Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does this game use a first person perspective?

A: Only when inside Room 302, which serves as the game's main hub and amounts to about 10% of the overall gameplay. Otherwise it's traditional third person like the other games.

Q: I've heard that this game is a disappointment. Is that true?

A: Honestly, I don't think so. It's very different from SH1-3 and perhaps its execution is fairly flawed in some ways such as weaker characters, scripting, Henry lacking personality, and overall less of a focus on horror. But its concept is phenomenal and it's fascinating to witness different events play out in your apartment, while in the outside world it still very much feels like a Silent Hill game. Consider it a remix of traditional Silent Hill while trying some bold new ideas.

Q: Is this game the sequel to Silent Hill 2?

A: No, not at all. It does however involve a character that was introduced in written form in Silent Hill 2 and there are other subtle references to that game, but there is no plot connection and this is entirely its own story.

Q: Is it true that this began as another game instead of Silent Hill?

A: It was intended to be a spinoff title in the Silent Hill universe, revolving around the Room 302 concept, before it was turned into a fully-fledged main title. It's true that it didn't start as a traditional Silent Hill game, but it was never intended to be something completely independent and wouldn't have come to be without Silent Hill. So it's not like "Silent Hill" was just slapped on like some people incorrectly believe.

Q: Is inventory space limited in this game? How many items can you hold?

A: You can hold up to 10 items at once. There is a chest in Henry's apartment for storing items that has unlimited capacity. You'll be using it regularly.

Q: Is there less of a focus on firearms in this game?

A: Yes, for sure. There's only a Pistol and a Revolver, plus an unlockable SMG only your escort companion can use. There's a fair amount of ammo pickups for the Pistol but still fewer than each of the past games, and each clip takes a full inventory spot. This makes it less ideal than ever before to rely on firearms, instead making them more of a backup plan in tougher situations. What this game does do is overwhelm you with different melee weapons that are quite fun to use and offer unique advantages, especially with different charge up attacks.

Q: What's the best weapon in the game?

A: Without a doubt it's the Rusty Axe. It has a moderately-powerful regular attack with good speed, but its charge up attack is what makes it special, offering high power and the longest range of any melee weapon as Henry takes a few steps forward each time. It is incredibly useful and will help you out a lot.

Q: About how long does this game take to complete the first time?

A: About 9 hours, but anywhere ranging from 7-12 your first time. It's the longest Silent Hill game up to this point and a bit more of a marathon. It took me just shy of 8h30m my first time.

Q: How many endings are there?

A: Four different endings, all achievable on your first attempt. No bonus or joke endings this time sadly.

Q: Is this game part of the Silent Hill HD Collection?

A: No, but that's honestly probably for the better since those remasters are absolute disasters and at least this game was saved from the same fate. Read below for a great way to play this game in HD.

Q: What is the definitive way to play this game today?

A: Without a doubt that would be the PC version played with a widescreen and HD mod, increasing the resolution up to 1080p or 4K. It's truly amazing how good this game still looks today when played with modern resolutions, and it certainly breathes new life into the game in my opinion, replacing the PS2 version as the go to. That said, there are a number of hauntings (mostly the rarer ones) that don't appear in this version which is the only drawback, but it otherwise runs very well and feels fantastic. If it's not an option for you then the original PS2 and Xbox versions are very polished, and are the only other options to play it as of 2020.

Specific Locational or General Gameplay Questions

Q: I'm stuck in an endless loop in the Forest... It keeps resetting me to the previous door every time. What do I do?

A: Read the Rusted Bloody Key's inscription, which explains why this is happening. You need to use the portal at the southeast to reach Room 302 and dump the Rusted Bloody Key. Then return to Wish House and reclaim the key from the chest using the portal there.

Q: I can't enter the code in the Water Prison basement cause it's too dark. What do I do?

A: You need to first open the sluice gate on the roof, then you must align the cells from the inner surveillance room so the bloody bed cells with holes sit in the 1 o'clock position on each floor. This way the light from above will reach the area and you'll be able to see.

Q: How am I supposed to find out the bar keypad code that uses the store's phone number in the Building World?

A: Return to Room 302 and look out your window to see the billboard.

Q: Where is Eileen's room key located in the Apartment World?

A: You must first find the Torn Red Paper in room 102's fridge, place it under 302's exterior front door and read it from inside. It will explain the location of the key, which will now be inside your bedroom. It only appears after reading the memo.

Q: The hole in my washroom is filled up now. What do I do now?

A: You must create another hole somewhere else. Find the Succubus Talisman at your front door and use it on the demon face on the laundry room wall. Now find all four placards in your chest and insert them into the correct spots.

Q: How do I escape the Hospital World?

A: First you need to find Eileen. You also need to call the elevator up to 2F to clear the shaft on 1F. Return to 302 by guiding Eileen to the washroom portal, then find the Small Key at your front door and use it to escape from the elevator shaft on the first floor.

Q: How do I clean the Filthy Coin during Subway World 2nd time?

A: Use Room 302's kitchen faucet.

Q: Is there any way to make the Torch's flame last longer during the Forest World 2nd time?

A: Yes. Dip it in the oil container inside Room 302's laundry room. It will now burn for 3 minutes instead of 30 seconds.

Q: Which room is the one with "black things" that has the sword in the Water Prison 2nd time?

A: It's the 7 o'clock cell on 2F. Check the bed to find the Sword of Obedience under it. It is not specifically needed but you will need one of these swords for this world.

Q: How do I remove the chains to room 105's door during Outside Room 302?

A: You must find and examine all six hanging statues in the 1F east wing. There's two in the hall itself and one in each unit there. Once each one disappears, it'll take a chain with it.

Q: I can't save Eileen in the final fight. What do I need to do?

A: If your execution is good and you still can't do it, she's probably in too poor of a state for you to do anything about it. Instead you'll have to take better care of her during the game. Read more details in the Endings section, specifically regarding Eileen.

Q: Does the Holy Candle trick on Eileen actually work for the final boss?

A: For a long time I used to think it did, and many others seem to feel that way as well. But more recently I've done extensive testing on both PS2 (NA and PAL versions) and PC and found it to make no difference whatsoever. It'll clear up Eileen's status but she'll always revert to her previous status by the time the fight starts and won't be any slower. I think people are just killing Walter more efficiently and getting Eileen to the final room while taking less damage, and thus are fooled into thinking it's the candle. I wish it worked because it'd be a nice trick, but it just doesn't.

Q: Can you unlock bullet adjust in this game?

A: No, there is no option this time since firearms take a back seat.

Q: How do I unlock Eileen and Cynthia's extra costumes?

A: They both take quite some time and multiple completions. For Eileen's you must first finish the game with the Escape or Mother ending, then in your next A Brand-new Fear run you will find the Nurse's Uniform in Eileen's room 303 during Outside Room 302. You must complete the game with this item in your inventory and again achieve the Escape or Mother ending. Then in your next run you can choose Normal or Nurse for Eileen's costume when you start. For Cynthia's costume, you must achieve all four endings and it is then tied to Eileen's costume. Selecting Nurse will also equip Cynthia with her special costume, while Normal will revert both to their originals.

Q: What is the Eileen glitch?

A: It's a trick that allows you to skip an entire puzzle and a lot of extra hassle during the Building World 2nd time, shaving a good chunk of time off your quest. Find more details in the Unlockables and Secrets section.

Q: I heard there's a third Silver Bullet that can be found. Is this true?

A: Yes. After finding the Keys of Liberation after Room 302 of the Past, a third Silver Bullet appears on the bed of Eileen's hospital room. Yes... all the way back there. To get there involves 20+ minutes of backtracking and you must bring Eileen. Note that you need to return to Room 302 of the Past and backtrack that way and must not use the Keys of Liberation first, otherwise Eileen will switch over to Outside Room 302 and you won't be able to go back without her. Honestly, it's really not worth the trip so late in the game so I'd say just take my word that it's there (I've confirmed it). It's a long and boring trek, but I can't stop you if you must see for yourself.