Ben's Scenario

My Name is Ben. I don't belong here. It was thirty years ago they all died... I was spared... But then why did I feel an urge to come back to this place? I want to understand... Please, make me understand... Is there something wrong with me?

Voice: You left it in the bottom drawer. Don't you remember, Ben?
Ben: What? Is someone there?

(Received candle).
Ben: Weird shape this candle has... There seems to be something stuck inside...

Ben: There! Strange though... I don't remember a clock standing here and little less a passage through it.
Voice: Stop living Ben.
Ben: What? That voice again... It's only in my head!
Voice: Why don't you go weeping in the shower room like you did that night?
Ben: But...? What...? Who...?
Voice: You look pale Ben.

Voice: Help!
Ben: What? Who is it!?
Voice: H... Hey! Is someone there!?
Ben: Yes. I'm Ben! Who are you?!
Voice: My name is Karen! I've been shouting for hours! I'm locked up in some sort of strange storage room!
Ben: Oh I get it! So we can talk through the ventilation system?!
Karen: Yeah, I guess! Why are you here?!
Ben: I used to live here 30 years ago! I don't know why I have returned to the orphana... Wait! Did you say your name was Karen?!
Karen: Yes?!
Ben: I think I remember you! You were that quiet girl! You got away that night, when everyone was killed?!
Karen: Who got killed?!
Ben: What?! 30 years ago in this orphanage, all of the children except three were killed in their beds!
Karen: Really?! I... I can't remember...
Ben: Listen! I'll try and get to you! Hold on!
Karen: Please Hurry Ben! It's so dark in here!

Ben: I don't need to right now. But Wait! There's something inside the toilet...
(Received tongs).
This might help me pick up dirty or hot objects in this hellish place.

(Opens oven).
Ben: Uh... There!
(Uses lighter).
Ben: There... It caught fire.
(Puts candle in pot).
Ben: Let's see if I can make this dinner any worse...
(Closes oven).
Ben: Uh... There!
(Uses tongs in the pot).
Ben: It's a small key...

(Uses key on padlocked stall).
Ben: It fits!
(Examines red mark in stall).
Voice: You don't belong here Ben... You should be dead...
Ben: That voice again... In my head... Or... No... I can't... stand... straight...

My name is Ben. I have a secret. I don't belong here. Where am I? I'm in the orphanage. I'm not alone anymore... Save me...

Ben: Whoa, what just happened, and where am I? This looks like the wash room I just entered. It seems as if the red sign can be used as a portal.

(Puts crank in hole).
Ben: It fits!
(Uses crank).
Ben: It's moving...

Ben: This looks important... A riddle maybe... I better write this down.

This is a story about a toboggan run
We're going down the hill, oh so much fun
Always twisting to the left
Always twisting to the right
A long way to go before we are done
Six times we turn, still we are going
Two times we twist, never are we slowing
We must go even faster I insist
Oh my, what fun we are having
The thrill from speed, it feels like we're glowing
Faster each minute by speed we're possessed.
Quickly One turn that we almost missed
But what is this, I'm filled with fear
Memories of evil acts I once committed
Never to a single soul my crimes had I confessed
The thrill is gone and now I can see
The end is coming for both you and me
Once more Two times we twist, maybe we can be saved
Still one more twist, no it's too late
In the end we must pay and death is the fee.

Ben: It says: 'Hello there nurse Elisa. You have a young boy named Ben at your orphanage. Ben has been examined at the hospital a couple of weeks before as you know and we are sorry to say that he has been diagnosed with a serious form of cancer. Please give this information to him gently as he is a very sweet little boy. If there is anyone he wishes to talk to please bring him here. -Dr. Graham Nolan'
Voice: See you in the shower room Ben...

Ben: Karen! Karen! Are you down here?!
Karen: Ben...? I can hear your voice loud and clear. I'm right through this door.

Ben: Hmm... It sounds like your voice is coming from the door to the right.
Karen: Please hurry Ben...

I don't...feel so good... I must sit down... I remember now... 30 years ago I went down here... ...and cried... I can't feel my arms. I'm going to sleep... My name is Ben...

Moon's Scenario

-Please dad!!
-I'm sorry Moon but we don't know how to deal with all this. It has gone too far...
-...we're sorry my child...
-I... I won't do it again...please, I promise! Stop the car...
-We're already here. These people will take care of you.
-When will I see you again? Will you visit me?
-Goodbye Moon...

Moon: Oh my God... Nothing has changed in this place. This was the first thing I saw 30 years ago. I've dreamt of this place so many times... Why...? I could really use a map for moving around in this place.

Voice: Someone already took the stuff you need, go look him up.

Moon: What the...
Voice: Moon... Meet Ben...
Moon: Who's there?! Did you do this?!
Voice: You need to open those wrists Moon. Do it for me once more...
Moon: But... How did you know...?
Voice: I left something for you in the cabinet in my world. It should do the trick...
Moon: Who are you?!

My arms are bleeding... They left me at this orphanage... because I've tried killing myself ever since I was three years old... I guess they got tired of it...

Moon: Someone wrote: "It's all her fault!" in blood. What is who's fault?
(Examines doll).
Moon: It looks like there's a key in her mouth.

I want to die. Dad... look... I'm bleeding... Why the sad face?

Moon: A pair of scissors?
Voice: There you go Moon... Now go finish what you started...
Moon: What is this place?

(Examines bunk-beds).
Moon: I don't remember who slept in here. This is where three children died that night.
(Examines shoes).
Moon: The shoelaces are tied together. I remember this prank of tying shoelaces together. Sometimes knots were so complicated we had to cut them apart so to put our shoes on.
(Uses scissors on shoes).
Voice: I got something for you in my world.

(Examines bunk-beds).
Moon: It looks like someone has been lying here.
(Receives classroom key).

(Examines bunk-beds).
Moon: There is something under the bed.
(Receives homework).

Moon: It says: Et resedit qui erat mortuus et coepit loqui et dedit illum matri suae

(Gets chalk and uses it on blackboard. Writes "dedit" in blank space).
Moon: That should be about right...
Voice: Moon, I have a message for you in my world.

Why do you look so sad Moon...? You wanted to die... Don't you want to die anymore...? I think you should...

Moon: I'm sorry about everything I did. I know it's my fault entirely. It has been tormenting me since I was a small child and I tried to put things right all those times. Finally you grew tired of me, but how could you understand how I felt? Through the years I forgot what I had to do but now its all clear again. This time I'll do it right and do what has to be done. I will leave this life and everything will be good again. I know it's best for everyone and that is what you all truly want deep inside. To who ever finds this note - my life will end in the boys' washroom. Good bye mom. Good bye dad.
Moon: What?! I never wrote this!

-Hello there Moon...
-Who... Who are you?
-My name is Alessa...
-Don't come any closer!
-Do not fear me Moon. You need to feel this...
-No!! Get away from me! Get awa...

Karen's Scenario

I'm Karen. I don't know how I got here... but I seem to be locked up... in the orphanage I lived in thirty years ago...

(Examines cupboard).
Karen: The door of the cupboard is broken and left hanging on one hinge. There is a screwdriver in there.

(Examines sacks).
Empty potato sacks, and they actually look rather comfortable.
(Uses sacks).
Karen: Yes, maybe I should rest on these a while.

...are you really my sister? ...but mum said you were dead. I never knew...

Karen: Uh... I... Did I just hear a sound from the door behind me?

(Examines Ben).
Karen: Who... Who's this...?

-I'm proud of you dear sister.
-Who is...? But I thought it was a dream! Alessa?
-Yes dear sister, it's me.
-Why... why are you proud of me?
-Because what you did for me of course.
-Did...what did I...I don't understand!
-You don't remember? Well, you will remember soon enough.
-Remember what?
-What is it that I will remember?

(Examines bag).
Karen: There's a bag in the middle of all blood. There are a few items I could borrow.
(Receives items).

(Examines toilet).
Karen: It's the only booth standing. It's open and I can see a lot of blood inside. There is a crescent shaped stone tablet lying on the toilet seat.

(Examines tree).
Karen: A frightening tree with fruits that...wear faces of children!

Alessa: Do you remember when you were a child and we used to talk about running away from all that's bad? ...that we would find the good place.
Karen: I'm sorry but I don't remember much of my childhood at all.
Alessa: That's ok. You will remember. When you gave me that promise I knew we would make it all come true ... together.
Karen: What promise? I...
Alessa: I found the good place Karen. I found it.
Karen: The good place? What are you talking about? Alessa? ...

(Examines door).
What? There are gates and stairs to another floor? That's not right...

Alessa: You are finally here, sister. Do you remember now? Do you remember how you killed all those seeds of evil for me? For us! Just like you promised we cleaned this place of the bad things, together.
Karen: What? I didn't kill... I... I didn't... I... I did all those horrible things... No!
Alessa: You did good sister. But why aren't you happy?
Karen: I finally remember what happened that night. It was me. I killed them all. How could I do such a thing?
Alessa: You did what had to be done! You helped me find us the good place, just as you promised.
Karen: No! I never wanted to kill anyone. It's you! It was you back then, making me do all those horrible things. I never wanted this!
Alessa: So you are turning against me now? I see. You are evil as well and can't be allowed to be in the good place.
Karen: Alessa, what... What are you doing?
Karen: My God, no...
Karen: No!

Karen... What good did that do? Please meet me at you know where... Moon would like to have a word with you.