This complete walkthrough describes locations of all notes and actions required to proceed through the game. It also provides the maps for the chase mazes including the final chase from chapter 3 with the locations of all items to be collected.

Enjoy the game!


Video Walkthrough

Chapter 1

Map of the Villa apartment building

After the cutscene proceed through the door on your left. In the next room you can find the Villa apartment complex's model in the broken glass display, Plans to Rebuild Kettenstadt in the magazine holder at the top of the wooden cabinet further along and Plans to Rebuild Kettenstadt Fail a 2nd Time in a newspaper above a cardboard box around the corner. Exit the room through the open blue door at the end of the room.

Inspect the Information Session Flyer on the wall of the corridor in front of you and enter Apartment 202 down the corridor. Examine the graffiti in the back room for a cutscene. Turn around and examine a newspaper article About Graffiti Artist "C.B." on the small table. Get back to the corridor.

After a short phone chat proceed through the open door at the end of the corridor into an apartment with sticky notes on the walls. After the cutscene, examine the Data Report on Cases of Neglect on the cabinet in front of you. Go to the bedroom and take a look at some meds. Move further until you reach the bathroom at the end of the route and examine a straight razor on the sink for a cutscene.

Go back to the entry. After another phone chat try to exit the apartment and get ready for your first chase scene.

Chase #1

The first chase sequence is very straight-forward – simply follow the route until you get through an open door at the end and are safe in the apartment. The flashlight beams will help you navigate through the labyrinth showing you the right direction.

Examine a newspaper on the table to read the Infamous Suicide Spot article. Proceed into the next room and examine another graffiti for a cutscene.

Turn around and exit the apartment. Enter the open Community Room to your right. Check The Younger Generation and Social Media: A Report on one of the tables. Exit onto the exterior gallery and inspect the inner courtyard.

Return to the corridor, turn right and follow the only available until you trigger another chat sequence. After the cutscene, enter Apartment 214 with the pink C.B. letters painted over the door – this is Maya's studio.

Examine the drawing album on the easel. After the following cutscene, examine a graffiti on the wall behind you after the drapery covering it drops to the ground. Exit the apartment for another chase episode.

Chase #2

This labyrinth is going to be a bit more complicated. Turn left and follow the route until you see the monster in front of you at the end of the corridor – take the blue door to your left in this moment. Run forward until you will run into the monster again – you will have to backtrack a bit and go in circle to escape it. Again, the flashlights will help you find the right way. Proceed until you get to the stairs to the roof.

Chapter 2

Map of the Villa apartment building

You will find yourself in the starting apartment again. Proceed into the corridor and go right. Inspect a writing below the ceiling for a brief cutscene. Enter apartment 202 through the open door on your right and go into the back room. Examine the flashlight and then the despoiled graffiti. Return to the corridor.

Proceed into the next open apartment 203. Examine The Younger Generation and Trauma: A Report on the desk. Turn around and examine another despoiled graffiti on the back wall. After the scene get out into the exterior gallery and enter the Community Room. Try to proceed into the corridor for another chat sequence and a cutscene.

Proceed to apartment 206. In the apartment's kitchen, you will find The Glorification of Death in Japanese Culture on the dining table. You can also check the writing on the fridge. Get in the bedroom to find what looks like a Shinto home shrine in the back room. Examine the Belief in the Witch of Kettenstadt on the drawers to the left and then the shrine itself for a cutscene.

In the living room, you can also find some tarot cards on the low cabinet. Exit the apartment and proceed down the corridor to your left. In the Trash Room, you can find a Hate-filled Notebook on the floor.

Go to Apartment 207. Find the University Orientation on the toilet bowl in the bathroom. In the kid's room examine the College Prep Diary: October 2020 to November 2020 on the desk. In another room, you will find the College Prep Diary: December 2020 to May 2021. Proceed into the bedroom where you will find the final piece of the diary on the cardboard box on the bed – College Prep Diary: August 2021 to September 2021. Finally, examine a newspaper in the closet for the News Article on Suicides. Exit the apartment.

Turn left and follow the corridor until you will see the gate opening in front of you revealing an open door at the end. Proceed through the door that will lead you into a school hallway.

Proceed through the green doors at the end into another room with shadow figures. Approach the locker with multiple writings all over it. After the cutscene, move through the room into the red-glowing warped corridor.

Get ready for another chase scene and proceed through the blue door.

Chase #3

The maze will get more complicated by introducing gates with barbed wires which will slow you down. Starting the run don't go forward through one of these doors but take door #208 to the right. In the corridor with the lockers, you will need to backtrack as the monster appears at the front and take the side room to outrun the monster around the central obstacle. Get back to the locker corridor and take door #212 at the end of it. Go around the small room, exit, and turn right. Here, you will have to move through the barbed-wire gate to get to the exit.

You will find yourself in Maya's studio again. Examine Maya’s Diary on the cardboard box. In the trash can you can find a positive pregnancy test. Check the drawing album on the easel to see some new sketches. After the cutscene exit the apartment and you will suddenly appear at the school library.

There are three books you need to find here. The first is on the table in front of you – Witch’s Curse Impedes Progress. Another one is on the stand on the second row bookshelf – The Witch Hunt. Finally, check some blue books in the fartherst corner of the library for a cutscene. You can now exit the library.

Proceed through the corridor and into the school hallway. You will need to solve a small puzzle here.

Puzzle: School Locker Combination

In the hallway you can find both Maya's and Amelie's lockers as well as Anita's which is locked with a combination padlock. In the middle of the hallway, you will find a desk with the word "LIAR" in different colored letters. Examine the desk and the same-colored digits will appear in different locations of the hallway. The order of the digits in the code is the same as the colors of the letters on the desk:

  • L = 0
  • I = 3
  • A = 1
  • R = 2

Enter the resulting code 0312 to open the locker and read Maya's Letter which you will find inside.

After the cutscene, approach the blue door in the hallway and prepare for the following chase episode.

Chase #4

Start following the direct path until you run into the monster coming at you from behind the door. Turn around and run exactly the opposite way escaping the monster and through the starting door. This path will lead you back into the main corridor where you will need to take the left turn and go through door #212. Alternatively, you could simply run back through the side door, circle around the path avoiding the monster and get back into the main corridor and then through the end door.

From this point look for the flashlights showing you the right direction. When you run into the monster again, backtrack a bit and go around the obstacle to outrun it and get back to the escape route. In the next corridor take the door to the left before the gate, then right (or try to get through two barbed-wire gates straight ahead). Continue the path to the roof stairs.

Chapter 3

After the cutscene, examine Maya’s Diary 2 at the top of the trash pile. Move down the corridor. At the corner, in another trash pile, you can find The Silent Hill Phenomenon article. Proceed around the corner until you reach an open apartment at the end.

This seems to be Anita's apartment from her childhood memories. Examine the Diary of a Single Mother: December 2011 on the kitchen cabinet. Exit through another door in the room to get into the next version of the apartment.

Inspect the pizza in front of the TV. Examine the Diary of a Single Mother: February 2012 on the dining table. Go to the bedroom and examine the Diary of a Single Mother: March to April 2012 on the dressing table. Inspect the drawing on the floor. Proceed into the next version of the apartment.

Check the Diary of a Single Mother: May to July 2012 on the pizza box. Examine the fridge and go to the bedroom. Examine the Notice from Child Welfare Center on the bed. Finally, find the News Article on Child Death by Neglect on the mattress in the closet.

After the cutscene, on your way back you can examine a doll in the pile of trash. Proceed to the living room and open the blue entrance door to start the final chase episode.

Final Chase – Collecting Pictures

In this final run you will not only escape the monster, but also find and collect 5 photos with the associated memories to unlock the door to Maya's studio. Here are the directions to get all of these:

Colorful Drawers
At the start of the chase run to the right and follow the path until you will see a set of colorful drawers which is very easy to spot. Examine the picture on top of them.

Continue following this path until you hit a wide corridor to the right. Run forward and on your left, you will see a white suitcase with the second picture.

Desk with Meds
From the suitcase run a bit forward and turn right through door #202. In the corridor run to the right and take the next door #203 to the left. Run to the right to get the third picture on the desk in the corner of the room.

Table with Easel
From the desk, you can continue going the circular path and look for the door opening to the right, then run around the central obstacle to get into the main corridor. Look for door #206 a bit to the left, then in the room take the turn to the left and you will find the fourth picture on the table with the easel in the corner.

From here you will need to traverse a long sequence of rooms until you find a path at the end of it leading you in the room full of lockers. Alternatively, you may look for #209 at the end of the main corridor. Once inside the room, run to the end around the obstacles and you will see the fifth picture in an open locker.

Collecting each picture removes one chain from the locked door. When you have all the pictures, the maze will direct you to the exit blocking off the wrong paths. Note that you must collect all pictures in one run as if the monster catches you, it resets to the start.

You may need to escape the monster in some areas, so the directions above are just one of the possible routes. Refer to the schematic map with all picture locations to help you navigate this convoluted maze.

At Maya's studio examine Maya’s Diary 3 on the sofa and then the Popular Artist Found Dead, Cause Unknown article in the magazine on the small table. Approach the drawing album on the floor to see the last Maya's sketches.

After the cutscene, exit the apartment and go through the black space examining the objects on your way. Finally, you will approach the stairs to the roof leading you to the game's ending.