All music for Silent Hill: The Short Message was composed by the series returning composer Akira Yamaoka. The ending theme song is called My Heroine and features Esther Ortega Cantó on the vocals.

Official album was released in May 2024 with physical release in Japan only. Below you can also listen to and download the complete album as heard in the game.

Silent Hill: The Short Message Original Soundtrack

Country: Japan
Serial number: LC2602-04
Format: 3 × CD
Release date: 2024.05.11

Disc 1 Whispers Begin
01 From Silence, Whispers Awake  
02 Unfolding Tales of Hidden Meanings  
03 Echoes of Time, Guiding Forward  
04 Words Lurk in Shadows, Speaking Softly  
05 The Call of the Unknown, Stirring Souls  
06 Encrypted Dreams, Night's Murmurs  
07 Beneath Starlit Skies, Secrets Seekers Wander  
08 On Paths Enshrouded, Mysteries Beckon  
09 Clues Woven into the Breeze, Leading Astray  
10 Night's Enigma, Calling Faintly  
11 Voices Lost, Whispering Across Ages  
12 A Map in Murmurs, Revealed  
13 Journey Through Mist, A Beginning  
14 Under Moonlight, Puzzles Await  
15 In Gardens of Silence, Quiet Conversations  
16 Chasing Shadows for Elusive Truths  
17 The Echo of a Forgotten Melody  
18 Heart's Language, Deciphered  
19 Cast by the Unseen, Shadows Lengthen  
20 Secrets Told on Still Waters  
21 Quest for the Voice of Silence  
22 Glimmers of Light in the Dark  
23 Following Whispers, Path Unveils  
24 Secrets Unveiled, Beyond the Veil  
25 Nature's Cipher, Unlocked  
26 A Message from the Stars, Received  
27 Awakening of the Inner Voice  
28 Mysteries' Tapestry, Unraveled  
29 The Final Clue Before the Dawn  
30 My Heroine  
Disc 2 Echoes of Discovery
01 Discovery's First Step, A Whisper  
02 Beyond Horizons, Echoes Call  
03 The Inner Map Unfolds  
04 Trails Illuminated by Starlight  
05 From Whispers to Voices, Transformation  
06 Visions Guiding the Wayward Heart  
07 Riddles of the Soul, Unraveled  
08 Wisdom's Echoes, Growing Louder  
09 In Ancient Truth's Shadow  
10 Light Unveils Hidden Messages  
11 Soul's Deep Dive into Self  
12 Secrets of Being, Uncovered  
13 Worlds Connected by Unseen Bridges  
14 Harmonizing the Symphony of Messages  
15 Reflections of Truth in Every Heart  
16 Understanding Past Whispers  
17 A Chorus of Echoes, Uniting  
18 The Key to Futures, Found  
19 Through Confusion's Storm, A Light  
20 Clarity's Light, Breaking Through  
21 Carried on Winds of Change, Messages  
22 Insight's Dance Begins  
23 Harmonizing Truth and Dreams  
24 Amplifying the Soul's Voice  
25 The Penultimate Revelation Nears  
26 The Quest's Culmination  
27 My Heroine (Game-Size Version)  
Disc 3 Harmony of Revelation
01 Gentle Dawning of Revelation  
02 Unity Found in Every Whisper  
03 Worlds' Harmony, Revealed  
04 Once Veiled Truths, Now Seen  
05 Convergence of Echoes and Light  
06 Messages Transcending Time's Bound  
07 Interpreting the Cosmos' Symphony  
08 A World Transformed by Words  
09 The Legacy of the Message Endures  
10 The Soul's Journey Illuminated  
11 Insights Bloom Like Spring Flowers  
12 Building Bridges to Understanding  
13 Fate's Tapestry, Rewoven  
14 Light Cascading Through Doubt  
15 Discovering the Essence of Connection  
16 Embracing the Universe's Song  
17 Wisdom Shared Through Ages  
18 Completing the Circle of Messages  
19 A Call to Many Hearts  
20 The Age of Enlightenment Dawns  
21 The Eternal Dance of Messages  
22 Interwoven Unity and Diversity  
23 Reflecting Upon the Journey  
24 The Soul's Narrative, Fulfilled  
25 My Heroine (Spanish Version)  

Silent Hill: The Short Message Complete Soundtrack

Release date: 2024.025
Format: MP3 192 kbps
Total length: 1:21:50

Chapter 1
1.01 Menu Theme 1 1:06
1.02 Be Proud 0:56
1.03 Room 202 2:35
1.04 Room of Notes 0:31
1.05 I'm Sorry 0:30
1.06 Room 205 2:11
1.07 Chase Theme 2:36
1.08 Cherry Blossom 0:46
1.09 Room 206 2:28
1.10 Leaving Town 0:51
1.11 To the Studio 2:07
1.12 No Reply 3:23
1.13 Followers 2:09
1.14 Who Is This? 3:16
1.15 Chapter 1 Ending 1:53
Chapter 2
2.01 Menu Theme 2 1:56
2.02 Chapter 2 Start 0:34
2.03 Find It 3:37
2.04 The Book 2:48
2.05 Fortune-telling 1:07
2.06 Room 206 2:06
2.07 School of Hate 1:38
2.08 Amelie 3:37
2.09 Library 2:14
2.10 The Other School 1:44
2.11 She's Mine 3:35
2.12 Chapter 2 Ending 1:49
Chapter 3
3.01 Menu Theme 3 1:37
3.02 Chapter 3 Start 0:51
3.03 The Otherworld 2:45
3.04 Mother 1:53
3.05 Final Chase 3:05
3.06 Hiding Inside 2:25
3.07 Memories 3:55
3.08 Ending 2:52
3.09 My Heroine (feat. Esther Ortega Cantó) 5:23
4.01 Menu Theme 4 (Final) 3:02

Silent Hill: The Short Message Complete Soundtrack mp3, 104 mb

Song Lyrics

My Heroine

Vocal: Esther Ortega Cantó
Lyrics: drk.k
Music: Akira Yamaoka

Loneliness, creeps into my skin
Endless pain, trapped in vain
When I sin, come my heroine
Take me in, your big wings

Fly sky high white
Wings of hers I glide
Fly sky high cry
No more lies to hide
Come find out
What I need to live on
You belong
In my arms but you're gone
Come home
Flowers bloom not for long
Sakura and girl will fall

Don't leave me
Find me hold me
Feel me heal me
Hurt me love me

Too late
No more time to replay
Lost in fate
Hold my hands now , she said
Soul mate
We were born to relate
Winter rain
Wash away my blood stains
Take on
All my sins
My heroine is strong
Will you sing your last song
Sleep tight
I will weep like widows
Angel soars
We are one forever
Want my
Peace of mind I must find
Sacred signs
But I'm blind, I decline
Time of life will go by
Sakura and girl will fall

Don't leave me
Find me hold me
Feel me heal me
Hurt me love me