Cool and Scary Things

Having become a tradition in my Silent Hill FAQs, this section calls back to a series of my topics on the Silent Hill 2 GameFAQs message board in 2002 where I listed all the interesting trivia I could find in that game, which fueled discussion about them and more.

That included interesting visual findings, funny thoughts on certain moments or events, and even some scarier things like sudden or creepy sounds that played in specific areas.

I went on to feature these findings in my Silent Hill 2 FAQ/Walkthrough and I continued the tradition with Silent Hill 1 and 3. Now here we are with 4. So sit back and enjoy all the interesting tidbits I've found or thought worthy of mentioning.

Room 302


  • While not evident right away, in the opening nightmare segment you are playing as Joseph Schreiber rather than Henry
  • When you examine the photo of Henry in the living room, Joseph comments "Who is this guy...?"
  • There's a photo of the 21 Sacraments having been completed on the living room wall
  • Many of the comments Joseph makes in this segment can be read word for word in one of his Red Diaries found in Room 302 of the Past
  • If you examine around the room, Joseph explains he had a record player instead of a TV, questions the clock and doesn't even know what the radio is; in Room 302 of the Past you can see his actual setup


  • For the second game in a row the main character finds a Wine Bottle, but Henry uses his as a weapon while Heather used it to carry oil
  • During the game you can hear a Silent Hill tourism ad about yearning for a "special place" with your loved one, along with a few other news reports by turning on your living room radio
  • One of the radio news reports is about a man named Suguru Murakoshi found naked and urinating from a utility pole – this is the name of Silent Hill 4's director
  • When examining the shoes by the front door at some point, Henry says he's pretty sure he bought them in Silent Hill
  • When examining the photo of Toluca Lake above Henry's bed at some point, he explains that Sunderland told him his son and daughter-in-law disappeared in Silent Hill (this would be James and Mary)
  • After starting the Hospital World and the room's air becomes heavier, everything in the apartment starts creeping out Henry if examined
  • Henry questions even if the shoes at his front door are his own, despite earlier claiming he thinks he bought them in Silent Hill
  • The head of Andrew DeSalvo can sometimes be seen floating by the living room window at some point during the Building World or later
  • Although not learning more until the Apartment World, particularly 202's portraits, Henry can see his neighbours in 106 (Nurse Rachael), 107 (the guy that listens to great music), 206 (the couple with noisy kids), and 207 ("that prick" Braintree himself)
  • Nurse Rachel in 106 at some points can be be seen sitting on her bed next to a male who's lying down, while she leans in her head to his crotch as if hinting at oral sex (this could be 202's tenant, her "darling")
  • Kids in 206 across the courtyard can regularly be seen spying on Henry from their window
  • There are multiple scenes where Richard is seen outside Room 302's peephole, which makes no sense as he lives on the 2nd floor in the other wing
  • Eileen can be found watching a both a horror movie and a comedy at various points, either in terror or laughing
  • Eileen can also be seen shaving her armpits and applying nail polish to her hands and feet, particularly as she gets ready for the party
  • Eileen can be heard having a phone conversation with her friend who's holding the party, whom she tells she's interested in finding a new apartment cause there's just something about this one...
  • Robbie the Rabbit makes his second appearance in a Silent Hill game via a large stuffed animal in Eileen's bedroom (after appearing in SH3)
  • A hot air balloon in the shape of Robbie the Rabbit can sometimes be seen seen outside 302's windows

Subway World

  • Lynch and King Street Lines get their names from film director David Lynch and writer Stephen King
  • There is a large tube-like creature that can be found and attacked (but not killed) south of the subway turnstiles and several other locations over the game – this is called the Greedy Worm and it appears to be inspired by Walter's Umbilical Cord
  • Henry softly telling Cynthia, "It's okay. It's just a dream." as he holds her during her death scene stands out to me as perhaps the most touching moment in the game
  • Based on the closing events and subway return trip, we can gather that after losing Henry, Cynthia managed to buy a ticket that allowed her inside the King Street turnstiles where she used the ticket booth's intercom to inform Henry before Walter murdered her – perhaps she even discovered the train as the "exit" given the handle is found in that room
  • The Temptation placard found at the end of the Subway bears a resemblance to the Tablet of "The Seductress" from Silent Hill 2 (fitting for a seductress like Cynthia)
  • With the ambulance out your window after the Subway World, if you check on Eileen she walks over her window to see what's happening

Forest World

  • Jasper's running car is the exact same model as James' car in Silent Hill 2, down to the same open driver's door
  • Just like Silent Hill 2, the Chainsaw is unlocked after one completion and found in an early forest pathway (stabbed into a pile of logs in 2 and in the ground beside a tree stump in 4)
  • Jasper wears a shirt with the Incubus from Silent Hill 1 on it
  • The "nosy guy" Jasper refers to is Joseph Schreiber
  • There are several bits of strange writing in the forest which can only be read by Eileen on the 2nd trip
  • There's a kerosene heater inside Wish House that's taken straight from Silent Hill 3 (Underpass heater you use to fill up the Wine Bottle)
  • A note asking if Alessa has been found and requesting an update on Walter can be found inside Wish House
  • Wish House was originally conceived as "Hope House" in Silent Hill 3, specifically mentioned in an article written by Joseph Schreiber and found by Heather in Brookhaven Hospital

Water Prison World

  • As later can be learned in Walter's Forest World diary entries, Andrew DeSalvo (who was a guard at Wish House and the Water Prison) often abused Walter by hitting him – this is likely why he thinks Walter will kill him
  • From the cells, a figure can be seen via shadow walking in the inner surveillance room although nobody is found in there later
  • Several interesting wall messages and sights can be found inside various cells, including a kid who peed himself and placed his clothes on the bed and another with a hanging noose who no longer wants to be watched
  • The secret number code for the torture room door is 0302, matching Henry's Room 302

Building World

  • This location includes a few reused car models from Silent Hill 2
  • Richard falls quite a distance off a higher roof and doesn't suffer a single scratch, immediately turning to aim his gun at Henry
  • New Type Gum Heads can actually steal some of your weapons and items like the Steel Pipe, Golf Clubs (even broken ones – thanks for clearing up the inventory space!) and Holy Candles
  • It's possible to see the B10 portal from the elevator ledge on B8 but not possible to reach it until the 2nd trip
  • Little Walter stands pointing from Richard's window at the end of Building World just as his adult form does shortly after
  • Inside Room 302 after Building World, Walter can be seen inside Richard's room 207 pointing at Eileen in 303

Apartment World

  • The TV with the blood spot in room 301 and found elsewhere throughout the game is the TV from room 208 of Wood Side Apartments in Silent Hill 2 that becomes splattered with blood in that game
  • Rachael of room 106 works at St. Jerome's Hospital and is believed to be the same "Rachel" mentioned by Laura in Silent Hill 2
  • The nurse uniform in the bedroom of room 106 matches the uniform worn by Nurses in Brookhaven Hospital in Silent Hill 2 and 3
  • Walter can be seen visiting your front door peephole from inside 302 during this world
  • With careful observation, it is evident that Mike of 301 is a (not so secret) admirer or stalker of nurse Rachael, while her actual lover is the tenant of room 202
  • The orange photo of the super in room 301 also contains Rachael at his side (who is also in the other photo on her own) – she has the same face and clothes as the woman seen inside room 106 (Rachael's apartment) from Henry's 302 over the whole game
  • There's a note in Rachael's 106 about her darling's phone number, which can then be called by the player to discover the ringing phone in room 202
  • Henry explains that the red box (Umbilical Cord) in the super's room stinks so much that it practically brings tears to his eyes
  • Room 202 contains portraits and small notes regarding many of South Ashfield Heights' tenants, touching on many events or characteristics that are referred to elsewhere
  • 101's tenant, the gun nut, killed one of 102's cats with one of his converted model guns after it made his eyes and skin itchy, as revealed in a bookshelf note in 101 (and otherwise part of the observable story)
  • As revealed in the "Skinned Mike" Cassette and mentioned in part by 202's tenant and in Mike's own diary, Richard beat up Mike (301's tenant) and took his shirt and pants
  • As heard in the cassette tape, 102's tenant takes Mike's jeans to wrap her dead cat in, which is found by Henry in her fridge
  • Also heard in the cassette tape, 203's drunk tenant kept the shirt for himself for whatever reason, which is found by Henry in 203's bedroom
  • The cassette tape was recorded by 205's tenant, the shut-in that likes to play video games and has "weird interests", and is found in his unit
  • 107's tenant who "listens to great music" has large speakers embedded in his walls (and he can also sometimes be seen dancing from 302)
  • Walter can be seen inside 207 pointing at Eileen in 303 both from 302 and in 207 itself, although he'll fade away if approached
  • Room 206 contains the same giraffe and chicken animal decorations from Silent Hill 2's Born From A Wish scenario (inside Amy's bedroom)
  • Room 304 contains Dalmatian statues taken from Silent Hill 3's Hilltop Center
  • The Doll Key for Eileen's apartment has the same figure as the Shabby Doll on its keychain
  • There's a sundress on a hanger in Eileen's living room that's taken straight out of Silent Hill 3 (women's clothing store in mall)

Hospital World

  • The placards found after the first four worlds and used before the Hospital are likely a callback to Silent Hill 2's prison tablets, which also represented characters
  • The female Patient that Walter is performing his type of surgery on has Claudia Wolf's face from Silent Hill 3
  • St. Jerome's Hospital reuses a lot of assets from Silent Hill 2 and 3
  • Silent Hill 2's Reception cabinet can be found in St. Jerome's Reception
  • The beige-orange Emergency Room doors with the thick blue stripe are from Brookhaven's Examining Room 2 in Silent Hill 2
  • The hospital's front doors are from Silent Hill 2's Toluca Prison
  • The computers found in the hospital are from Brookhaven Hospital in Silent Hill 3
  • Cabinets found in the Office are from Silent Hill 3's Hilltop Center
  • The Doctor's Lounge contains the same table with the turquoise mat from Brookhaven's Examination Room in Silent Hill 2, including the same phone and small filing cabinet
  • Silent Hill 2's whiteboard that contains the code to the hospital's 3F patient wing can be found in the Doctor's Lounge
  • There's a baby's medical chart on the desk in the Doctor's Lounge that Henry stares at but will not check further (likely Walter's)
  • The stairwell plate between floors 1 and 2 is taken from Hilltop Center in Silent Hill 3, although the numbers have been redesigned (the stairs and railings appear to match as well)
  • The Eileen big head room on 2F provides an interesting reverse look in response to Henry spying on Eileen, even with her moans tapping into the sexual or perverted nature of it all
  • Eileen's big head will flash her eyes if you zap it with the Stun Gun
  • Eileen can be taken inside the big head room but she makes no comment on it, perhaps implying it's only seen by Henry (like the portals)
  • One hospital room has a spiky roof which drops towards the player, likely a callback to Silent Hill 3's Borley Haunted Mansion
  • Silent Hill 2's room S3 nightstand complete with its splotch of blood (where the Roof Key is found) reappears in several 2F rooms
  • Inside one 2F room Henry asks himself if the soft light from the window is coming from heaven

Subway World 2nd Time

  • Cynthia's Ghost is capable of trapping Henry in place with her long hair
  • Cynthia's Ghost screams loudly when zapped with the Stun Gun

Forest World 2nd Time

  • All the stones and spots with strange writing can be read by Eileen, each containing an entry of little Walter's diary
  • While Eileen effectively translates Walter's diary (correcting spelling and grammar), she struggles to decipher a few parts under normal status
  • If Eileen is heavily possessed, she will read Walter's diary entries exactly as they were written, with poor grammar and spelling, and has no trouble deciphering every single one in its entirety
  • Eileen may sometimes explain that she studied archeology in college after translating one of Walter's diary entries
  • A couple of Walter's diary entries mention Dahlia, who specifically told him his mother is waiting to be awoken inside Room 302
  • Below Forest World in one of the displays is a body hanging and swinging from its nipples, plus another with a llama

Water Prison World 2nd Time

  • The Greedy Worm creature can be found jumping up and down into the waterwheel area on B2, while it strongly resembles a penis
  • There's a mannequin dummy tied up and hanging upside-down on display in the spiral staircase below the Water Prison World

Building World 2nd Time

  • Just outside the north pet shop door there's an article that explains a shooting that occurred there – after reading it you will hear the events play out as described and the shop will be in complete disarray upon re-entry
  • There's a dancing baby mannequin on display in the spiral staircase below Building World
  • There's a large caged carriage filled with baby doll heads seen just outside the spiral staircase right before Room 302 of the Past

Room 302 of the Past

  • The August 2 Red Diary is composed entirely of statements that can be made by Joseph (the player) in the opening bloody and rusty Room 302 segment

Outside Room 302

  • Several notes can be found around room 201 that talk about a ritual starting soon – after obtaining the Umbilical Cord, they'll change to say the ritual has begun
  • There's a baby mannequin in a crib inside room 206
  • There's another body (with a large beak on its face this time) hanging from its nipples in the lobby, which can be seen in the cutscene there with Eileen (if she's in fairly good status)
  • The cutscenes with Eileen in the lobby and super's room can be different depending on which level of possession she's at (low, medium, high) – at her worst she'll cry out and ask why her daddy and mommy left her and begin hitting Henry in the super's room (at this point it appears she's fully possessed and has acquired little Walter's thoughts)


  • The main plot points of this game come almost entirely from the Walter Sullivan article in Silent Hill 2 and the Hope House article in Silent Hill 3 (changed to Wish House in SH4)
  • Henry actually runs a lot like Harry did in Silent Hill 1
  • There are several twisting angles throughout the game that appear to be inspired by similar angles in Silent Hill 1
  • During load screens you can change the size and move around the symbols that appear by using both analog sticks
  • Henry has his own Chainsaw taunt like James, although he doesn't scream (just stand on the spot with the Chainsaw equipped)
  • Holy Candles can be used to temporarily improve Eileen's condition in the second half of the game
  • As Eileen's status gets worse and worse, she'll become more and more scared and start talking like a child
  • If Eileen reaches peak possession, she'll begin to turn into a Ghost at various brief moments, uttering alien-speak subtitled something like "$&#@" while flashing your screen red and harming you if near
  • Eileen may recite verses from the Descent of the Holy Mother when heavily possessed
  • Eileen is capable of sneezing every now and then at random
  • Eileen's Nurse costume changes her dress and adds a headdress, but also gives her lighter pink eye shadow, pinkish lashes, pink lipstick, a pink choker, new white/pink boots, plus a new white/pink arm band and pink garter
  • Cynthia has a tattoo of Robbie the Rabbit on her buttcheek while wearing her special sexy costume