Throughout Silent Hill, a total of eleven weapons can be procured, seven on the first playthrough. There are three firearms and six melee weapons, plus one extra melee weapon and one extra firearm that must be unlocked. Two other melee weapons are gas-powered and can only be acquired in a Next Fear game, although they can always be found (you just can't pick them up if you don't have the Gasoline Tank, which must be unlocked, to power them).

The chart below displays how effective each weapon is on each enemy. Refer to the legend below the chart for the meanings in the chart. Looking at the chart, the best firearms are the Shotgun and Hunting Rifle, while the best melee weapons are the Hammer and Katana (although these melee weapons aren't very effective on certain enemies because they fly or are a few inches tall, so obviously firearms would work a lot better with those enemies). Looking at the Handgun, it is always at least effective against every enemy, and is quite consistent.

Weapons Chart K HG SP SG HA AX HR C RD KA
K - Kitchen Knife
HG - Handgun
SP - Steel Pipe
SG - Shotgun
HA - Hammer
AX - Axe
HR - Hunting Rifle
C - Chainsaw*
RD - Rock Drill*
KA - Katana*
VE - Very Effective
E - Effective
NE - Not Effective
N/A - Not Applicable
Demon Child NE E E VE N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A VE
Puppet Nurse NE E NE VE VE E VE E VE VE
Parasitized Doctor NE E NE VE VE N/A N/A E VE VE
Night Flutter NE E NE VE NE NE VE NE NE NE
Wormhead E VE E VE VE E VE E E VE
Hanged Scratcher NE E NE VE VE E VE NE NE VE
Mumbler NE E E VE VE E VE E E VE
Invis. Demon Child NE E E VE VE E VE E E VE


Location: Received from Cybil in Café 5 to 2 at the beginning of the game.
Description: Handgun received from Cybil. Holds up to 15 rounds.
Notes: What looks to be a Walther P99 pistol, the Handgun is probably the best overall firearm, if not weapon, in the game. It provides moderate stopping power and hold 15 bullets in each ammo clip. The range of the Handgun is quite decent, with great accuracy within 15 feet. Occasionally you may miss a target, even within this range sometimes, but the Handgun is meant for close to medium range combat. However, in the broad daylight streets, Harry's aim is fairly accurate so the Handgun works quite well there, but not as much in the dark streets. The Handgun is acquired from Cybil in the Café at the beginning of the game.

Kitchen Knife

Location: On the counter in Café 5 to 2 at the beginning of the game, Old Silent Hill.
Description: Hard to use, but better than nothing.
Notes: Simply said, the worst weapon in the entire game. The Kitchen Knife is the first melee weapon, and second weapon, found in the game, just after the Handgun. During the early stages of the game you should either use the Knife instead of the Handgun to conserve ammo, or just run. To use the Knife, hold R2 to hold it up in the air, and press X to perform a swing. The Knife can only be used at extreme close range because of its very limited length, and its power is quite minimal. When you're using it, be cautious -- when you're not using it, be happy. The Kitchen Knife is found on the counter of the Café at the beginning of the game.

Steel Pipe

Location: At the end of the Finney Street alley on Easy and Normal, and at the north end of Midwich Street on Hard, Old Silent Hill.
Description: 3' long steel pipe. Long range but of limited use.
Notes: Quite a step up from the Kitchen Knife, the Steep Pipe provides a longer range to deal with enemies and inflicts more damage. Although the Steel Pipe is a decent melee weapon, it still doesn't rack up with the Handgun. However, ammo conservation should be on your mind and you should learn to use the Pipe. On the street and in Midwich Elementary, the Steel Pipe works very well if you know how to use it. A trick to using it is to lure an enemy towards you, ready your weapon, let it initiate its attack as you jump backwards (Down + Square), and then strike it. This works very well on Demon Children. The Steel Pipe's location depends on the difficulty level you chose at the beginning of the game. On Easy and Normal it is found at the end of the Bachman Road alleyway (second time), and on Hard it is found at the north end of Midwich Street among the rubble there.


Location: On the floor in the Boy's Washroom 1F, Nightmare School.
Description: Fires in a wide radius. Holds up to 6 rounds.
Notes: A very deadly weapon at close range, the Shotgun works extremely well in close quarters, especially with its widespread blast. The Shotgun holds six shells and ammo isn't found nearly as much as for the Handgun, so use it wisely. Since the Shotgun packs heavy damage, it is best that you don't go wasting it on the weaker enemies -- Shotgun shells are put to best use with stronger and deadlier enemies, especially bosses. Always try to make sure you have at least around 15 shells at all times, just in case. The Shotgun is found in the first floor Boy's Washroom in the Nightmare School.


Location: Leaning against the generator in the Generator Room BF, Nightmare Hospital.
Description: Emergency hammer. Highly damaging, but hard to use.
Notes: An emergency Hammer found in the hospital, the Hammer is one hell of a weapon that may surprise you. This bloodthirsty Hammer is arguably the best weapon in the entire game and is very deadly. The size of the Hammer is very large because its for emergencies (this is an emergency, right?). To use the Hammer, hold R2 to hold it up and press X to swipe it through the air; hold it to continuously perform alternating strikes. This attack from the Hammer inflicts a lot of damage and blocks the enemy from you while attacking, since its long range swipe pushes enemies back. Requiring only a few swipes to kill, the Hammer is a weapon to be adored and used whenever necessary. The Hammer can be found in the Generator Room of the Nightmare Hospital basement, leaning against the generator.


Location: Hanging on a picture frame in the "other church" tunnel, inside the Green Lion Antique Shop, Central Silent Hill.
Description: Small one hand axe. Moderately effective as a weapon.
Notes: Found around halfway through the game, the Axe is a decent weapon for its extreme close range. What the Knife lacks, it has -- power. Although not as strong as some of the other melee weapons, the Axe provides moderate damage. However, because of its minimal range, it may be hard to deal with some of the tougher enemies in the game, and since there are better melee weapons found earlier in the game, you may find yourself only using the Axe to cut the lock to the waterworks, if at all. Hold X to ready the Axe and press X to strike; hold X to continuously perform alternating strikes.

Hunting Rifle

Location: Leaning against the wall in the dirt pit in the Twinfeeler boss fight, Silent Hill Town Center, Central Silent Hill.
Description: Holds up to 6 rounds.
Notes: The Hunting Rifle is found late in the game and is best for tough enemies and bosses. With its strong power and long range, the Hunting Rifle is the most deadly weapon in the game, however, not in all situations. The Rifle holds six shells, just like the shotgun, but doesn't shoot as fast. Recommended use for the Rifle is in the streets and all bosses from the point where you find the Rifle. You may find yourself using the Rifle against enemies such as Nurses, which works out quite well with one shot, but ammo is scarce and should be conserved for when needed most. The Hunting Rifle is located against the wall in the pit inside the Silent Hill Town Center, during the Larva boss fight.


Rock Drill

Location: On the boxes in the lower room of the control tower on the Bloch Street bridge, Old Silent Hill (can only be picked up in a Next fear game).
Description: A tool used in road construction to create holes in the road for poles.
Notes: Another gas-powered weapon found in the game, requiring the Gas Can to use. However, only one weapon can be powered with the Gas Can the first time you get it (the next time you'll be able to get both). You may wonder which of the two weapons to choose, but the Rock Drill is noticeably better. Just like the Chainsaw, you'll need to press R2 to activate the Rock Drill in each area. To use the Rock Drill, hold R2 to have it ready, and press X to thrust it forward. You don't have to press X to perform an attack, however, and if you just hold the Drill up in the air and stand facing your enemy, they will walk into the Drill and effectively kill themself. The Rock Drill is an extra weapon and is found in the lower room of the control tower on the Bloch Street bridge in Old Silent Hill.


Location: Inside the smashed display case of Cut-Rite Chain Saws on Bloch Street, Old Silent Hill (can only be picked up in a Next fear game).
Description: Power tool used for cutting down trees, etc., highly deadly.
Notes: The Chainsaw is a gas-powered weapon and requires the Gas Can to use -- actually, you can't even pick the weapon up until you have the Gas Can in your inventory. Whenever the Chainsaw is equipped, it is off -- to turn it on you must press R2 to ready the weapon, and then you can use it. Whenever you enter a new room the Chainsaw turns off. This gas-powered menace is a bit awkward to use, but it is quite powerful. Hold R2 to turn to Chainsaw on and hold it up for use, and press X to strike an enemy within range. The Chainsaw is an extra weapon that can be found in the smashed window display case of the Cut Rite Chain Saws store on Bloch Street in Old Silent Hill.

Hyper Blaster

Location: In the inventory from the start of the game (in a Next fear game after completing the game with an UFO ending).
Description: High-powered handgun with infrared scope and unlimited bullets.


Location: On the shelf in the closet of the house with the doghouse on Levin Street, Old Silent Hill (in a Next fear game after completing the game with a Good and Bad ending).
Description: Traditional single edged Japanese blade.
Notes: The Katana is a secret weapon that can not be found the first time through the game, and even subsequent times through the game you still probably won't unlock it. To unlock the Katana, you must complete the game with one of the Good endings and one of the Bad endings (at least twice through the game). Anyway, the Katana is an extremely deadly weapon and is very useful if you have it. Hold R2 and press X to swing; hold X to swing multiple times in a row. When Harry swings the Katana he is sucked forward towards his target, effectively giving the Katana the longest possible range of a melee weapon. This way, you won't have to stand too close to your enemy before striking, and can kill a lot easier this way. Once unlocked, the Katana can be found inside the the house with the dog house outside, in the room near the door.

by Conquerer (Silent Hill FAQ)