yes.
Vincent: But... why?
Lucas: Her stories... lies... But the pain...
Vincent: What stories? What are you talking about!
Lucas: The pain... I can still feel it... it burns... She said you are the one to blame!
Vincent: Why... How can you know?
Lucas: So maybe she was right after all...
Vincent: You don't understand! I was only trying to help!
Lucas: There's only one way to end this...
(The face begins to attack Vincent. After defeating it, Vincent finds the Iron Key on the floor and returns upstairs to deal with the final lock).

Vincent: It's all dark in here... but it feels strange... I better get out of here quick...
Voice: Did you really think you would get away with all this?
Vincent: What? No... No!