Halo of the Sun

The Halo of the Sun is the main symbol of the Order - a religious cult of Silent Hill. The symbol first appears in Silent Hill 3 and is featured in one form or another in multiple series installments afterwards.

This symbol has been borrowed by Silent Hill's cult from Indian traditions where the red circle represented the light of their main deity - the god of the Sun. With time it was established as a symbol of the religious organization - the Order, though it had numerous changes and significant additions. The Halo of the Sun carries deep meaning as it reflects ideas of resurrection, the God and the inner world. The symbol is usually drawn in red. Occasionally drawn in black or other colors, but blue reverses the meaning into a curse on God and is therefore forbidden.

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halo of the sun



Vector Versions

Vector version by Femark
Vector version by Femark
Vector version by Giromancy
Vector version by Giromancy


Heather's Commentaries

Here is a collection of Heather's commentaries from Silent Hill 3 when she interacts with save points represented by the Halo of the Sun throughout the game.

Mall Toilet
The mark on this mirror... It looks so familiar somehow. What do I know it from? Where did I once see it...? And... why does my head hurt so much when I try to remember it?

2nd Floor Storeroom (if you don't save in the toilet)
I've seen this pattern somewhere. And not just now, either. A long time ago...when was it? And where? And...why does my head hurt so much when I try to remember it?

2nd Floor Storeroom
It's like a magic circle. I remember reading about in a book on black magic. Does it seem so familiar because I read about it in that book? No, that's not it.... It's not the book... It's from the altar...... Altar? What am I thinking?

First Aid Room
This again.... Looking at it makes my head hurt, but at the same time, it's like, so familiar.... I know I've forgotten something really important..... But I also have the feeling that I'd be better off not remembering it.

Sports Shop
This pattern looks like it could have been drawn in blood. I bet it's some sort of cursed symbol. No wonder my head hurts and I feel so awful when I look at it.

In the Train
That symbol's drawn on the floor. Hope I don't get cursed just by stepping on it.

Platform (Unknown Station)
That old pattern's painted in here among the graffiti. It looks like it was just put here, too. But by whom? And why does my head...

Office Building 2F
That old familiar pattern is on a piece of paper stuck to the vending machine. Who the hell put it there? It's not like it's the latest fad or anything... right?

What's this doing here! That really pisses me off. It's like having someone spit on your sacred place. Looking at that makes my head hurt. What does it mean...?

That's got to be a coincidence. But still, that's pretty weird... Who could have done this...?

Room C4
I saw that drawn on the dividing screens at the hospital. But this is different --- seems like it was drawn a long time ago. Somehow...

This symbol usually looks unnatural and weird... but here, it sort of seems to fit. It still makes me feel creepy though. Like someone peekin' into my brain...

Alessa's Room
I--no, it wasn't me. Alessa wrote this a long time ago. That chapel altar... It wasn't that one beautiful chapel. It was some other altar somewhere else.


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