Silent Hill: Origins Original Soundtracks

Silent Hill: Zer0 Original Soundtracks

Composer: Akira Yamaoka
Vocals: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (1, 11, 17, 26)
Publisher: Konami
Region: Japan
Catalog number: LC-1627
Release date: 2008.01.29
Format: CD
Total duration: 1:05:54

Hi-res covers

The soundtrack album features 6 pages comic booklet written and drawn by Masahiro Ito (SH1-3 monster design) with a story about Pyramid Head.

"That pyramid head has no connection to "Silent Hill Origins". Comic booklet, that story is my another pyramid head world." - Masahiro Ito on his official website

01 - Shot Down In Flames (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) (3:59) - UFO ending and credits
02 - Meltdown (3:13) - meeting Dr. Kaufmann at Alchemilla Hospital
03 - Evil Appetite (2:05) - Alessa's appearance after fighting the 1st and 3rd bosses; after getting the wedding ring at the Riverside Motel
04 - Wrong Is Right (2:25) - opening Konami and Clmax logo; Greenfield Apartments
05 - Not Tomorrow 3 (1:42) - braking the truck and then seeing Alessa in the driving mirror
06 - Monster Daddy (2:26) - missing in the game
07 - King Of Adiemus (2:28) - missing in the game
08 - Don't Abuse Me (1:39) - opening language and aspect ratio choose menu; Alessa's appearance after fighting the fouth boss
09 - Underworld 4 (3:06) - missing in the game
10 - Acid Horse (2:10) - after solving the Flauros puzzle; meeting Dahlia outside Alchemilla Hospital; way to Antiques Shop; the final boss
11 - O.R.T (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) (4:23) - chating with a friend when driving a truck; chasing Alessa in the fog
12 - Insecticide (2:11) - way to Cedar Groove Sanitarium; meeting Dahlia at Cedar Groove Sanitarium; meeting Lisa in the Cedar Groove Sanitarium otherworld; way to Antiques Shop through otherworld Silent Hill streets
13 - Raw Power (1:16) - Cedar Groove Sanitarium basement; Cedar Groove Sanitarium otherworld
14 - A Million Miles (1:31) - meeting Lisa in the otherworld of Cedar Groove Sanitarium before boss fight
15 - Battle Drums (2:17) - main menu
16 - The Wicked End (2:17) - missing in the game
17 - Blow Back (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) (3:13) - LGC 2006 Trailer; Good ending credits
18 - Real Solution (2:55) - leaving Alchemilla Hospital after meeting Lisa; after placing the 4 bulbs and turning them on at the catwalk of Artaud Theater
19 - The Healer (2:52) - searching in the auditorium of Artaud Theater after meeting Lisa
20 - Snowblind (2:00) - after meeting Lisa and Dr. Kaufmann at the 1F, Rose Suite of Riverside Motel
21 - Behind the Wall of Sleep (2:19) - missing in the game
22 - Drowning (2:25) - missing in the game
23 - Murder Song "S" (3:04) - meeting Lisa at the auditorium of Artaud Theater
24 - Not Tomorrow 4 (2:15) - searching at the second floor of the burning house; after solving the anatomy doll puzzle; meeting Lisa at Alchemilla Hospital; leaving Alchemilla Hospital after meeting Alessa; climbing through the hole to the place of final confrontation
25 - Theme of Sabre Dance (1:33) - missing in the game
26 - Hole In The Sky (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) (4:10) - Bad ending credits

"Белый охотник" by Masahiro Ito

Белый охотник - white hunter
Ангел - angel

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Thanks to SilentUmbrella for the information about usage of the tracks in the game