Silent Hill Timeline/Event Chronology

The following research seeks to establish a coherent chronology of events for the first five games of the Silent Hill series:

  • Silent Hill (released in 1999)
  • Silent Hill 2 (released in 2001)
  • Silent Hill 3 (released in 2003)
  • Silent Hill 4: The Room (released in 2004)
  • Silent Hill: Origins (released in 2007)

Primarily, original four games developed by Team Silent are covered. Though developed by a western developer, Silent Hill: Origins is also included in the list, as it acts as the first game's prequel. Later games, Homecoming and Downpour, are not taken into account as they have little connection to the classic series and their cannon is questionable. Events of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories take place in an alternate reality.

This timeline is based on what information could be gleaned directly from the games and their supporting materials as well as the three timelines from official Japanese guides supervised/published by Konami:

  • Silent Hill 3 Official Complete Guide / Lost Memories ~ Silent Hill Chronicle (published in July 2003)
  • Silent Hill 4: The Room Official Guide Complete Edition (published on June 16, 2004)
  • Silent Hill: Zero Official Guide (published on December 20, 2007)

Note: Officially, KCET was merged into its parent company, Konami, in April 2005, but some of its key persons, Masashi Tsuboyama and Akira Yamaoka, were giving Silent Hill 5-related interviews as late as early 2007. It is possible that the timeline presented in the SH0 official guide was developed with some influence from Team Silent Hill members, although there's no full certainty. Where contradictions between the dates arise, information from the first four games, developed by Team Silent, takes precedence.

None of the timelines provide exact years of any game – only the relative one. For this timeline Silent Hill: Origins is chosen as year zero.

Please see the notes for detailed explanations for establishing the dates where I provide all the official sources so you may draw your own conclusions.

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History of Silent Hill
Silent Hill Event Chronology


Chronology of Events of Silent Hill: Origins, Silent Hill and Silent Hill 3

This is the clearest and most consistent part of the chronology – I'll call it the main timeline here. All sources indicate the same time spans between the events of the games with some contradictions regarding minor events. The established timeline is as follows:

  • 7 years ago — Alessa Gillespie is born
  • 5 years ago — Claudia Wolf is born
  • 0 — Events of Silent Hill: Origins
  • 3 years later — Jody Mason dies
  • 7 years later — Events of Silent Hill
  • 12 years later — Harry kills a cult member in Portland
  • 24 years later — Events of Silent Hill 3

Note: Lost Memories indicates Harry's wife died 11 years before the events of Silent Hill which is clearly a mistake as both Silent Hill and Silent Hill 3 tell us she died 4 years before Silent Hill.

Chronology of Events of Silent Hill 4: The Room

Extensive timeline of Walter's life and other game-related events are presented in Silent Hill 4: The Room Official Guide Complete Edition and is largely supported by the game and official materials like Another Crimson Tome. According to the guide, the timeline is as follows:

  • 0 — Walter Sullivan is born and abandoned in a room in South Ashfield Heights
  • 6 years later — Walter starts going to South Ashfield
  • 16 years later — Walter meets Eileen Galvin
  • 18 years later — Walter meets Cynthia Velasquez
  • 19 years later — Walter moves to Pleasant River
  • 24 years later — Walter Sullivan's case – Walter kills 10 people in 10 days, gets arrested and commits suicide 4 days later in his cell
  • 26 years later — Walter kills his 12th victim
  • 27 years later — Walter kills his 13th victim / Joseph Schreiber writes an article about cult's operated "Wish House"
  • 31 years later — Walter kills his 14th victim / Joseph begins writing his diary (known as the Red Diary in the game)
  • 31 and a half years later — Walter kills his 15th victim – Joseph Schreiber
  • 32 years later — Henry Townsend moves into Room 302 previously occupied by Joseph
  • 34 years later — Events of Silent Hill 4: The Room

Chronology of Events of Silent Hill 2

Both SH4 and SH0 official guide timelines place Silent Hill 2 in the same year as Walter Sullivan's case, meaning it happened 10 years before Silent Hill 4. Here's how it reads in the SH4 guide:

The superintendent's son and his wife are missing.
The superintendent's son's name is James Sunderland. He is the main character of "Silent Hill 2". He went missing 10 years ago with his wife Mary. The real ending of "Silent Hill 2" is unknown.

Also, in Silent Hill 2 James reads an article about Walter Sullivan's case and later in the game his name is one of the quiz questions in the hospital elevator, meaning it happened some time before the game's start.

Note: In Silent Hill 2, during the Trick or Treat show in the hospital elevator the announcer refers to the murder of the siblings as happening "a few years back" which seems to be retconned in later timelines.

Besides Walter Sullivan, Silent Hill 4 is linked to Silent Hill 2 via the character of Frank Sunderland, South Ashfield Heights superintendent – James Sunderland is his son. Here's a commentary which Henry Townshend has when looking at one of the photos in his apartment:

I got this photo from Sunderland, the superintendent. I heard his son and daughter-in-law disappeared in Silent Hill a few years back...

Well, 10 years ago doesn't seem to mean "a few years back", but at least Henry aknowledges the fact of both James' and Mary's dissapearance.

So, Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 4: The Room are firmly connected and I'll call it the secondary timeline here.

Linking the Timelines

The toughest part of the research is connecting both timelines into one. Let's look at the SH4 official timeline which approximately places all four games related to the SH4 story events. According to the timeline, Silent Hill 3 happens some time between 7 and 3 years before Silent Hill 4:

  • 27 years later — Walter kills his 13th victim / Joseph Schreiber writes an article about the Order's operated "Wish House"
  • Events of Silent Hill 3
  • 31 years later — Walter kills his 14th victim / Joseph begins writing his diary (known as Red Diary in the game)
  • 34 years later — Events of Silent Hill 4: The Room

In his article on the Wish House orphanage, Joseph Schreiber exposes some dark activities of the Order in Silent Hill, but four years later he writes about the cult as effectively non-existent which makes sense given what happened in Silent Hill 3:

Although the cult itself is gone, I'm sure the spirit of it is still alive. There are too many strange things happening in that town. I'm investigating two people. Or maybe I should say just one. I've just about discovered what's going on.

- Red Diary - April 8 [SH4]

This is backed up by Henry's commentary of the photo of the lighthouse near the lake in Silent Hill:

There's a rumour that something weird happened at the amusement park near this lighthouse a few years back, but nobody knows the truth.

So, based on this information we may assume that the events of Silent Hill 3, resulting in the death of the main cult's leaders – Claudia Wolf and Vincent Smith, happened at least a year before Joseph writes about it in his diary (he doesn't seem to refer to the cult's cease of operations as recent) and some time after his article (4–7 years before Silent Hill 4).

Note: SH0 official guide timeline gives some exact dates for the events of all five games, however Silent Hill 4 dates do not correlate well with the prior information. Here's how it reads in the guide:

  • 10 years ago — Walter Sullivan is born and abandoned in a room in South Ashfield Heights [from SH4]
  • 0 — The ritual performed by Dahlia divides Alessa's soul into two. Half of her Alessa's soul was picked up by Harry Mason and she was named Cheryl [from SH0]
  • 7 years later — Alessa recalls her alter ego, Cheryl, to Silent Hill to escape her mother's rule [from SH1]
  • 12 years later — Harry kills a chasing cult member in Portland [from SH3]
  • 10 years later — Walter kills 10 people, including young brother and sister [from SH2/SH4]
  • 24 years later — Claudia, the priest of the cult, locates Heather, the incarnation of Alessa, and plans to revive the god who sleeps in her [from SH3]
  • 20 years later — Henry Townsend begins to live in the room where Walter was born and gets caught up in a nightmare [from SH4]

First, as you can see there's only 30 years between Walter Sullivan's birth and the events of Silent Hill 4 while we know it has to be 34 years, so at least some of these dates is innacurate. Second, the latter two SH4 dates seem to be misprinted as they are placed after Silent Hill 3 events, but the dates themselves are before them. It would make more sense if it would say:

  • 20 years later — Walter kills 10 people, including young brother and sister [from SH2/SH4]
  • 24 years later — Claudia, the priest of the cult, locates Heather, the incarnation of Alessa, and plans to revive the god who sleeps in her
  • 30 years later — Henry Townsend, the room where Walter was born, begins to live in the room where Walter was born and gets caught up in a nightmare

That would give us 6 years between Silent Hill 3 and 4 which falls into previously discussed time span. Walter's birth then would occur 4 years before SH0. However, given all these inaccuracies SH4 dates from this timeline cannot be deemed as trustworthy.

Note: There is some inaccuracy about the position of Silent Hill in the SH4 official timeline as its location related to the Silent Hill 4 events is given as follows:

  • 16 years later — Walter meets Eileen Galvin
  • 18 years later — Walter meets Cynthia Velasquez
  • Events of Silent Hill
  • 19 years later — Walter moves to Pleasant River

Judging from this, Silent Hill happened 13 years before Silent Hill 3 at the best, but we know for a fact that there are 17 years between the two games, so the events of Silent Hill have to be pushed back in time. It doesn't affect much though, as these events are not really connected.


Considering all of the above, the established timeline for the five games then would be:

  • 0 — Silent Hill: Origins
  • 7 years later — Silent Hill
  • 18–21 years later — Silent Hill 2
  • 24 years later — Silent Hill 3
  • 28–31 years later — Silent Hill 4

Though exact years were never officially given for any of the games, there's some consensus between post-Team Silent sources (like Alex Shepherd's Diary from SIlent Hill: Homecoming) and some fan theories (for example, see ERROR's/Adversary's timeline) for the time periods when they happened:

  • 1970s — Silent Hill: Origins (1976, March in ERROR's timeline)
  • Early 1980s — Silent Hill (1983 in Alex's Diary / 1983, June in ERROR's timeline)
  • 1990s — Silent Hill 2 (1993 in Alex's Diary / 1994, May 14 in ERROR's timeline)
  • Around 2000 — Silent Hill 3 (2000 in Alex's Diary / 2000, cont. (ca. Spring) in ERROR's timeline)
  • 2000s — Silent Hill 4 (2001, December in ERROR's timeline – not possible as there has to be at least 3 years between SH3 and SH4 as well 10 years between SH2 and SH4. 2004 would be more appropriate)

Note: The dates listed in Alex's Diary are partially scribbled out, however the hidden dates can be revealed when copied from the diary and pasted to a text editor.

Note: Interestingly, Masahiro Ito stated Silent Hill 2 is set in the late 70s or early 80s and not in the 90s. For one fact, James Sunderland's car is 1977 Pontiac Ventura, although it looks pretty aged and rusty in the game.

Image credit beard_meat

For all that matters, perhaps Team Silent did not think about having a consistent chronology for their series much, at least at the time of Silent Hill 2.

History of Silent Hill

Before 16th c.

Native Americans conduct rituals here. This land is valued as a sacred place in Native American religion. However, they were driven away by settlers and had to abandon the town.[1][4]

The name comes from the legend of the people whose land was stolen from them. They called this place "The Place of the Silent Spirits." By "Spirits," they meant not only their dead relatives, but also the spirits that they believed inhabited the trees, rocks and water around them. According to legend, this was where the holiest ceremonies took place. But it was not the ancestors of those who now live in this town that first stole the land from these people. There were others who came before. In those days, this town went by another name. But that name is now hopelessly lost in the veils of times. All we know is that there was another name, and that for some reason the town was once abandoned by its residents.

- Book: "Lost Memories" [SH2]

Late 1600s

Settlers begin to come to Silent Hill.[1][4]

Early 1700s

A mysterious epidemic breaks out, and the town is abandoned.[1][4]

Around 1810

Resettling of the town as a penal colony begins. It was at this time that it was given the name "Silent Hill."[1]

Silent Hill Prison is constructed.[1]

September 11, 1820
Prisoner number: C-221

- Prisoner note [SH2]

The town was stricken by an epidemic. It may be that because of the unforeseen deaths of the town's population, as well as the thoughts and feelings of the prisoners, the original power that the town held was gradually distorted.[1]

Brookhaven Hospital (1880)

This hospital was built in response to a great plague that followed a wave of immigration to this area. It was originally little more than a shack, but it gradually grew and grew.

- Painting of Brookhaven Hospital in the Silent Hill Historical Society [SH2]

Around 1840

Original Silent Hill Prison closes.[1]

Around 1850

A coal field is discovered and Wiltse coal mine opens, which leads to the revitalization of the town.[1]

A photo of the coal mine found in the Silent Hill Historical Society.


The town is drawn into the Civil War that divided the nation in two. Although the conflict was originally born from political opposition, it was distorted by future generations into an issue concerning the birth of the religious cult.[1]

The stone statue by the lake is a memorial to Patrick Chester, a soldier who fought in the war at this time.


Toluca prison camp is constructed for POWs.[1]


The prison camp is converted into Toluca Prison.[1]

Toluca Prison Camp

Built during the Civil War. Later became Toluca Prison.

- Painting from strange area beneath the Silent Hill Historical Society [SH2]

Around 1890

At this time people everywhere in the town mysteriously disappear one after the other.[1]

Early 1900s

Toluca Prison closes and Silent Hill becomes a sight-seeing area.[1][4]

After the closing of the prison, the Historical Society was built on its former site. It conveys a sense of the town's history.

November 1918

A sightseeing ship called the Little Baroness goes missing.[1][6]

Toluca Lake, the town's main tourist attraction. This clear, beautiful lake has another side as well. It may seem like just a typical ghost story that you might find in any number of old towns across the country. But in this case, the legend is true.

On a fog-bound November day in 1918, the Little Baroness, a ship filled with tourists, failed to return to port. A newspaper article from back then simply says "It most likely sunk for some reason". Despite an extensive police search, not a single fragment of the ship nor any of the 14 bodies of passengers or crew has ever been recovered to this day.

- Legend of the Lake [SH2]


With the closing of Wiltse coal mine came the attempted reinvention of the town as a tourist attraction. However, due to a succession of boating accidents at Toluca Lake the town gained a poor reputation as a sightseeing area.[1][6]

In 1939, an even stranger incident occurred.

(There are many pages torn out.)

Many corpses rest at the bottom of this lake. Their bony hands reach up towards the boats that pass overhead. Perhaps they reach for their comrades.

- Legend of the Lake [SH2]

Silent Hill Event Chronology

20 years ago

One after the other, the staff at a development group die accidental deaths.[2]

7 years ago

Birth of Alessa Gillespie
Alessa is born to Dahlia Gillespie, leader and high priestess of the Silent Hill's cult called the Order. Alessa had unique abilities since she was very young. In school they called her a witch and tormented her by excluding her and scribbling on her desk.[2][4][5][7]

In "nowhere" of the first game, we catch a glimpse of the pain that characterized Alessa's childhood.

3–6 years ago

Birth of Walter Sullivan
34 years before the start of Silent Hill 4: The Room events, Walter Sullivan was born in Room 302 of South Ashfield Heights. Although his life was saved thanks to the superintendent, Frank Sunderland, his parents have already disappeared, so the baby was sent to the "Wish House" orphanage run by the Order's sect of the Holy Mother. The superintendent got Walter's umbilical cord at this time and kept it for a long time.[3]

He was born right here in Room 302 of "South Ashfield Heights." His parents abandoned him soon afterwards and disappeared somewhere, leaving the baby alone. He was discovered and sent to St. Jerome's Hospital.

He was "adopted" by "Wish House," an orphanage in the forest near Silent Hill that's run by the secret Silent Hill religious cult.

- Red Diary - July 28 [SH4]

5 years ago

Birth of Claudia Wolf
Two years after Alessa, Claudia is born. The parents of the two girls were of the same faith, and it seems that they were on extremely good terms during their childhood.[2][4]

In Alessa's room, memories of the two of them remain.

0 (year zero)

Events of Silent Hill: Origins
Dahlia conducts a ritual in the basement of her house, using her daughter Alessa, in order to bring about the coming of God. The ritual resulted in a fire that destroyed six houses in the business district. It was declared that Alessa's dead body had been found at the Gillespie house. In fact, she was secretely transferred to the basement of Alchemilla Hospital where Alessa was made to continue living by means of an incantation and nursed by Lisa Garland while Dr. Michael Kaufmann replaced the body at the fire's site. As a result of the ritual, Alessa's soul was split in two. Half of her soul was picked up by Harry Mason and his wife who named her Cheryl.[2][4][5][7]

Fire broke out in town. 6 homes destroyed. Charred body of Alessa Gillespie (7) found in aftermath. Cause of fire currently under investigation. Investigations show source as basement of Gillespie home. Blaze now believed caused by malfunction of antiquated boiler.

(The date of the blaze... It's the same day we found Cheryl!)

- Newspaper article about house fire [SH1]

It all started 24 years ago. Coming back from a vacation, my wife and I found a baby on the side of the highway. Since we were childless, we thanked God for letting us meet this child...this girl. We took her home.

- Dad's notebook [SH3]

0–3 years laters

Walter seeks his mother in South Ashfield (6 years old)
Dahlia Gillespie, the important lady as he refers to her, told little Walter his mother was asleep in Ashfield. Wishing to see his mother, Walter starts going to Ashfield.[3][8]

When he was six years old, someone from the cult showed him where he was born. Since then, he started to believe that room 302 itself – in other words, this room – was his mother. Every week, he travelled from the orphanage to South Ashfield Heights, a pretty long trip for a kid his age. Sometimes he took the subway, and sometimes the bus.

- Red Diary - July 28 [SH4]

No time indicated

Drug circulation
After the fire in the business district, a drug known as "PTV" becomes prevalent in town circulating among tourists. First a criminal investigator and then the mayor, who had redoubled efforts to impose control, met with mysterious deaths one after the other.[2]

An unseen alliance existed between the hospital and the religious organization.

3 years later

Jody Mason dies
Harry suffers the death of his wife, Jody, who passed away because of an ilness.[5][7]

Kaufmann: Your wife, she's here with you?
Harry: She died four years ago. Now, it's just me and my daughter.
Kaufmann: I see... I'm sorry.

- Harry and Kaufmann – first encounter [SH1]

7 years later

Events of Silent Hill
Alessa (14 years old at the time) suffered from the burns inflicted upon her since the ritual that brought about the descent of god. In order to escape Dahlia's control, she calls out to Cheryl, her other self (7 years old at the time) to return. Due to the power of Alessa's thoughts, the town is transfigured into the otherworld. In his attempt to rescue his daughter, Harry becomes involved in the events that take place in Silent Hill. After the two girls became one, a new life was born. Harry takes the newborn girl and calles her Heather.[2][4][5][7]

3 years later, my wife died, and another 4 years later – 17 years ago – I came to Silent Hill. I heard the girl's pleas and took her with me, not knowing why she wanted us to go there. And it was there that the girl went away. Not that she actually went anywhere, nor did she die. "Returned to her original self"... that's what Dahlia Gillespie said. "Original self"... That was the young woman burned by her mother as a sacrifice to God...Alessa Gillespie. Half her soul escaped in those flames and went on to live in a that girl of mine. Of ours.

7 years passed before that half-a-girl returned to Silent Hill and made Alessa whole again. Newly strengthened, she vowed to kill God. God, a fetus nestled into this sacrificial girl's womb, was summoned with the usual rites. This was Alessa's wish, no matter what the outcome—even if her own existence were at stake. But that wish was not granted. My interruption meant she prayed instead for the girl's return. I alone couldn't bring her back. Dahlia did it—I only helped at the birthing ceremony, to bring God out of Alessa. The newly-born God wailed once and was dead. All from that girl's—and probably Alessa's—conscious resistance.

That's not the end. After God had vanished in a glow of light, Alessa reappeared and gave me a baby. She looked a lot like that girl so long ago. And then Alessa was gone, dead. There was nothing I could have done to help. I simply clutched the baby to my chest and ran off. The whole thing felt like a dream, but I had proof that it wasn't. The girl was nowhere to be found, and in my arms...the baby.

- Dad's notebook [SH3]

10–13 years later

Walter meets Eileen Galvin (16 years old)
Eileen, who met Walter, apparently gave him a doll at that time.[3]

There was a young man lying with his shabby sleeping bag in the passage of the South Ashfield Station when along came a child about 5 years old. She was walking and holding her mother's hand. The child wore very cute clothes. She had such beautiful eyes.

"...Eileen, don't look at him..." whispered her mother.
"Why not, mommy?" said Eileen. She shook off her mother's hand, and came closer to the man lying down.
"Why are you sleeping here? Aren't you cold?" said Eileen. He was puzzled by her talking to him. He had never seen her before.
"Eileen! Don't talk to him!" said her mother.
"Mommy, he's cold here. Can't you see that?" And she took a doll out of her bag and put it beside him.
"You can sleep with her." said Eileen.
"Eileen, let's go home. It's Daddy's birthday today. You know that. Daddy is waiting for you." said her mother.
"Okay, Mommy...bye-bye!" said Eileen and they were gone.

The man kept looking at the child's and mother's back, holding the doll she gave him. They looked very happy... that made him cry and he could not stop tears from running.

"Mommy, do you think he'll like this?" said Eileen.
"Of course he will. He will love it because you chose it." replied her mother.

- Another Crimson Tome, Vol. 5: Eileen Galvin [SH4]

12 years later

A murder case in Portland
After the events of Silent Hill, Harry took Cheryl (Heather) and moved to Portland. However, her whereabouts were discovered by a cult member who was searching for her. Apparently at this time Harry kills a perpetrator.[2][4][7]

Lived in Portland 'til 12 years ago. Got wrapped up in a murder case; Harry shot suspect. Justifiable self-defense, so no punishment. Moved away immediately after, started to use alias. Apparently no connection with the criminal. Just some occult freak, slightly off from way back. Originally from Silent Hill?

- Douglas's notebook [SH3]

No time indicated

Expansion of the Cult
After Dahlia's death, there was a period of inactivity in the religious organization. However, after around ten years had passed it became active once more. The structure of the organization was adjusted and the number of adherents rapidly increased. One young priest was behind this renovation.[2]

Father Vincent is the one whose efforts financed and implemented the structure of the organization.

12–15 years later

Walter meets Cynthia Velasquez (18 years old)
Cynthia, then 13 years old, meets Walter on the subway, who was attending South Ashfield Heights.[3][9]

Cynthia Velasquez was a woman of Spanish-American heritage. She met "him" in the South Ashfield Station, near South Ashfield Heights. At that time she was 13 years old and a junior-high school student. She was so beautiful.

She had seen him, "the man," in the subway station before. He was often seen hanging around. Sometimes he stayed there all night, with his worn out clothes and sleeping bag. Cynthia was always with her friends and, he, in his shabby appearance, often watched her from a distance.

But one day, he suddenly approached her, saying, ""
She was surprised by him.
He continued, saying... "W..which you going..?"
She was at loss for words but answered, "North Ashfield Junior-High School... what do you want from me?"
He continued, "Well, that apartment there... Room 302..."
Her friends interrupted, saying to Cynthia, "Who the hell is this piece of crap?"
"Leave him alone, let's go!"
"Don't be bothered by him," and they tried to pull her away from him.
But Cynthia said, "Well, you look handsome. Though...where are you from?"
He replied, "I came from Silent Hill..."
But her friends were still trying to distance themselves from him, "Don't talk to him. Leave him alone, okay?"
Her friends took her hands again and began pulling Cynthia away, but she stopped when he said, "Wait! Cynthia."
Surprised to hear her name, Cynthia turned back and came closer to him again. She put her right hand gently on his cheek and said, "Hey... you misunderstood me... you look handsome, but it doesn't mean I think you're attractive."
"Your clothes are filthy, and smell so bad... Do you think that's the kind of thing a girl like me is into? No way... and just how is it you know my name?" she asked.
He replied, "Ah...we..ll, it has been about 10 years since I heard your name..."
After hearing that, Cynthia quickly removed her hand from his cheek, "10 years?... You've been eavesdropping on us for 10 years? You're disgusting!"
Cynthia and her friends walked quickly down the stairway to the subway platform.
"It's not my day. Just my luck to meet a creep like that. Oh well... I've got to do something for fun. I'm going to a night club," Cynthia declared to her friends.
"Not again, Cynthia... You'll get in trouble if they know about your age," said her friends.
"Don't worry, they won't notice if it's me," said Cynthia.

- Another Crimson Tome, Vol. 1: Cynthia Velasquez [SH4]

13–16 years later

Walter moves to Pleasant River (19 years old)
With revenge in his chest, Walter lives a normal life. This year he moves to Pleasant River.[3]

After Walter left Wish House, he moved to Pleasant River, a town neighboring Silent Hill. For a while, he lived the life of a normal student, but he was still filled with bitterness and resentment towards the rest of the world. Several years later, he launched his plan there. The 21 murders...

- Red Diary - July 29 [SH4]

18–21 years later

Walter Sullivan Case / The 10 Hearts (24 years old)
Walter begins the 21 Sacraments for the Descent of the Holy Mother ceremony by executing its first part – the 10 Hearts: killing 10 people in as many days in cities of Silent Hill, Pleasant River and Ashfield. Soon after he was caught and convicted for the murder of young Billy and Miriam Locane. 4 days after his arrest, Walter commited suicide in his prison cell.[3][8]

I've been investigating the mass murder that took place 7 years ago in which 10 people were killed in 10 ten days. They were killed in a variety of ways, but the one thing they had in common was that each corpse had the following numbers, in order of their deaths, carved into them: 01121, 02121, 03121, 04121, 05121, 06121, 07121, 08121, 09121, 10121 ... The name of their killer... it was carved in as well... His name was...Walter Sullivan.

- Red Diary - April 4 [SH4]

He was convicted for the murders of Billy and Miriam Locane, the 7th and 8th victims. Afterwards, he committed suicide in his jail cell. The grisly mass murder of 10 people shocked the world and came to be known as the "Walter Sullivan Case."

- Red Diary - May 2 [SH4]

The police announced today that Walter Sullivan, who was arrested on the 18th of this month for the brutal murder of Billy Locane and his sister Miriam, committed suicide in his jail cell early on the morning of the 22nd. According to the police statement, Sullivan used a soup spoon to stab himself in the neck, severing his carotid artery. By the time the guard discovered him, Sullivan was dead from blood loss, the spoon buried two inches in his neck.

- Article about murder incident [SH2]

18–21 years later

Walter is seen at South Ashfield Heights / Ritual of the Holy Assumption
A suspicious man is witnessed in Room 302 of South Ashfield Heights around the time of Walter Sullivan case. This man was the real Walter, who transformed part of Room 302 into a hidden storage room, where he performed a liberation ritual and was "released from the bonds of the flesh".[3][8]

A few days after Walter killed himself in his cell, several residents witnessed a long-haired man with a coat here. Through his window, Richard Braintree in 207 saw the man moving something heavy and doing something in Room 302. Even Sunderland, the superintendent, saw the man with the coat hanging around Room 302, and confirmed there were signs of someone having been in there.

- Red Diary - July 17 [SH4]

My theory is that Walter never died at the prison. It may have been someone else who committed suicide. Either that, or the person the police arrested was not the real Walter Sullivan. I'm in no position to investigate what really happened at the prison, but in any case, Walter didn't die at the prison. The man with the coat that showed up here was the real Walter. 7 years ago, he did something in that apartment. I'm certain there's a link between that and the bizarre things that have been happening here. Just a little bit more and I'll have this whole thing figured out. I may even find that the real Walter is somewhere nearby...

- Red Diary - July 18 [SH4]

18–21 years later

Events of Silent Hill 2
After receiving a letter from his wife, who supposedly died three years ago, James Sunderland arrives in Silent Hill to find out the truth.[3][4]

Starting with the first game, the power that the town holds has intensified greatly. It has reached the point that those who hold darkness in their hearts are called to gather, and each of their unconscious minds is manifested.

20–23 and a half years later

Sullivan Case Round Two (2 and a half years after Walter's death)
In South Ashfield, Walter kills his 12th victim – Peter Walls, a high school student.[3][8]

21–24 years later

Sullivan Case Round Two (3 years after Walter's death)
In the woods of Silent Hill, Walter kills his 13th victim – Sharon Blake, who came to the "Wish House" to search for her family.[3]

After that, his name became famous all over the world and it looked like his string of mass murders was finished at 10 out of 21. But 3 years later, they found a corpse that had "12/21" carved into it. The corpse was from 6 months earlier. In other words, the person was killed two and a half years after Sullivan committed suicide. The MO was exactly the same as Sullivan's. Except for one thing. All 10 of Sullivan's victims were found with their hearts cut out and their chest wounds sewn together expertly with thread. On the other hand, the "12/21" victim still had their heart. Naturally the police think it's a copy cat and are proceeding on that basis. But they haven't made any progress and recently discovered victim number 13. This corpse also had their heart intact. The police still haven't even identified a suspect.

- Red Diary - June 11 [SH4]

21–24 years later

The "Wish House" article is published
Article on the Silent Hill's cult orphanaged called "Wish House" ("Hope House" in SH3) is published in the gossip magazine "Concorde". The author is journalist Joseph Schreiber.[3]

Teaching Despair: "Wish House"

"Wish House," an orphanage on the outskirts of Silent Hill. But behind its false image is a place where children are kidnapped and brainwashed. Wish House is managed by the "Silent Hill Smile Support Society," a charity organization sometimes called "4S." It's true that 4S is a well-respected charity that "takes in poor children without homes and raises them with hope." But at its heart, it is a heathen organization that teaches its own warped dogma in lieu of good religious values. Mr. Smith (temp), who lives near "Wish House," had this to say: "Sometimes at night I can hear their weird prayers and the sounds of [children] crying. I went there to complain one time, but they ran me right out. Since then, it hasn't changed a bit." In fact, this reporter was refused admission when he attempted to take photographs in the facility. What exactly do the folks at "Wish House" have to hide?

During my investigations, I was able to discover, however, a suspicious-looking round concrete tower which appears to be part of their facilities. Unfortunately no one was willing to tell us what the tower was used for. But it seems unlikely that it has anything to do with the business of raising orphans. It may in fact be a prison, or a secret place of worship. The cult religion that operates "Wish House" is known by the locals simply as "The Order." It's a religion that is deeply interwoven with Silent Hill's history. But its worshippers' fervent belief that they are among the elite "chosen people" has a dark and dangerous side. I intend to continue my investigation of "Wish House" and the cult behind it. I've always believed that "telling the whole truth" and showing the children the true path, is our most important duty.

Joseph Schreiber

- Joseph's Article [SH4]

24 years later

Events of Silent Hill 3
Claudia, a priestess in the religious organization, discovers Heather, who is the reincarnation of Alessa. In order to bring paradise to the world she tries to resurrect the god that sleeps inside Heather nurturing it with hatred.[2][4][7]

The events resulted in the death of the Order main leaders, Claudia Wolf and Vincent Smith, and eventual decay of the religious organization.

25–28 years later

Sullivan Case Round Two (7 years after Walter's death)
In woods in Mexico, Walter kills his 14th victim – Toby Archbolt, priest of the Holy Mother sect.

Around this time, Joseph begins to write about Walter in his diary.[3][8]

Lately I've been feeling like my life is in serious danger. I've been through a lot in my life, but I've never felt this kind of pure, animal fear. In case something happens to me, I've decided to write down what I've learned for whoever you are that's living in the apartment now.

- Red Diary - April 4 [SH4]

Although the cult itself is gone, I'm sure the spirit of it is still alive. There are too many strange things happening in that town. I'm investigating two people. Or maybe I should say just one. I've just about discovered what's going on.

- Red Diary - April 8 [SH4]

25–28 and a half years later

Walter kills Joseph (7 and a half years after Walter's death)
Joseph Schreiber, who becomes trapped in Room 302, is killed by the ghost of Jimmy Stone, Walter's first victim.[3][8]

Henry: I might know a way to save you... Do you know about someone named Joseph?
Eileen: Yeah, he was the guy who lived in your apartment before you. I think he was a journalist or something... He disappeared about 6 months before you moved in... But towards the end... He started acting really weird.....

- Henry and Eileen in the Hospital World [SH4]

26–29 years later

Henry moves into Room 302 (8 years after Walter's death)
Henry begins to live in Room 302 of South Ashfield Heights.[3][8]

It was two years ago that Henry Townshend moved into Room 302 of South Ashfield Heights, an apartment building in the medium-sized city of Ashfield. Henry was happy and enjoying his new life. But five days ago, something strange happened. He began to have a recurring dream each night. One other thing... He couldn’t leave Room 302...

- SH4 prologue

28–31 years later

Events of Silent Hill 4
10 years after his death Walter Sullivan begins the final part of the 21 Sacraments ceremony as was preordained for him since his childhood. To accomplish the ritual Walter need to make six final sacrifices, including Eileen Galvin and Henry Townshend, to fulfill his destiny.[3]

The Third Sign and God said, return to the Source through sin's Temptation. Under the Watchful eye of the demon, wander alone in the formless Chaos. Only then will the Four Atonements be in alignment.

The Last Sign and God said, separate from the flesh too, she who is the Mother Reborn and he who is the Receiver of Wisdom. If this be done, by the mystery of the 21 Sacraments, the Mother shall be reborn and the Nation of Sin shall be redeemed.

- Decent of the Holy Mother - The 21 Sacraments [SH4]


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