01. Intro: Radio Conversation

Location: On the road to Silent Hill

Travis: Who'd I just pass there? ...That you, Good Buddy?
Trucker: Treetop tall and wall-to-wall. Travis, you messed up sonofabitch. What you doing on my road?
Travis: Late on a gig, bud. I'm taking the shortcut past Silent Hill; ...stopping for coffee as soon as I hit Brahms. I'm beat.
Trucker: Bad dreams still keeping you awake? I told you man, a girl or two would go a long way. ...Sleep like a baby with a chick in your cab.
Travis: Guess I just don't meet the right girls, bud.
Trucker: Maybe if you weren't always blabbering about-- (radio noise) --remember how or why...
Travis: Hey chill. You don't see me bringing up your issues.
Trucker: (laughs) No need. My old lady keeps me fully informed of my failings. The girl keeps notes.
Travis: You mean she hasn't left you yet?
Trucker: (laughs) Any day now. See you 'round, Travis. Take it easy.
Travis: 10-4. Catch you later, Buddy.

02. Cutscene: A Meeting On The Road

Location: On the road to Silent Hill

(Travis standing on the road besides his track. He suddenly notices a girl dressed in the school uniform standing on the road. She turns and stares at Travis)
Travis: Huh...?
(The girl turns around and runs away)
Travis: Hey, come back!

03. Cutscene: A Burning House

Location: Silent Hill

(Travis stops to catch his breath in front of a burning house)
Travis: Not fog... it's smoke... My God...
(He notices a woman hiding behind the house's corner. She sees him and flees. A girl's scream is heard inside the house)
Travis: Someone's in there!
(Travis enters the burning house through the front door)

04. Cutscene: "You're coming with me"

Location: Burning house, after finding a burned girl

(Travis sees a heavily burned girl lying on the floor inside a drawn symbol)
Girl: (opening her eyes) Let me burn.
Travis: You're coming with me.
(Travis picks the girl up)

05. Cutscene: "Someone help her!"

Location: Silent Hill

(Travis runs from the burning house holding the girl. He lays her down on the grass)
Travis: ...Safe now. Hey! Someone help her! Where is... (He begins to faint while an ambulance's siren is heard in the distance)
(The ambulance's siren is drowned by a louder siren. Travis loses his consciousness. He then wakes up on a bench in the town. Travis gets up)
Travis: Where am I?
(He walks toward a map stand)
Travis: ...Silent Hill? What happened last night? That girl... Did she make it? They would've taken her to the hospital. (Searches for the hospital on the map) ...Koontz street. I need to see if she's okay.
Alchemilla Hospital

06. Cutscene: Meeting A Doctor

Location: Alchemilla Hospital, 1F, area near the elevator

(Travis walks down the corridor and notices a man standing in front of the elevator)
Travis: Hey! You a doctor?
Dr. Kaufmann: Can I help you?
Travis: That fire last night, the girl who was burned? Is she here?
Dr. Kaufmann: A girl? We've received no new patients in the last day or so. Was she hurt?
Travis: She was burned all over!
Dr. Kaufmann: Are you a relative? What did you say her name was?
Travis: I don't know her name. I was the one who saved her from the fire. She must have been brought here. Is there another hospital?
(The doctor presses the elevator's button)
Dr. Kaufmann: I'm sorry. Perhaps someone in reception could help you. (steps into the elevator) I have urgent business to attend to. Goodbye.
(The elevator's doors close and it goes to the upper floor)

07. Cutscene: "Miss?"

Location: Alchemilla Hospital, 2F, after exiting the elevator

(Travis steps out of the elevator and sees a nurse standing ahead with her back turned. She twitches in a strange manner)
Travis: Miss? You okay?
(The figure turns around to reveal its monstrous natures. Travis moves backwards)
Travis: ...What!?
(The nurse rushes towards Travis with a syringe in her raised hand. Travis looks around and takes a notice of a hammer lying nearby)

08. Cutscene: Entering The Otherworld

Location: Alchemilla Hospital, 2F, Room 205

(Travis stand in front of a mirror and watches a girl standing on its other side in the dark version of the room)
Travis: You're the girl from the fire... How did you...?
(Travis touches the bloody handprint on the mirror left by the girl, his figure flickers and he is transfered into the otherworld. Travis stares at his hands)
Travis: I'm seeing things. This ain't right.

09. Cutscene: Getting The Future Piece

Location: Alchemilla Hospital (Otherworld), 1F, Doctor's Office, after the boss fight

(Travis takes the Future Piece from the ground)
Travis: What is this?
(The girl appears behind Travis. He notices her)
Travis: You... What was that thing!?
(The girl silently stares at Travis as the siren begins to sound. Travis starts to faint)
Travis: This... isn't... happening.
(Travis collapses to the floor and eventually looses his consciosness)

10. Cutscene: Meeting Lisa

Location: Alchemilla Hospital, 1F, Lobby, after the boss fight

(Travis regains consciousness lying on a bench in the hospital lobby. A nurse is standing besides him)
Lisa: Are you okay? Sorry, did I startle you? My name is Lisa. I'm a trainee here. Are you waiting for someone?
Travis: No! No, I'm just... well. I'm done here. (Travis gets up from a bench) Name's Travis. Nice to meet you, Lisa.
Lisa: You sure you're okay? You look a little shaken up. ...Sorry.
Travis: No, it's okay. To be honest, I've been a little... off all day. I was in a fire last night--think it boiled my brain a little.
Lisa: The fire in the business district? How awful. I heard about that. No one knows how it got started. And that poor girl, Alessa Gillespie... To die like that...
Travis: (surprised) Alessa? She died?
Lisa: Yes. Sorry, did you know her?
Travis: No, but... Nevermind.
Lisa: Well, I have to run. Dr. Kaufman wants to meet me over at Cedar Grove Sanitarium and he'll be mad if I'm late! Maybe see your around? Take it easy, Travis...
Travis: You too, Lisa.
(Lisa turns and walks away)
Cedar Grove Sanitarium

11. Cutscene: Meeting Dahlia

Location: Cedar Grove Sanitarium, 1F, in the corridor after exiting the East Solarium

(Travis sees a woman walking round the corner and chanting)
Travis: You were at the fire! I saw you there.
Dahlia: (noticing him and stopping) Of course you did. That was my house...burning. My daughter, Alessa. You were the one who saved her?
Travis: Yeah. She was your daughter? Why did you leave her? Why did no one help? You all left that girl to burn.
Dahlia: So we did. The world is stranger than you think...
Travis: You're crazy. What happened to her? Lisa said she was dead.
Dahlia: Alessa is with those who care for her. Do not trust her, Travis. She does not know what she is doing.
Travis: How do you know my name!?
(Dahlia begins to walk away)
Travis: Hey, answer me!
(Dahlia walks away)
Travis: They're all crazy.

12. Sound Flashback: "You really are dead"

Location: Cedar Grove Sanitarium (Otherworld), 1F, corridor

Female: Arrrrrrgh! I've always hated you! You and your devil son!
(Sound of the door closed)
Male: Oh God, Helen. (sobs) My dear, dear Helen. ...You really are dead! What will I do?

13. Sound Flashback: "I had to do it"

Location: Cedar Grove Sanitarium, 2F, Archive

Female patient: I had to do it.
Doctor: You had to? Please, help me understand.
Female patient: That's what you do with pests. That's what you do, isn't it? And he was a pest. Oh, he was a bad boy! Always has been. I tried to pretend he wasn't... but they were there to make sure I didn't forget.
Doctor: They?
Female patient: The people in the mirrors. They see it all! ...What's really going on.
Doctor: And it was their idea?
Female patient: Yes. They saw the devil inside of him. I had to kill him! My responsibility. My flesh and blood. I brought him into this world, so I had to take him out of it! Good wombs can bear bad sons, they say. I know you think what I did was wrong.
Doctor: I just want to understand... Helen--
Female patient: No! You want to keep me locked up, doctor. But you can't. I can leave whenever I want. I can step through that mirror and into their world. This world is just a daydream.
Doctor: Helen?
Female patient: When will they bring me my boy?

14. Cutscene: "You know who's in there"

Location: Cedar Grove Sanitarium (Otherworld), 1F, Female Seclusion

(Travis enters the room and sees Lisa sitting on the chair beside the metal patient room door)
Travis: Lisa? You're here too? Can you see all this stuff? Is it all... dark for you too?
Lisa: I... It's so sad. They can't do anything for her. She just sits there... She wants her boy so badly.
Travis: Who are you talking about? Is the girl inside? (pointing at the door) Alessa? Is Alessa in there?
Lisa: No. (stands up) No! You KNOW who's in there! (runs from the room)

15. Cutscene: Memories of Momma

Location: Cedar Grove Sanitarium (Otherworld), 1F, Female Seclusion, Patient Room 5

(A cutscene begins with a flashback. Travis as a boy enters the room looking towards its back)
Boy: Momma? Daddy said you were dead. Are you dead?
(A hanging creature in a metal cage is shown)
Momma: I'm not dead. Locked away! Out of sight, out of mind. Not dead. I asked them to bring my boy to me.
(The flashback switches to a cutscene with Travis instead of a boy)
Travis: ...Momma.
Momma: Come here boy. Let Momma take a look at you.
(Travis moves backward and tries the door, but it is locked. The creature starts moving towards Travis)

16. Cutscene: Getting the Past Piece

Location: Cedar Grove Sanitarium, after the boss fight

(Travis picks up the Past Piece)
Travis: This is just like before. (turns around to see Alessa standing behind him) What's happening here? That thing, it... couldn't have been. Are you making this happen? ...Are you doing this?
(Alessa stares at Travis silently while sirens begin to sound)
Travis: Wait... No, don't go... I need to know...
(Travis faints and collapses to the floor. Next he finds himself in the lobby of the Sanitarium)
Artaud Theater

17. Cutscene: Born To Be An Actress

Location: Artaud Theater, 1F, Auditorium

(Travis walks toward the stage in the Auditorium as Lisa silently sits in the chair. Travis notices Lisa as he almost walks past her and turns round)
Travis: What are you doing in here, Lisa?
Lisa: Sorry if I scared you... I thought I was the only one in here.
Travis: It's dangerous.
Lisa: (ironically) Dangerous? You're kidding! (stands up) ...The door was open, so I let myself in. I just love the theater, Travis. I want to be an actress. But mom was a nurse, and her mom was a nurse... So I'm going to be a nurse. I've got what it takes though... I can't stop thinking about you, Travis. (Lisa approaches Travis and puts her arms around him) I want you. You're all I think about. Let's get the hell out of this crazy town... Run off--the two of us. We could be so good together... (laughes loudly, steps away from Travis and spins playfully) See? I could be a star!
Travis: (laughing) Yeah...
Lisa: Well, see you around.
(Lisa walks away from the Auditorum leaving Travis)

18. Sound Flashback: A Damned Nosebleed

Location: Artaud Theater, 1F, Auditorium, while crossing the stage

Female actor: Beseech you, Father.
Male actor: Hence! Hang not on my garments.
Female actor: Sir, have pity; I'll be his surety.
Male actor: Silence! One word more shall make me chide thee, if not hate thee. What! (cough) An advocate for an imposter! (cough) Hush! (cough) Thou think'st there is no more such--
Female actor: You okay, Tony?
Male actor: Yes, yes, fine! Just a headache... A damned nosebleed. ...You mind if we stop for a moment?

19. Sound Flashback: I Cried To Dream Again

Location: Artaud Theater (Otherworld), 1F, Auditorium, after getting the Storage Office Key in the forest stage scene

Male actor: Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises, sounds and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not. Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments will hum about mine ears, and sometime voices... That, if I then had waked after long sleep, will make me sleep again; and then, in dreaming, the clouds methought would open and show riches. Ready to drop upon me that, when I waked, I cried to dream again.

20. Cutscene: Getting The Falsehood Piece

Location: Artaud Theater, after the boss fight

(Travis picks up the Falsehood Piece and stretches his arm with it)
Travis: You need these, don't you?
(Alessa appears behind and kicks the dead Caliban. Travis turns around and looks at her. The siren begins to sound again. Travis grabs his head)
Travis: Not again!
(He finally collapses and then wakes up on a bench in the Theater's Lobby)

21. Cutscene: Riverside Motel

Location: Artaud Theater, 1F, Lobby, after picking up the Motel Key from the dead creature on the ground

(Travis examines the key)
Travis: Riverside Motel...
(His image is overlayed with a flashback of a boy for a second)
Travis: I think I've been there before.
Riverside Motel

22. Flashback: A Man In Despair

Location: Riverside Motel, peeping into Room 500 from the Maintenance Corridor

(A man with its back turned stands in front of the calendar in the bathroom)
Father: Every time I look in his eyes, I see you. It's not enough. I can't be there for him. There's too much pain in this world without you. That thing that stole your body... it had the right idea.

23. Sound Flashback: Money for the Pinball

Location: Riverside Motel, Game Room, after taking the Token and leaving the room

Boy: Can I have some money for the pinball?
Father: Yes. About this afternoon...
Boy: It's ok, I just want to play the pinball.
Father: Sure. ...There. I'm going back to the room for a little while. Wait for me here.

24. Cutscene: An Unwanted Visitor

Location: Riverside Motel, Rose Suite

(Travis lands on the floor in the Rose Suite bathroom, then heads to the bedroom where he sees Lisa and Dr. Kaufman sitting on the bed. They seem to be dressing up as if caught by surprise. They stand up)
Travis: Lisa...?
Lisa: (annoyed) Travis.
(Lisa leaves the room. Dr. Kaufmann approaches Travis)
Dr. Kaufman: You have a habit of popping up where you're not wanted, Mr. Grady. Isn't it time you left town?
Travis: I can't.
Dr. Kaufman: Try harder.
(Dr. Kaufman leaves the room as well)

25. Cutscene: Memories Of Daddy

Location: Riverside Motel (Otherworld), Room 500

(A cutscene starts with a flashback involving young Travis walking into the room and seeing his father hanged by a rope. The boy approaches the hanged body)
Boy: Daddy... I won the game. I still got a quarter left... You want the quarter? (stretches his hand with a quarter) Daddy... wake up. Please daddy.
Father: I'm not sleeping, Son.
Boy: Daddy...
Father: You knew I wasn't sleeping. Why did you stand there for so long? It wasn't right.
Boy: Please daddy!
Father: It wasn't healthy, Son.
(Flashback switches to a cutscene with the present Travis instead of the boy standing in front of his hanged father)
Travis: Daddy, this is insane.
Father: Time you faced up for what happened. Your mother and I... will see you in Heaven, Son.
(Travis' father begins to transform into a horrific creature)

26. Cutscene: Getting The Truth Piece

Location: Riverside Motel, after the boss fight

(Travis picks up the Truth Piece)
Travis: How is this even possible? Dad... How could he do that to himself? Why won't you let me forget? Why are you doing this to me!? Come out! I've got your... your THING for you!
(Alessa appears behind Travis. Travis turns around)
Travis: Happy? You've dug up my parents--what now? (Travis steps forward to grab Alessa) When do we get to look inside your sick little mind?
(Alessa just silently stares at Travis as the siren is heard once again. Travis grabs his ears and collapses to the floor. Later he regains consciousness on a bench in the Hospital Basement's Storage)
Travis: This isn't right.
Final Part

27. Cutscene: Getting The Present Piece

Location: Alchemilla Hospital, Basement Storage

(Travis picks up the Present Piece from the floor)
Travis: ...This is the last one.

28. Cutscene: Free From Flauros

Location: Alchemilla Hospital, Basement Storage

(Travis holds the compiled Flauros. The Flauros rises into the air and its parts float shining and eventually flashing. Then Travis is shown sitting on the floor. Alessa appears in front of him)
Travis: ...You're here!?
(Alessa overviews herself and then heads to the nearby door)
Travis: Wait!
(Alessa stands in front of the door. A symbol appears on it and Alessa walks straight through the door)

29. Cutscene: "What have you done?"

Location: Silent Hill, in front of the Alchemilla Hospital after compiling the Flauros

(Travis goes out the Hospital and confronts Dahlia)
Dahlia: What have you done? You broke the spell! Now she is free.
Travis: (descending by the entrance stairs towards Dahlia) I just want to end this. I thought that's what she wanted, too. I want out! Can you help me?
Dahlia: You want out? (laughs) Far too late for that. Even with your misguided help, she can't stop us now. The ceremony begins soon. Finally, she will birth God! Here she comes. Look upon what you have wrought! (points at the hospital door)
(Travis sees floating Alessa. The surroundings around her begins to transform into the Otherworld. She's getting nearer Travis which runs away from her in terror)

30. Cutscene: Final Confrontation

Location: Green Lion Antique Shop, entering the Cult's secret room

(Travis enters the room with robed persons standing around the table with a lying burned girl and conducting some sort of ceremony)
Dr. Kaufman: She's really worked you over, hasn't she? I'm surprised to see you. (Kaufmann steps out from the darkness towards Travis) We had assumed you'd just leave. Well, time to put her pawn to sleep... Goodnight.
(Gas bursts out of the floor around Travis. He caughes heavily and begins to faint falling to the ground. While lying on the ground he continues to observe the ceremony)
Dahlia: She's here! We need to begin this now!
Dr. Kaufman: Don't worry, Dahlia. With him out of the way, she has no conduit for her power.
(Travis gradually loses consciousness still lying on the ground)
Alessa: Momma? Momma? What is it?
Dahlia: Don't touch!
Alessa: (screaming) Ow. It's hot!
(Kaufmann approaches lying Travis)
Dahlia: Leave it be. It is a cage for a demon. Contained, his power will focus yours. Release him, and we will all burn in the fires of Hell.
(Travis completely faints and then appears on a battle arena with the final boss)

31. Good Ending

(Dialogue plays after the main sequence of Good Ending)
Harry's wife: Harry, it's a baby!
Harry: It's a girl. Go on, hold her.
Harry's wife: Cheryl... we'll call her "Cheryl".
(The dialogue is interrupted by the static)
Dr. Kaufman: Half the soul is lost, the seed lies dormant.
Dahlia: The other half is not lost. We'll use a summoning spell. Hearing her pain, it is sure to come.
Dr. Kaufman: It will take time.
Dahlia: We can wait.
(Static interrupt. A siren sounds)

32. Bad Ending

(Phrases in Travis' mind)
Woman: What are you talking about? I'm not your mamma. Please--No!
Man: Scuse me sir. Motel's closed for the season. Wait--! (screams).
Travis' father: What are you doing, son? Careful, daddy's--!

33. UFO Ending

(Travis inserts the Room 502 Key into the keyhole)
Travis: Huh? ...Doesn't fit.
(Travis turns around and looks at the moon in the sky)
Travis: The lonely moon... You've always been there for me, haven't you?
(Suddenly he sees as an UFO descends from the sky. The UFO hovers over him and an alien with a dog (resembling the dog from the SH2 Dog ending) come down to Travis by a light beam)
Dog: Ruff! Ruff!
Alien: Greetings Travis!
Travis: You seen my truck? I have to find my truck.
Dog: (whispering in the alien's ear) Ruff! Ruff!
Alien: Your truck is on our planet. Come with us.
(Excited Travis raises his hands)
Travis: Can I drive?
Alien: You drive stick?
(The three of them rise to the UFO by a light beam and then the UFO flies away)