Speed Walkthrough


01. Room 302
02. Subway World
03. Forest World
04. Water Prison World
05. Building World
06. Apartment World
07. Hospital World
08. Subway World 2nd Time
09. Forest World 2nd Time
10. Water Prison World 2nd Time
11. Building World 2nd Time
12. Room 302 of the Past
13. Outside Room 302


This speed walkthrough is intended for those who have beaten the game at least once as a quick reference, or for players who wish for only the bare minimum of instructions even on their first attempt.

Boss strategies will be minimal, enemies will be hardly mentioned, and it'll be up to you to stay stocked up on ammo and health if needed. Any time you need to heal, do so by returning to your apartment (first half) or by grabbing health items in the field and your chest (second half).

All 52 memos will be listed for completion's sake and so this can be used as a 10-star ranking walkthrough, but feel free to skip those that aren't required. I'll also list all weapons but I suggest skipping anything you don't plan on using.

Portals will only be mentioned when specifically instructed to use them, so you'll need to find them on your own terms otherwise. But if going for speed, I suggest returning to your apartment as little as possible.

Lastly, ideal spots for leaving Eileen will still be mentioned since she can waste even more time if completely disregarded, but go ahead and make any modifications on your own. And be sure to tend to hauntings on your own if you wish for a better ending as this walkthrough will not cover them in any capacity.

Note: The timer counts cutscenes in this game so be sure to skip them if going for a quick time. That includes all peephole, window and portal transition scenes.

Also note that this walkthrough is written with a standard run in mind. One and All Weapons Modes will or can affect if or where certain weapons appear, so just accommodate for that.

Color legend
Chocolate Milk – items
Wine Bottle – weapons
[01/52]: First Letter– memos
Sword of Obedience – supplies

01. Room 302


  • Exit the bedroom and examine the face on the far living room hall
  • Head back to the hall to spawn the intro


  • Step away from the bed and Henry will check the phone
  • Exit to the living room and head to the front door
  • [01/52]: First Letter sits under your front door
  • Grabbing the Chocolate Milk from the fridge now is the most efficient way
  • Optional: The Wine Bottle is in your fridge but should stay there
  • Move into the living room and back out after Henry notices the chest
  • Head over to the window and back out of the forced scene
  • [02/52]: Book Scrap is against the wall behind the shelf
  • After the noise, enter the washroom
  • Grab the Steel Pipe (required) and enter the hole
  • Move through the hole towards the light

02. Subway World

  • Run down the hall to meet Cynthia, then head around the left corner
  • Run ahead until the scene plays, then enter the ladies' room
  • Enter the portal on the wall

Room 302

  • Exit the bedroom and straighten the cabinet in the living room
  • Take the Pistol (required) and examine the black section of wall
  • Enter your bedroom and answer the phone, then enter the hole in your washroom
  • Grab the Lynch Street Line Coin from the mannequin and exit the room
  • Run left down the hall and use the Lynch Street Line Coin to go through the closer turnstiles in the next area
  • Take both sets of stairs down to the platform
  • Head around the corner and to the other end of the platform
  • Enter the end subway car once the angle changes and press the button inside to open the doors
  • Exit the car and enter the subway car back at the other end through the open doors
  • Use the center column to get around the barrier and proceed all the way to the third car
  • Cross over to the fourth car through the open side doors and enter the fifth car back up
  • Use the center column to bypass the barrier and head to the next car, then exit from the final open side doors
  • Take a left and enter the maintenance room at the other end of the platform
  • Head down the ladder, head straight across and climb the other ladder
  • Unlock the door and head back down (this will help you on the 2nd trip)
  • Now head into the intersection down below and follow the path down the stairs and through the door
  • Optional: The 9-Iron is available in the subway car here
  • Head directly for the escalators
  • Either time it right and run past the Wall Men or use the Pistol to shoot them once each (or the Steel Pipe to smack them) and run by
  • Head up the next stairs, grab the Temptation Placard on the door and enter the booth

Room 302

  • It's recommended you get the Chocolate Milk before the subway but make sure you absolutely have it with you now
  • Optional: You can wait to empty any items during the mid-forest return trip, but consider letting your health recharge a bit if needed
  • Enter the new hole in the washroom

03. Forest World

  • Follow the next forest and factory pathways all the way to the Wish House compound, passing Jasper in the rock area on the way
  • [03/52]: Jasper's Memo Pad is found on the driver seat of the car on the way
  • Optional: The Chainsaw is also available near the tree stump in A Brand-new Fear
  • Take a left across the yard, then take a right and go through the southwest door
  • Follow the next two pathways to the graveyard
  • Move forward to spawn the cutscene, then head back through the double doors ahead and return to Wish House
  • Run up to Jasper on the front porch and use the Chocolate Milk
  • Grab the Blood-Inscribed Spade on the porch, turn around, take a right and go through the left door (southeast)
  • Pass through the next two gates, find the tree root that looks like a hand on the other side of the tree and use the Blood-Inscribed Spade to get the Rusted Bloody Key
  • Continue through the next gate and return to 302 via the portal
  • Optional: The 6-Iron sits on the ground by the portal

Room 302

  • [04/52]: Red Diary - April 8 is now under your front door
  • Put the Rusted Bloody Key in your storage chest and return to the forest
  • Optional: Empty any other items, perhaps everything but a weapon
  • Head all the way back to Wish House and enter the portal on the north wall

Room 302

  • Retrieve the Rusted Bloody Key from the chest and return to the forest
  • Enter Wish House with the Rusted Bloody Key
  • [05/52]: Read the Holy Scripture Scrap (required) on the left floor
  • Grab the Source Placard on the right door and enter the small room

Room 302

  • Jump directly into the hole
  • Optional: Dump items if you really need the space and consider recharging your health a bit if necessary

04. Water Prison World

  • [06/52]: Exploration Memo is on the floor directly ahead
  • Proceed ahead and through the left double doors
  • [07/52]: Guard's Diary hangs on the right wall by the portal
  • Take the west door to the basement hall
  • Take the ladder down, head downward past the doors and down the next ladder
  • Head upward and enter the basement waterwheel room
  • Take the stairs down and head right to the sign along the low wall to get the Water Prison Exit Key
  • [08/52]: Waterwheel Room Plate Message is on the sign after the key
  • Head back up the stairs and ladders (head upward to the second ladder) to the small portal room
  • Exit on the other side of the room with the Water Prison Exit Key
  • Take the ladders all the way up to the roof and pass through the gate
  • Turn the valve on the other side of the tank and exit the area
  • Take the ladder down once and enter the 3F cellblock
  • [09/52]: Prison Diary is found amongst Toadstools in the 4 o'clock cell, second door after taking a right
  • Enter the 8 o'clock cell, second door left from the double doors (third door back that way from diary cell)
  • Jump down all the holes to the shower room
  • Exit to the inner basement hall and ascend the ladder to the surveillance rooms
  • [10/52]: 1F Surveillance Room Report is on the 1F desk
  • [11/52]: 2F Surveillance Room Report is on the 2F desk
  • [12/52]: Secret Number Memo is on the 3F wall
  • Optional: The Stun Gun is available in the initial 4 o'clock 2F cell if interested; the 3F cells must be turned once right to let you jump down from the 3F 4 o'clock cell, then remember to turn it only once more when doing the puzzle
  • You must align the cells so the bloody bed on each floor sits in the 1 o'clock position by doing the following:
    • Turn the 2F valve four times to the right (or left; same result)
    • Turn the 3F valve twice right (don't stop at the DeSalvo cutscene)
  • If you got the Stun Gun earlier and unlocked the dining hall, skip through there to the final keypad
  • Return down the ladders and exit to the outer hall after the scene
  • Head upward, take the ladder up, pass through the small portal room and ascend to the third floor cellblock via the outside ladders
  • Enter the 1 o'clock cell (fourth door to the right) and jump down all the holes to the B1 kitchen
  • Turn around and grab the Watchfulness Placard on the door
  • Enter 0302 into the keypad and proceed through

Room 302

  • Optional: Enter the washroom to turn off the bath tap if you're wanting to collect the super's memo at the front door afterward
  • [13/52]: Red Diary - April 4 is under your front door
  • [14/52]: Red Diary - July 23 is under your front door
  • [15/52]: Superintendent's Memo will be under the door after turning off the washroom bathtub and checking the door peephole
  • Optional: Clear the placard and any items you don't need into the chest
  • Enter the hole in the washroom

05. Building World

  • Follow the hallways and stairs down to meet Richard in the cutscene
  • Run through the door right past the Gum Head
  • Take the Ghost's Key from the Ghost on the floor (as well as the Sword of Obedience if you want it, perhaps for Cynthia's Ghost)
  • Use the Ghost's Key to go through the door and take the larger stairwell down and through the southwest door at the end
  • Take the other door to the sporting goods store
  • Optional: The Aluminium Bat and 5-Iron are here if you want them; the bat can replace your pipe but you will be getting the Rusty Axe shortly anyway
  • Head through the other open door across the shop (the left door is locked)
  • Follow the stairs down, enter the pet shop and grab Albert's Sports Key at the end of the middle shelf by the cat food (walk if you want to avoid triggering the Sniffers)
  • Head back up and exit from the side door in the sports store with Albert's Sports Key
  • Take the stairs down, follow around the corner and enter the second elevator which will take you down to B12
  • Optional: The Spade and a Sword of Obedience are available at the end of the path through the north elevator doors on B8 via the top button
  • On B12, take the elevator ladder down to the shower room and climb up the other ladder past the Whitestools
  • Head downward and follow the pathway, then take a right at the fence to the next area
  • Push past the Gum Head blocking the door (who holds a Pitching Wedge if interested) to pass through
  • Head down the stairs, through the door, down the next staircase and enter Bar Southfield at the very end
  • Grab the Rusty Axe on the table ahead, which is quite frankly the best weapon on the game (you can consider skipping any weapon after this)
  • [16/52]: Bartender's Memo is on the counter
  • Enter the code 3750 (phone number on the billboard outside 302's window) into the keypad and leave from the exit door
  • Follow the lengthy staircase all the way up to the top
  • Get the Chaos Placard from the door and proceed inside

Room 302

  • Optional: Consider dumping the placard and anything you don't need
  • Enter the hole in the washroom

06. Apartment World

  • Enter room 301 on your right and get the Superintendent's Key from the left orange photo in the back room (the Locker Key #106 is on the other photo but isn't needed)
  • [17/52]: Joseph's Article is in the back room by the super's key
  • [18/52]: Mike's Diary is in the living room
  • Optional: You'll need the Red Paper if you want to collect another memo in your apartment later
  • Optional: Place the Red Paper under 302's door in the hall if you have it
  • Enter the stairway (ignore the Man with the Coat and his Shabby Doll) and head all the way down to the west wing at the bottom left
  • Enter 105 with the Superintendent's Key and get the Apartment Keys on the living room wall (use the keys to open any apartment from this point)
  • Optional: You will need the Red Paper and Torn Red Paper near the keys if you want two more memos later on
  • [19/52]: Superintendent's Diary (Umbilical Cord) is in 105's bedroom
  • Exit the room, cross over to the east wing and enter 102
  • Kill the Tremers in the kitchen and open the fridge to get the TORN RED PAPER from inside (only red paper required here)
  • Optional: Eileen's Submachine Gun will be on the counter here if it's unlocked
  • Optional: Skip ahead to 302's front door if you don't care about memos or other unnecessary items
  • Optional: Inside 203 in the east 2F wing is another Torn Red Paper in the shirt in the northwest bedroom, which you'll need for another memo
  • Optional: The Bug Spray is on the living room floor in 203
  • Optional: Richard's Revolver and a Putter are found in 207's living room and back room
  • Return to the third floor and place all pieces of Red Paper and Torn Red Paper under 302's door (the only one 100% required is the one from 102's fridge, but they are all needed to collect all memos)
  • Use the portal in 301 to return to 302's interior

Room 302

  • [20/52]: Red Diary - May 2 is under your door
  • The following memos will be under your door if you placed all five red papers outside:
    • [21/52]: Red Diary - May 14
    • [22/52]: Red Diary - May 20
    • [23/52]: Red Diary Scrap
    • [24/52]: Red Diary Scrap (cont.) – the only required memo to read
    • [25/52]: Mike's Love Letter
  • After reading the continued diary scrap, enter your bedroom and find the Doll Key between the head of the bed and the far wall
  • Return through the washroom hole
  • Exit 301 and enter 303 with the Doll Key

Room 302

  • Check your front door for the Succubus Talisman
  • [26/52]: Red Diary - July 13 is also under your door
  • Grab all four placards from your chest while dumping what you don't need
  • Enter the laundry room and use the Succubus Talisman on the wall face
  • Insert the Temptation Placard on the left, Source Placard on the right, Watchfulness Placard at the top and Chaos Placard at the bottom
  • Optional: Consider fully recharging your health as this will be your last chance
  • Enter the new hole

07. Hospital World

  • Optional: The Paper-Cutting Knife can be found on a desk in the northeast room
  • Optional: Eileen's Bag can be found on the south floor
  • [27/52]: Nurse's Memo is found on the table in the reception across the hall to the right from where you start
  • Head south and enter the staircase at the left end of the hall by the elevator, ascending to 2F
  • Take note that the arrangement of rooms in this hallway is random every time and thus each room should be checked one by one until you find the key and door to Eileen's room – I suggest checking one side and then the other on your way back
  • Inside the snake statue room, examine it for the Hospital Room Key
  • Use the Hospital Room Key to exit the falling cage and leave the room
  • Find the locked door and use the Hospital Room Key to enter Eileen's room
  • Optional: In the other rooms you can find supplies, spirit-repelling items and a 4-Iron
  • Run south past the Patients and call the elevator
  • Descend back to 1F and enter the second room on your right with Eileen, then return to 302 via the portal

Room 302

  • Your apartment will no longer heal you so take care with health items from now on
  • [28/52]: Red Diary - July 20 is under your front door (required)
  • You must read the red diary above to get the Small Key with it
  • The following memos are now available by the living room bookshelf:
    • [29/52]: Red Diary - ??/??
    • [30/52]: Red Diary - June 11
    • [31/52]: Red Diary - June 14
  • Return to the hospital via the laundry room hole
  • Exit the washroom and enter the vacated elevator shaft to use the Small Key and pass through the gate
  • Make your way past the three Patients and through the door at the bottom
  • Follow the circle staircase and ignore the portal because it's a waste to return to 302 now when you'll need to in a minute
  • Pass through the door at the bottom with Eileen

08. Subway World 2nd Time

  • Pass through the right door at the other end of the path
  • Head straight, take a right and head left around the corner
  • Enter the ladies' room and return to 302 via the portal

Room 302

  • [32/52]: Red Diary - July 25 is under your front door
  • [33/52]: Kid's Letter is under your front door (required)
  • Read the kid's letter to get the Toy Key
  • Get the Lynch Street Line Coin from your chest and return to the subway
  • Exit the washroom and take a left to reach the turnstiles where you'll meet Cynthia's Ghost
  • Optional: There are Silver Bullets (one bullet) up the left blocked stairway in the next hall – you'll want at least one for the Water Prison but you'll run across another in the Forest, so it's your call to get this one if you want to kill another Ghost, such as Cynthia
  • At the north turnstiles, use the Lynch Street Line Coin to pass through and head all the way down to the platform
  • Optional: If going for pure speed, the turnstile area is a great spot to leave Eileen behind to reclaim later
  • Optional: The Riding Crop for Eileen is available down the west pathway here between the two staircases before the platform
  • Enter the open subway car doors right near you, cross over the partition and use the TOY KEY to open the strange box and get the Filthy Coin
  • Exit back to the platform, take a right and enter the maintenance room at the south of the east platform
  • Optional: If you didn't unlock this room from the inside before, you'll have to go through the train maze and enter the southwest maintenance room
  • Head down the ladder, climb up the other ladder to the other maintenance room and take the portal to 302
  • Optional: The southeast maintenance room, or the other if that's not an option, is a good and safe spot to ditch Eileen if actively concerned for her

Room 302

  • [34/52]: Red Diary - July 17 is under your front door
  • Wash the Filthy Coin in the kitchen sink to get the 1$ Coin
  • Optional: You no longer need the Lynch Street Line Coin so dump it
  • Return to the subway
  • Head back down the ladder but this time head into the intersection and pass through the door at the end down the stairs
  • Head straight to the escalators on the King Street platform
  • Take the up escalator and use the Rusty Axe to bash your way past all the Wall Men (if you kill all four you can actually come back down this same side with Eileen later to speed things up)
  • Continue up the next staircase and get Cynthia's Commuter Ticket from the ground
  • Use Cynthia's Commuter Ticket both to exit from here and enter the Lynch Street Line, then head down to the platform
  • Reclaim Eileen from the southeast maintenance room or wherever she is
  • Use the 1$ Coin on the vending machine to get the Murder Scene Key
  • Head back up the stairs and now use Cynthia's Commuter Ticket to get back to the other side where Cynthia's stuff is, making sure Eileen is with you (reclaim her if you left her in the concourse)
  • Enter the ticket booth with the Murder Scene Key and take the Train Handle on the floor
  • Leave and head down the stairs with Eileen
  • If you killed the Wall Men on the way up, take the ascending escalator down for the quickest route; otherwise, take the descending side and tend to the Wall Men on the way down
  • Head around the bottom corner and enter the open train
  • Make your way to the other end, past Cynthia's Ghost if she's there, and use the Train Handle to move the train forward
  • Find the new opening through the close by doors and head down the stairs
  • Optional: There's a Sword of Obedience beside the door, which you may want but isn't fully necessary if you still have one from the Building World
  • Head through the door and then the next door after the cutscene
  • Follow the circle staircase down to the bottom and through the door there with Eileen

09. Forest World 2nd Time

  • Grab the Torch in the northwest corner of the area and light it there as well
  • Pass through the doors and get the Doll's Head from the well just ahead
  • Continue through the next couple doors to the Wish House compound
  • [35/52]: Jasper's Burned Memo is on the ground by the front of the burned Wish House
  • [36/52]: Wheelchair Doll Text is obtained by examining the doll
  • Insert the Doll's Head into the wheelchair doll
  • You may want to take the trip to 302 to empty some items and soak your Torch in oil from the blue laundry room container

Room 302

  • [37/52]: Red Diary - July 18 is found under your front door
  • Optional: Dump any items you don't need and use the Torch on the blue canister under the laundry room hole to make its flames last longer
  • Return to the forest
  • Optional: If going for pure speed, the Wish House compound is the best place to leave Eileen, but otherwise taking her with you will take better care of her status, even if she takes some hits
  • Optional: Eileen's Chain can be found on the jungle gym at the east
  • Take the southeast gate and follow through the next two paths
  • Optional: A pack of Silver Bullets (one bullet) is found by the tree roots in the third area of the passage, which you'll want for DeSalvo if you used the other or missed it
  • Head through the other gate, light the Torch with the flame and get the Doll's Left Leg from the well between the short staircases
  • Return to Wish House and use the Doll's Left Leg on the doll, unless you know you're good for inventory space to keep going
  • Take the northeast passage and get the Doll's Left Arm from the well in the second area if your Torch is still burning (if not, just run past it and get it on the way back)
  • Light your Torch in the rocky area where Jasper's Ghost is and keep running through doors and gates until you're past the factory area
  • Continue through the final gate and grab the Doll's Right Arm from the well (if your Torch is out, light it with the flame in the previous area)
  • Return all the way to the Wish House compound, but make sure you get the doll arm in the earlier well on the way back if you didn't get it before (light it in the rocky area if needed)
  • Use the Doll's Left Arm and Doll's Right Arm on the doll and take the northwest path
  • If your Torch is still aflame, grab the Doll's Right Leg from the well in the first area (if not, get it on the way back)
  • Proceed through the cave and get the Crested Medallion from the headstone after meeting little Walter to the left along the lake
  • If you still need the doll leg, light your Torch here and grab it from the well on the way back to Wish House
  • Use the Doll's Right Leg as the final piece and enter down below, making sure Eileen is with you
  • [38/52]: Descent of the Holy Mother - The 21 Sacraments is on the altar down the stairs
  • Use the Crested Medallion on the end door and pass through
  • Descend the circular staircase and pass through the bottom door with Eileen
  • Enter the small elevator shaft to be taken to the Water Prison

10. Water Prison World 2nd Time

  • Leave the shaft and exit on the other side with Eileen
  • Quickly run past Walter and exit the roof from the large gate behind him
  • Head down the ladder and wait for Eileen to run around (unequip her weapon to ensure she doesn't waste time fighting Hummers)
  • Enter the 3F cellblock with Eileen and enter the 1 o'clock cell (fourth cell to the right)
  • Leave Eileen in this cell as you jump down to the basement kitchen
  • Turn around and enter the torture room past the keypad door to get the Prisoner's Shirt from the floor
  • Exit back to the kitchen and pass any Whitestools to the inner basement hallway
  • Optional: Eileen's Nightstick can be found on the third floor of the inner surveillance room
  • Exit to the outer hall, head upward and take the ladder up and unlock the door up there as you pass through it
  • Take the portal in here to 302

Room 302

  • Enter the washroom and use the Prisoner's Shirt in the bloody bathtub
  • [39/52]: Note from the Bloody Prisoner's Shirt will be acquired after using the shirt (required to advance)
  • After reading the note, grab the Pistol, a Silver Bullet and a Sword of Obedience from your chest
  • [40/52]: Red Diary - July 28 is under your front door
  • Optional: You don't need it specifically if you have another, but you can grab the Sword of Obedience in the 7 o'clock cell on 2F
  • Now head up the ladders outside to retrieve Eileen in the 3F 1 o'clock cell and return back to this room – descend the ladders and wait for her to run around the outside, level by level
  • Proceed through the portal room and fight your way past Whitestools with Eileen until you reach DeSalvo's Ghost:
    • Pull out your Pistol, load a Silver Bullet and fire it at DeSalvo, then stab him with a Sword of Obedience to get the Water Prison Generator Room Key
    • If you don't have a Silver Bullet, drop two Holy Candles at his feet for best results, or just beat him down several times by normal means until you can stab him
  • Optional: The Sword can be taken back if you want but it's unnecessary
  • Continue down and enter the B2 waterwheel room
  • Head down the stairs and use the Water Prison Generator Room Key to get through the door along the wall after the stairs (consider leaving Eileen here if you want her to avoid damage as you beat down the Twin Victims in the generator room, but she can be helpful)
  • You may have to fight your way past at least most of the Twin Victims here, while Eileen can help you with a weapon
  • Head through the end door and descend the spiral staircase
  • Pass through the bottom door with Eileen

11. Building World 2nd Time

  • [41/52]: Reminisces waits on the ground ahead, spelling out this world's puzzle
  • Head over to the elevator to spawn Richard's Ghost, allow him to swing and clear away so Eileen can get by too, then enter the elevator
  • Optional: At this point it is possible to head to the middle floor, proceed through the south doors and perform the Eileen glitch to skip the entire reminisces puzzle; read more in the Unlockables and Secrets section, but once accomplished, pass through the lower shower room and skip ahead to the continue point noted below
  • Leave Eileen in the elevator and climb down the ladder
  • Make your way past the Whitestools and claim the Billiard Ball in the hall, then climb the ladder there
  • Follow the next path and take a right at the fence to the next area
  • Grab the Volleyball by the boxes near the door and proceed inside
  • Avoid the Wheelchairs down the stairs and proceed through the next door, then descend the next stairs and enter the bar through the end door
  • Place the Billiard Ball on the billiard table and return to Eileen all the way back in the elevator (up the staircases, around the path, down the ladder, through the shower room and up the right ladder)
  • Head up to the top level in the elevator and exit from the south doors with Eileen
  • Follow the walkway to the next area, ascend the stairs and enter the sporting goods store at the top
  • Get the Cake Candles from the counter and put the Volleyball in the big basket
  • Optional: There's also now a 3-Wood on the floor
  • Pass through the right storage room by the portal and through the other door in the short hall
  • Follow the large stairwell around and through the door at the top
  • Get the Stuffed Cat by the door and place the Cake Candles on the birthday cake on the table
  • Now head all the way back to the sporting goods store and take the other door across the hall to the red stairwell
  • Descend and enter the pet shop, then put the Stuffed Cat in the cage on the counter
  • With Eileen still with you, pass through the other door near the cage and enter the room at the bottom of the stairs
  • Move through the now unlocked clock door, take the large stairwell all the way down and through the bottom south door away from the stairs
  • Run around the corner and through the door, then take the narrow staircase down and through the door while evading Richard
  • Optional: This is the point you'll continue from if you accomplished the Eileen glitch – just run ahead, take a right at the fence to the next area and wait for Eileen to join you from offscreen
  • Follow the pathway to the fence, take a right to the next area and enter the large staircase with Wheelchairs
  • Pass through the lower door past the Wheelchairs and head down all the way to the bar at the end of the lower path
  • [42/52]: Later Bartender's Memo is on the bar
  • Pass through the keypad door with the code 4890 (the new number told to you if you call the previous one in 302)
  • Take the large stairwell all the way to the bottom and pass through the door with Eileen
  • You must find the "One Truth" of the 12 Giant Wall Men that causes all of them to flinch when hit
  • Consider using the Pistol to quickly shoot each and move on until you find the right one, or just use a melee weapon
  • Once the "One Truth" has been killed, the other door will unlock
  • Proceed through the now unlocked other door
  • Follow the staircase to the bottom
  • [43/52]: Superintendent's Diary (Man with the Coat) sits on the floor in front of 302's door
  • Enter Room 302 of the Past

12. Room 302 of the Past

  • Collect the following memos in the living room (required):
    • [44/52]: Old Picture Book
    • [45/52]: Crimson Tome
  • Collect the following memos in the bedroom (required):
    • [46/52]: Red Diary - August 2
    • [47/52]: Red Diary - August 3
    • [48/52]: Red Diary - August 4
    • [49/52]: Red Diary - August 5
  • Once the memos have been collected, head back in the living room for a cutscene
  • Grab the Pickaxe of Hope that appears on the end hall wall and use the washroom portal to return to your own 302

Room 302

  • Exit your bedroom and use the Pickaxe of Hope on the left wall at the end of the hall
  • Pass through the hole and examine the corpse until you get the Keys of Liberation
  • Exit back through the hole and head to your front door
  • [50/52]: Red Diary - July 29 sits under the door
  • [51/52]: Red Diary - August 7 sits under the door
  • [52/52]: Joseph's Letter sits on a box under the hole in the laundry room
  • Use the Keys of Liberation to unlock your front door and finally leave

13. Outside Room 302

  • Optional: If going for pure speed, leave Eileen behind right away and she'll join you in the lobby after erasing the Walter statues
  • Enter 301 up the hall and use the stairs to descend and exit from 201, dodging the Twin Victims and Bottom inside
  • Enter 202, timing it so Eileen is close and you can rush to the door without getting shot by Walter
  • Pass through the hole in the living room to 203
  • Optional: A Sword of Obedience is available in the bedroom
  • Exit 203 and head across the stairwell to the west wing
  • In the west 2F wing, enter 206 and take the hole in the wall to reach and exit from 207 (you may want to beat down Walter in 206 so he doesn't separate you from Eileen and waste time)
  • Head down the stairs past the Bottom to the first floor and continue to the east wing (Eileen will stay behind in the lobby)
  • Find and examine all six hanging Walter statues in the following locations:
    • Walter 1: in the circle cage in 104's hallway
    • Walter 2: in the corner of the east wing hall by 104
    • Walter 3: in the living room of 103
    • Walter 4: in the living room of 102
    • Walter 5: in the circle cage in 101's hallway
    • Walter 6: at the north end of the east wing hall by 101
  • Head back to the lobby and take Eileen with you to 105 in the west hall
  • Get the Umbilical Cord from the shelf and Eileen will leave
  • Now exit and take the north stairs back to the 2F west wing
  • Pass through the hole in 207's living room and exit from 206
  • Cross through the stairwell to the 2F east wing
  • Optional: If the Nurse's Uniform is unlocked, it can be found on a living room chair in Eileen's room 303 – have it in your inventory and save Eileen to officially unlock the costume; it won't be there if already done
  • Pass through the hole in the back of 203 and exit from 202
  • Take the stairs in 201 up to 301 and exit from there
  • Enter Room 302

Room 302

  • Empty any item that isn't a weapon, health, or the Umbilical Cord
  • I suggest the Rusty Axe or Spade, Umbilical Cord, and your best health items, but leave at least three inventory slots open
  • Optional: Now is your last chance to claim Joseph's Letter from the laundry room, which was obtainable before using the Keys of Liberation but can be easy to forget about and miss
  • Go through the hole in the hall and jump down the hole below where the corpse was
  • Jump down the hole in the red room to the final arena
  • Run up to the large head and use the Umbilical Cord to unlock the spears
  • Now that you have four empty slots in your inventory, grab each Spear of the Holy Mother on one side and stab all four into the huge figure
  • Do the same for the other side's Spears while avoiding Walter and he'll fall to the ground and become vulnerable for the rest of the fight
  • Ready a charge up attack from behind Walter and unleash it once he stands
  • With the Rusty Axe, unleash constant charge up attacks but always take a couple steps back after landing each hit to clear Walter's bodyslam range
  • If he steps back, move up as you charge and keep repeating these special attacks (sometimes he may shoot you just before; just stay with it)
  • With the Spade, again always perform charge up attacks and move up when he steps back to land the next charge up attack
  • If you can back him up to an edge, you can find a sweet spot and stand on the same spot just outside of his pipe range while preventing him from shooting; just stand still and repeat your attacks if so
  • If you're too close, he'll perform a ridiculous body spin and knock you over, but this is always avoidable by staying a few feet away (step back immediately after the Rusty Axe's charge up attack)
  • Repeat either strategy and you should be able to save Eileen unless she's completely compromised
  • Once Walter falls to the ground the game is over, although a few more seconds will pass where Eileen will still be at risk

Congrats on completing your speed run. Silent Hill 4 is a fairly long game so anything near 2 hours is the mark of a quality speed run, at least while collecting all memos and tending to Eileen. If going for pure speed you can aim for anywhere around 1h-1h30m, although skilled players can dip below even that.

Otherwise, consider aiming for a 10-star ranking which is really not much different from a speed run. All you need to do is just collect the memos and beat the game in under 2 hours, while 120 kills are more or less automatic by killing the one-hit enemies in your way.

If interested, check out the 10-Star Ranking Guide for more information.