Another Crimson Tome

Another Crimson Tome is a document in a form of a book which was available from Silent Hill 4's web site. It is a collection of backstories revealing some background information on Walter Sullivan and his victims as well as locations in the game.

Translated from Japanese by Translated Memories.

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The First Encounter, "He" and the Victims - Vol. 1: Cynthia Velasquez

About 16 years ago...

Cynthia Velasquez was a woman of Spanish-American heritage. She met "him" in the South Ashfield Station, near South Ashfield Heights. At that time she was 13 years old and a junior-high school student. She was so beautiful.

She had seen him, "the man," in the subway station before. He was often seen hanging around. Sometimes he stayed there all night, with his worn out clothes and sleeping bag. Cynthia was always with her friends and, he, in his shabby appearance, often watched her from a distance.

But one day, he suddenly approached her, saying, ""
She was surprised by him.
He continued, saying... "W..which you going..?"
She was at loss for words but answered, "North Ashfield Junior-High School... what do you want from me?"
He continued, "Well, that apartment there... Room 302..."
Her friends interrupted, saying to Cynthia, "Who the hell is this piece of crap?"
"Leave him alone, let's go!"
"Don't be bothered by him," and they tried to pull her away from him.
But Cynthia said, "Well, you look handsome. Though...where are you from?"
He replied, "I came from Silent Hill..."
But her friends were still trying to distance themselves from him, "Don't talk to him. Leave him alone, okay?"
Her friends took her hands again and began pulling Cynthia away, but she stopped when he said, "Wait! Cynthia."
Surprised to hear her name, Cynthia turned back and came closer to him again. She put her right hand gently on his cheek and said, "Hey... you misunderstood me... you look handsome, but it doesn't mean I think you're attractive."
"Your clothes are filthy, and smell so bad... Do you think that's the kind of thing a girl like me is into? No way... and just how is it you know my name?" she asked.
He replied, "Ah...we..ll, it has been about 10 years since I heard your name..."
After hearing that, Cynthia quickly removed her hand from his cheek, "10 years?... You've been eavesdropping on us for 10 years? You're disgusting!"
Cynthia and her friends walked quickly down the stairway to the subway platform.
"It's not my day. Just my luck to meet a creep like that. Oh well... I've got to do something for fun. I'm going to a night club," Cynthia declared to her friends.
"Not again, Cynthia... You'll get in trouble if they know about your age," said her friends.
"Don't worry, they won't notice if it's me," said Cynthia.

The First Encounter, "He" and the Victims - Vol. 2: Jasper Gein

About 10 years ago...

"Hey, the Devil is your friend? He will come here soon?" asked Bobby. Then, the gentle student replied, "No... He is not my friend. Don't hide there. Come up here guys." After hearing his calling, Sein showed up from the corner and walked out to join them.

But Jasper could not join them because he was somehow scared and his legs were shaking.

"C'mon, don't you wanna meet the devil?" To Jasper, the man's gentle voice sounded like a devil calling him.

And suddenly he heard Bobby's scream and then Sein's voice screaming "Help me!" echoing all over the place.

"Hey, still hiding there? Come on up buddy... You came here to see me, Jasper!" said the man.

Jasper was so scared that he started to run away from him. He stopped running in front of a drug store in a town, thinking it's OK here since I made this far. He turned back, but the scary devil was gone.

After the incident, Jasper's friends Bobby and Sein were missing for a while.

The First Encounter, "He" and the Victims - Vol. 3: Andrew DeSalvo

In Wish House, there just weren't enough watchmen to observe the children. So, a few men, non-members of the religious organization, were hired to fill that role.

One of them was Andrew DeSalvo. He was always drunk, and abused the children. Because of that, he was nicknamed and called "Fat Pig" by the other watchmen and children.

Andrew didn't care whether the children kept or broke the rules, he abused the children regardless.

"Hey, you punk! You wanna go out and play in the forest? I don't care about the cult's teachings. You got the permission? I don't care. I'm the rule here. If you play in the forest without my permission again, you'll be sorry." Shouting like this, he hit the children.

"Hey, we got the permission from God, don't you know that?" asked the children.

"Don't talk back! You little brats," said Andrew. Andrew kept hitting the kids.

"You don't understand the words of God... Fat Pig will be punished by God," murmured the children at heart, rubbing their swollen cheeks.

The First Encounter, "He" and the Victims - Vol. 4: Richard Braintree

"Hey, Richard's gone nuts again."
"He lost his temper this time."
"I'll bet next time will be even more fun."
The residents of South Ashfield Heights enjoyed talking about him. He was famous for his short temper.

The worst incident was when Mike, the resident of Room 301, bumped into Braintree's shoulder in the corridor of the apartment unintentionally. At the time Richard was even more moody than usual. He yelled, "Who do you think I am?" and dragged Mike by the collar of his shirt into his apartment, Room 207.

"Not again." said the crowd from the apartment, and they went to Room 207 to see what was going to happen. Suddenly, the door opened and a stark-naked Mike came out of the room. Right after that, Richard came out of the room, holding Mike's shirts and jeans soaked in blood.

"How do you like that, you sick little freak? You had it comin' to you!" said Richard as Mike ran away from him. Richard threw away Mike's clothes and said, "These clothes are disgusting. Get 'em outta my sight!"

Then a middle-aged woman in the crowd said, "I know... It'll be perfect to wrap his body in." and she took the jeans.

"Hold it. Hold it...I think I'll keep that one for myself." said a drunk, and he took the shirt.

After that, Richard took a look into the crowd and noticed a little kid among the crowd and yelled, "You!! You snoopin' around again?! Get your ass outta here before you really piss me off!"

The First Encounter, "He" and the Victims - Vol. 5: Eileen Galvin

There was a young man lying with his shabby sleeping bag in the passage of the South Ashfield Station when along came a child about 5 years old. She was walking and holding her mother's hand. The child wore very cute clothes. She had such beautiful eyes.

"...Eileen, don't look at him..." whispered her mother.
"Why not, mommy?" said Eileen. She shook off her mother's hand, and came closer to the man lying down.
"Why are you sleeping here? Aren't you cold?" said Eileen. He was puzzled by her talking to him. He had never seen her before.
"Eileen! Don't talk to him!" said her mother.
"Mommy, he's cold here. Can't you see that?" And she took a doll out of her bag and put it beside him.
"You can sleep with her." said Eileen.
"Eileen, let's go home. It's Daddy's birthday today. You know that. Daddy is waiting for you." said her mother.
"Okay, Mommy...bye-bye!" said Eileen and they were gone.

The man kept looking at the child's and mother's back, holding the doll she gave him. They looked very happy... that made him cry and he could not stop tears from running.

"Mommy, do you think he'll like this?" said Eileen.
"Of course he will. He will love it because you chose it." replied her mother.

The First Encounter, "He" and the Victims - Vol. 6: Henry Townshend

About the Locations

The world of SH4 consists of places like these. All the locations hold a connection to "him".

Silent Hill and the remains of Wish House

Silent Hill used to be a nice town as a vacation place. The town is surrounded by the forest, and a big beautiful lake called "Toluca Lake" is in the town. Now, the town is desolate and silent, but strange incidents often occur.

The town might be more famous for the strange incidents, than as a vacation destination.

It is still uncertain, but it is believed a religious organization acted underground in the town. One of their places of activity is the remains of Wish House, an institution for orphans. Many rumors have spread about the activities at the orphanage and none of them have been good.

Ashfield and South-Ashfield Heights

Ashfield is a local middle-sized city, about a half day's drive from Silent Hill. There are some subway railroad lines such as: Lynch Street line, King Street line and etc.

It is ordinary city, but since 10 years ago, some strange murder cases have happened mainly in South Ashfield in the downtown area of the city, and Silent Hill.

As you can see, South-Ashfield Heights is located at the south of the main city. It has one particular apartment with 3 floors that was built about 40 years ago. The owner and superintendent is Frank Sunderland. Some strange incidents have occurred in the apartment.

Cylinder-shaped prison - Panopticon

If Wish House, the orphanage in the Silent Hill's forest, is "the head" of the coin, "the tail" is surely the cylinder-shaped building in the forest. As a matter of fact, the building should be called prison. It was horrifically used to brainwash children into believing the cult's teachings.

Usually, the children lived in "the head" house (Wish House), but those who broke the rules were imprisoned in "the tail" house (Panopticon). Often though, the children's imprisonment was scheduled.

The cylinder-shaped prison was constructed based on "Panopticon" (a 360-degrees observation system), invented by an English philosopher of the 18th century. It is a system that makes it possible to observe many prisoners with only a few watchmen.