01. Thirsty Jasper (Forest World)
02. Blood-Inscribed Spade (Forest World)
03. Rusted Bloody Key (Forest World)
04. Revolving Water Prison Cells (Water Prison World)
05. Water Prison Basement Keypad (Water Prison World)
06. Bar Southfield Keypad (Building World)
07. Finding Room 303's Key (Apartment World)
08. Opening Up A New Portal (Room 302)
09. Finding Eileen In The Hospital (Hospital World)
10. Escaping The Hospital (Hospital World)
11. Toy Box, Coin And Vending Machine (Subway World 2nd Time)
12. Moving The Train (Subway World 2nd Time)
13. Wheelchair Doll Parts (Forest World 2nd Time)
14. Escaping Wish House (Forest World 2nd Time)
15. Prisoner's Shirt And Exit Key (Water Prison World 2nd Time)
16. Reminisces (Building World 2nd Time)
17. Bar Southfield Keypad New Code (Building World 2nd Time)
18. The One Truth (Below Building World)
19. Pickaxe of Hope and Keys of Liberation (Room 302)
20. Removing Room 105's Chains (Outside Room 302)
21. The Final Sacraments (Below Room 302)

Quick Reference Solutions

Full Puzzle Solutions

Here you will find the solutions for all puzzles in the game. Unlike earlier games in the series, all puzzles have the exact same solutions every time and there are no difficulty levels. These fixed solutions are all explained in full below, while the Quick Reference Solutions can be found in the next section if you wish just for the answers to the game's more significant puzzles.

01. Thirsty Jasper (Forest World)

Location: Wish House Compound, Forest World
Requires: Chocolate Milk: Inside Room 302's fridge.

After viewing the cutscene in the southwest cemetery of the Forest World, you can then meet Jasper on the front steps of Wish House.

He tells you he has "something really good" but won't give it up for free. He then says he's really thirsty and goes on about chocolate... Ringing any bells?

If you don't have it on you, grab the Chocolate Milk from Room 302's fridge (or your item chest if you grabbed and dumped it) and give it to him. He'll toss the Blood-Inscribed Spade on the porch for you to pick up.

02. Blood-Inscribed Spade (Forest World)

Location: Wish House Compound, Forest World
Requires: Blood-Inscribed Spade: Offered to you by Jasper after giving him the Chocolate Milk on Wish House's front porch.

As you pick up the Blood-Inscribed Spade, you'll see the following inscription on it:

"Opposite where the lake and house meet, inside the hand holding onto the ground."

This is referring to a location to use the spade. Jasper's Memo Pad from his running car touched on this. Remember the "nosy guy" is who gave Jasper the spade.

"I'm not sure what that nosy guy meant when he said: 'His home is the orphanage in the middle. The lake is northwest. So the opposite is southeast.'"

Make your way through the southeast passage to the small lot with trees before the end path. Find the tree root that looks like a hand and use the Blood-Inscribed Spade. Henry will dig up the Rusted Bloody Key.

03. Rusted Bloody Key (Forest World)

Location: Southeast Passage, Forest World
Requires: Rusted Bloody Key: Dug up from underneath the tree root that looks like a hand in the southeast passage of the Forest World (using the Blood-Inscribed Spade).

Engraved into the Rusted Bloody Key is:

"The holder of this key will wander for eternity."

Jasper's Memo Pad provides more information regarding this as well:

"The nosy guy said one other thing I don't understand: 'If you bring the dug-up key, you can't go back. Put it away somewhere before you return there.'"

What these two messages explain is that you won't be able to get back to Wish House while carrying this key. If you try, you'll see heavy mist in the previous path and each time you try the other door you'll be transported back to the beginning. But surely by now you should realize what you can do about this. You'll need to find a portal and utilize your item chest.

Head through the next gate to the southeast end path and use the Portal to return to Room 302. Dump the Rusted Bloody Key in the chest and return to the Forest.

Now make your way back to Wish House and use the Portal there to return to 302 and reclaim the Rusted Bloody Key. Return to Wish House and enter the orphanage with the Rusted Bloody Key.

04. Revolving Water Prison Cells (Water Prison World)

Location: 2F/3F Surveillance Room, Water Prison World

In the Water Prison you'll come across three cellblocks of cells, some of which are locked, some that are open and some that contain holes that allow you to jump down below. After jumping down a series of holes in the 8 o'clock position, you'll end up in the basement where you can then access the inner surveillance rooms where you can rotate the cells.

The idea of this puzzle is to align the cells on each floor in a certain order so that the third floor floodlights are activated and can reach the basement kitchen via a series of cell holes. While also allowing you to physically reach the kitchen via the same holes (if you haven't already), this specifically allows you to see and use the keypad in the kitchen, which is otherwise too dark to use.

The solution is the same for each difficulty every time, although the two memos will be different and very unhelpful on Hard – but in that case, just read the Easy/Normal memos below which still apply.


1F Surveillance Room Report:

"This place continues to deteriorate. The doors to a number of cells no longer open. As a result, the kids inside can no longer go outside. But the less they know about that, the better.

I can't open the doors, but from this room, I can watch them get more and more emaciated each day. With no food and never showering themselves, they turn into smelly little grey lumps in there.

Following the suggestion of an engineer, we've disposed of the corpses by digging a hole below the cells. Since each floor of this building can be rotated independently, we can dispose of the bodies without the others noticing by aligning each cell with a body in it vertically.

Chief, I bet you're just dying to see the interrogation room behind the kitchen. I understand your feelings, but have you noticed?

There are three rooms with bloody beds. One is on the 1st floor, one is on the 2nd floor, and one is on the 3rd floor. If you line those three rooms up, then it's "bingo."

2F Surveillance Room Report:

"To keep a close eye on the kids, it's important to keep the cells well lit. The lights on the 3rd floor were originally bought as searchlights.

As a precaution against a blackout, they were set up to run on a private generator. There's a hydroelectric generator in the basement. To light up the 1st and 2nd floors, use the corpse disposal chutes.

Since each floor of this building can be rotated, you can light up any of the cells by matching up the holes. Repeating this periodically is an effective way to keep the kids fearful and well-behaved.

Chief, if you turn the handle in the middle of this room, you can easily rotate the cells. You can't rotate the 1st floor, so align the 2nd and 3rd floors with the 1st floor cell that has the blood-stained bed.

By the way, if you use the peephole in this room, it's easy to make sure you're doing it right. Give it a try. Also, please don't forget to open the sluice gate on the roof. Much appreciated, Chief!"

Hard Difficulty

1F Surveillance Room Report:

"I'm sleepy..."

2F Surveillance Room Report:

"I want to go home."

As explained, you must first open the sluice valve on the roof to get this whole process started. Then you want to locate the cell with the blood-stained bed on each floor using the peepholes and align them all in the same spot using the valves in the 2F and 3F inner surveillance rooms.

The 1F cells can't be rotated since there is no valve there, so you'll need to align the 2F and 3F bloody bed cells with the one on 1F, which is always in the 1 o'clock position. Confirm yourself with the peephole.

On 2F the blood-stained bed starts in the 7 o'clock position, four spots away from the 1 o'clock cell. Doesn't matter which way you turn it, left or right, just as long as you turn it the same way four times (Henry will turn it a few times in the cutscene but you need to do that four times). Confirm via the 1 o'clock peephole that the blood-stained bed is in the right spot. Good, now move on to 3F.

Up top the blood-stained bed starts in the 10 o'clock cell, two over from 1 o'clock. Turn the valve up here twice right to align the bloody bed. After turning it once, you'll see a cutscene of the man on 1F being freed from his cell (unless you already did so if you moved the 3F cells for the Stun Gun) but you must turn it again to complete your task. Confirm via the 1 o'clock peephole that the bloody bed is there.

In short, the solution to this puzzle is always the following:

  1. Open the sluice valve on the roof beforehand.
  2. Turn the 2F valve four times to the right (or left).
  3. Turn the 3F valve two times to the right.

So what exactly does that do? Opening the sluice gate on the roof allows the water to flow over the B2 waterwheel, generate power and activate the 3F floodlights. Aligning the bloody bed cells allows that light from 3F to shine through the 1 o'clock cells to the B1 kitchen in the 12 to 3 o'clock position so that the keypad there can be used to advance. Note that the position the water falls on the waterwheel also changes from the starting to finishing position (and the direction the wheel spins), while the waterwheel and lights turn off in other positions.

If you haven't yet unlocked the dining hall on B1, head back up to 3F and jump down the 1 o'clock cell holes until you reach the basement. Then use the keypad to finish the world.

05. Water Prison Basement Keypad (Water Prison World)

Location: B1 Kitchen, Water Prison World

After completing the revolving prison cells puzzle and arriving in the basement kitchen, you'll find the Watchfulness Placard and a keypad on the door to the torture room. The code to unlock the door is found on the wall of the 3F inner surveillance room:

"The Secret Number for getting through the door in back of the kitchen this month is "0302." Thanks for your cooperation.

Enter the code 0302 to advance. Coincidence that it's the same number as your apartment? Probably not.

06. Bar Southfield Keypad (Building World)

Location: Bar Southfield B15, Building World

After arriving in Bar Southfield you'll find the back door locked by a keypad and the Bartender's Memo on the bar which reads:

"The boss said that the number this time is the last 4 digits of this store's phone number. But the phone number is written right there on the sign on the roof. Anybody could see it from South Ashfield Street. Is that really okay?"

So the code is the last four digits of the bar's phone number, which is written on the sign on the roof. So how can you see the sign? Well, give it a good think.

You have already been on a series of rooftops visible from Room 302's windows if you've been paying attention, and you may have also seen a billboard for a bar out your apartment window if you've taken in the sights. Return to 302 via the Portal by the billiard table to take a closer look.

Back there, look outside your bedroom window. Up and to the left you'll see the billboard:

"Bar Southfield

And so the code is 3750. Return to the bar and use that code to advance through the back door.

07. Finding Room 303's Key (Apartment World)

  • Apartment Keys: On the key rack in room 105's living room.
  • Torn Red Paper: Inside the fridge of room 102.
  • Red Diary Scrap (cont.): Under 302's front door after placing the above Torn Red Paper (must be read).

After finding the Apartment Keys in 105, you'll find it's missing the key to 303, Eileen's apartment. The secret to finding it involves the pieces of red paper found in the Apartment World. Upon finding these, Henry thinks he should slip them under 302's front door and read them from his apartment, since they can't be read as is.

It specifically comes down to one piece that you absolutely need, but the Red Paper and Torn Red Paper found in 105 set you on the right path. When slipped under 302's door from the 3F apartment hallway, you will find the Red Diary - May 20 and Red Diary Scrap inside your unit, which read as follows:

Red Diary - May 20:

"I picked up the key that Eileen from Room 303 must have dropped. I thought I'd return it but she wasn't home. I guess I'll give it to the super. May 20"

Red Diary Scrap:

"I lost the key to Eileen Galvin's room. I've gotta find it and bring it back. Let me think... The last place I saw it was..."

The second paper is torn and so you'll need to find the other half somewhere. That other half is the Torn Red Paper inside room 102's fridge after clearing the Tremers surrounding it. Grab it and place the Torn Red Paper under 302's exterior door from 3F, then return to its interior. Now you'll find the Red Diary Scrap (cont.) under the front door:

"Oh yeah, I had a really wicked headache that day and just collapsed on the bed. Maybe if I look near the bed in my room -302's bedroom- I'll find it. I get headaches every day now. It's terrible. What am I going to do?

May 22"

Now go to your bedroom and you'll find the Doll Key between the far wall and the right side of the bed near its head. Note that you must read the Red Diary Scrap (cont.) or this item will not appear here.

Now return to the Apartment World and use the Doll Key to enter Eileen's room 302.

Note that there's another Red Paper inside 301 and Torn Red Paper in 203 that can be placed under your front door and read inside 302, but they have nothing directly to do with finding the key itself. I would recommend finding them for story purposes however.

08. Opening Up A New Portal (Room 302)

  • Succubus Talisman: At the foot of Room 302's front door after completing Apartment World.
  • Temptation Placard: Found at the end of Subway World.
  • Source Placard: Found at the end of Forest World.
  • Watchfulness Placard: Found at the end of Water Prison World.
  • Chaos Placard: Found at the end of Building World.

After completing Apartment World, your washroom portal will be filled in and can no longer be used. You will also find the Red Diary - July 13 and Succubus Talisman under your front door. Henry describes it as a card with a "frightening demon" on it.

The Red Diary may arouse some curiosity in one part:

"I was so scared today that I sealed off the back of the storage room."

Storage room? Would that be the laundry room? The dryer did explode with blood earlier so perhaps another check up is warranted. Inside you may notice a mark on the wall, which to Henry looks like an "evil demon". Ringing any bells?

Perhaps this one is out of left field either way, but note the common demon theme and use the Succubus Talisman while facing the mark. A note written in red will form on the wall, surrounded by four square depressions.

The note doesn't really provide you with any clues, but the four depressions surrounding it make it obvious enough. Each one is inscribed with a word and image that matches one of the four placards you found at the end of the first four worlds. Reclaim them all from your item chest.

Place the Temptation Placard on the left, Source Placard on the right, Watchfulness Placard on the top, and Chaos Placard on the bottom. A new portal will form. Enter it to advance.

09. Finding Eileen In The Hospital (Hospital World)

Location: 2F Wing, Hospital World
Requires: Hospital Room Key: In the mouth of the snake statue in a random 2F room.

Upon arriving on the second floor of the Hospital World, you'll find a long wing full of rooms. From the exterior it always looks the same but the arrangement of which rooms appear through which doors is random every run.

Your goal is ultimately to find Eileen in her hospital room which is the only locked room in this hall. To unlock it, you must first find the room with a snake statue on the floor. Examine it to get the Hospital Room Key.

A cage will immediately fall and cover you. Turn around and use the Hospital Room Key to escape the cage while facing the door. Leave the room and now locate Eileen's locked hospital room – check your map if it's already been found, or keep looking. Enter her room with the Hospital Room Key.

10. Escaping The Hospital (Hospital World)

Location: First Floor, Hospital World
Requires: Small Key: Found at your front door after guiding Eileen back to the 1F portal.

After guiding Eileen back to the 1F portal in the hospital, you'll find the Red Diary - July 20 and a Small Key at your front door, which Joseph believes will help you.

Upon returning to Eileen, you are tasked with escaping the hospital with her, but how? You may notice the doors to the elevator shaft just outside in the hall are actually missing, and what you're seeing is the elevator unit itself. You cannot enter it as is so head up to the second floor to try there.

Upstairs, use the button to call the elevator. If you enter it you'll only find a Patient waiting to smack you. So what gives? Well, remember the shaft doors were missing on 1F? Return and you'll find the shaft now empty since the elevator has moved.

Inside the shaft is a locked gate which is opened with the Small Key. Now you can proceed with Eileen.

11. Toy Box, Coin And Vending Machine (Subway World 2nd Time)

  • Lynch Street Line Coin: Inside your item chest if dumped at any point.
  • Toy Key: At your front door after your first return to 302 from Subway World 2nd time.
  • Filthy Coin: Inside the toy box in the northeast train on the Lynch line.
  • 1$ Coin: Acquired after washing the Filthy Coin in 302's kitchen sink.

During your first return Room 302 after arriving at the subway with Eileen, you'll find the Kid's Letter and Toy Key at your front door:

"Mommy, I'll giv you this so pleez wake up soon. It's inside my toy train."

Toy train eh? You may remember a box in the stopped subway train on the Lynch Street Line platform. Be sure to claim your Lynch Street Line Coin from your item chest and use it to slip through the north turnstiles and reach the platform.

Enter the open subway train in the northeast and use the center column to reach the southern part of the car where there's a large toy box. Use the Toy Key to open it and claim the Filthy Coin.

Caked with dirt and grime, Henry thinks he can clean it in his kitchen sink. The best Portal to use is the one in the southwest maintenance room. If you unlocked the southeast maintenance room door from the inside on your first trip, enter it, descend the ladder and ascend the other one to use the portal.

If you didn't unlock that door, move through the train maze to the west platform and enter from there.

Inside 302, use the Filthy Coin at your kitchen sink to clean it and acquire the 1$ Coin. You may have remembered seeing a similar marking on a vending machine on the Lynch line. Return to the subway.

Now make your way back to the north of the east platform past the stairs. There lies a vending machine with "1$" written on it in red. Use the 1$ Coin to receive the Murder Scene Key. Now you can proceed with your escape.

12. Moving The Train (Subway World 2nd Time)

Location: King Line, Subway World 2nd Time
  • Murder Scene Key: Obtained from the vending machine on the east Lynch line platform after using the 1$ Coin.
  • Train Handle: On the floor in the ticket booth on the inside of the King line turnstile (accessed from the King escalators).
  • Cynthia's Commuter Ticket: On the ground inside the King line turnstile (required to escape with Eileen).

After making your way to the King line from underneath the Lynch line, you'll come across an empty train with a missing handle at its front controls. You may also notice an opening to potentially escape the subway.

To move the train, you must find the Train Handle inside the ticket booth within the King line turnstile. To reach there you must proceed from the train up the escalators full of Wall Men. To unlock the door you'll need the Murder Scene Key listed above. It is obtained by completing the previous puzzle.

Note that you'll need Cynthia's Commuter Ticket to retrieve Eileen and escape the subway with her. Use it to enter/exit both the King and Lynch line turnstiles, making the Lynch line coin now useless.

Once you've reconnected with Eileen, take her back through the Lynch and King line turnstiles with Cynthia's Commuter Ticket and down the escalators to the King platform. Now use the Train Handle at the front of the train to move it up a few meters, allowing you to escape through the nearby open doors.

13. Wheelchair Doll Parts (Forest World 2nd Time)

  • Torch: By the flame at the northwest of the cemetery in the southwest passage.
  • Doll's Head: In the well in the second southwest passage.
  • Doll's Left Arm: In the well in the second northeast passage.
  • Doll's Right Arm: In the well in the end northeast passage.
  • Doll's Left Leg: In the well in the end southeast passage.
  • Doll's Right Leg: In the well in first northwest passage.

All parts require the Torch to be equipped and lit to be found.

After coming across the burned remains of Wish House, you'll find a wheelchair with the torso of a human-sized doll in it. Examine it to read the Wheelchair Doll Text:

"Though my body be destroyed, I will not let you pass here. To prepare for the Receiver of Wisdom... I cut my body into five pieces and hid them in the darkness.

When my body is once again whole, the path to below will be opened. If you are the Receiver of Wisdom, you will understand my words.

The ritual has begun..."

So five pieces of this doll (currently just a torso) have been hidden in the darkness. What is the darkness? The nearby Jasper's Burned Memo on the grass gives you a strong hint:

"Something's here but nothing's here. I feel something from the well. Something's missing. Aaaaaaaahhhh!!!!! It has begun!!!"

So it seems this doll embodies Jasper... But importantly this memo clues you in to check the wells throughout the forest if you haven't figured it out yet. You'll need to light your Torch with a "Holy Flame" found nearby (sometimes in the same area, others in a previous area) to look into them and collect the doll parts, spread all over the forest.

Find all five locations listed above. Once found, place the Doll's Head, Doll's Left Arm, Doll's Right Arm, Doll's Left Leg and Doll's Right Leg on the doll and it'll wheel itself out of the way, revealing an access point to Wish House's basement.

Note that it's a good idea to use each part after finding it (or two in the same passage) and returning to the compound, rather than needlessly clogging up your inventory trying to find several of them first. In some cases if your Torch is out upon finding a well, you're probably better off continuing ahead and collecting the part on the way back after finding a flame.

Also note that you can return to 302's laundry room and soak the Torch in the blue oil container there to allow it to burn for three full minutes instead of measly 30 seconds each time. Understand that equipping another weapon always puts out the flame.

14. Escaping Wish House (Forest World 2nd Time)

Location: Wish House Compound, Forest World 2nd Time
Requires: Crested Medallion: On the gravestone in the northwest end passage.

After moving the wheelchair doll out of the way, you can enter Wish House's basement where you'll find a locked door with a circular depression about 10 inches wide.

If you check your Crested Medallion, Henry says it's about 10 inches wide. Insert it to unlock the door and advance.

15. Prisoner's Shirt And Exit Key (Water Prison World 2nd Time)

  • Prisoner's Shirt: On the ground inside the B1 inner torture room.
  • Note from the Bloody Prisoner's Shirt: Obtained after using the Prisoner's Shirt in 302's bathtub.
  • Sword of Obedience: Any sword will do, but one is located in the 7 o'clock cell on 2F.
  • Water Prison Generator Room Key: On the Ghost of Andrew DeSalvo, first met in the basement interior staircase after reading the above memo (must be stabbed to obtain).

Upon dropping down the 1 o'clock cell holes to the kitchen this time, you'll find the Prisoner's Shirt on the ground inside the open torture room next door, which Henry notices has something written on it in wax and wonders if he could soak it in a coloured liquid.

Remember anything in your apartment? How about the bloody bathtub, which Henry even says smells like the very room the shirt is found in? Return to 302 and use the Prisoner's Shirt in the bathtub to read the Note from the Bloody Prisoner's Shirt:

"My room is on the 2nd floor and I had to drink something with black things in it. I hid the sword with the triangle handle under my bed. That guy, the fat one, took the basement key. Next time I'll stick this triangle sword into that pig and take the key."

So the key is on the Ghost of Victim 18, Andrew DeSalvo, who will appear in the interior basement staircase after reading this memo. You will need to down him and stab him with a Sword of Obedience to claim the Water Prison Generator Room Key.

Note that you can use any sword, but if you do not have one you can find the one mentioned in this memo. The room with "black things" in it is the 7 o'clock cell on 2F. Check under the bed for the Sword of Obedience.

To most easily take down DeSalvo, you'll want to use a Silver Bullet loaded into the Pistol. There was one available in each the Subway and Forest World 2nd time trips. If you don't have one, two Holy Candles (there's one in a cell on each floor) when placed at his feet should do the trick if you can keep him over it for long enough (almost the full length of both candles, together or separately).

By normal means, just bash him over and over with the Rusty Axe or whatever else you have. He's a super resilient Ghost and must be downed many times with normal weapons before he can be stabbed, but eventually you will get your opportunity.

Once he's stabbed and you've got the key, continue to the B2 waterwheel room and use the Water Prison Generator Room Key to leave the Water Prison with Eileen.

16. Reminisces (Building World 2nd Time)

  • Billiard Ball: Near the ladder past the Whitestools in the B12 shower room under the elevators.
  • Volleyball: By the boxes near the door in the south B12 lot.
  • Cake Candles: On the counter in the sporting goods store on B5.
  • Stuffed Cat: On the floor by the entrance door of the birthday room on B3.

After arriving in the Building World for the 2nd time, you'll find the Reminisces memo on the ground in the opening B10 lot. It outlines the puzzle of this world:

"I want to go back to that time... Things were so good then... The day of my birthday... The cute cat in the pet store... All those balls in the basket... Playing pool was fun too... The door of time was wide open...

When I see four things, I can't help but remember that time..."

The author refers to five specific things, all corresponding to something found in this world:

  • Memory 1: There's a room with a birthday cake on B3. Place the Cake Candles on the cake.
  • Memory 2: There's a pet shop with an open cage on B7. Place the Stuffed Cat inside.
  • Memory 3: There's a large basket of volleyballs in the sporting goods store on B5. Place the Volleyball inside.
  • Memory 4: There's a pool table in Bar Southfield on B15. Place the Billiard Ball on it.
  • Memory 5: There's a locked door with a clock on it on B8 near the pet shop. It will unlock after placing the four reminisces.

Specifically, the author is recalling four nostalgic times (memories 1-4), implying that the "door of time" (memory 5) will open once they are recreated. Therefore you must find four items and place them in the first four spots mentioned above to unlock the door of time in the fifth spot.

Find the locations to all at the top of this puzzle. The most ideal placement order is the Billiard Ball, Volleyball, Cake Candles and Stuffed Cat. Then you'll be right near the unlocked and chiming clock door. Proceed through it to get Eileen to Bar Southfield and beyond.

17. Bar Southfield Keypad New Code (Building World 2nd Time)

This time arriving at the bar, the old code of 3750 no longer works and you'll find the Later Bartender's Memo on the bar explaining why:

"The boss said we had to change our phone number 'cause of all the complaints about the weird noises. Now we have to change the store sign on the roof. What a pain. By the way, the number is the last 4 digits of the new phone number. Not too smart if you ask me..."

If you actually called the number on the billboard earlier, you may have an idea why people complained about the weird noises and why the number was changed. But with a new number, they'll have to change the billboard. Use the nearby Portal to return to 302.

Take a look out your window to find the billboard up and to the left. The sign still has the same number... 555-3750. So the number's been changed, but they haven't gotten around to changing the sign yet. How else could you figure out the new number?

What if you called the old number? Use the bedroom phone to ring 555-3750 and hear a message explain that the new phone number is 555-4890. There you go. Return to the bar and use the code 4890 to advance past the door.

18. The One Truth (Below Building World)

At the bottom of the large staircase following Bar Southfield is a large room filled with 12 Giant Wall Men on sliding platforms. Serving as the first full boss fight, there is also a puzzle to be solved here. Check the door on the other side, which is locked and has this inscription:

"To reach the deepest part, you must defeat the One Truth.

Do so and this door will open."

To explain, there are 12 Giant Wall Men in this room. 11 of them will flinch normally when hit. But one of them when hit will cause every single Wall Man here to flinch, including itself. This is the master Wall Man or "the One Truth". Your goal is to find and destroy it.

What you'll want to do is give each Wall Man a swing or a bullet one at a time and move on to the next one if the others don't react. Run over and quickly swing, or wait down below for one to drop down and smack it, then move on if they're not the right one.

Once the One Truth is found, beat it until they all die and the door will unlock.

19. Pickaxe of Hope and Keys of Liberation (Room 302)

  • Pickaxe of Hope: On the hall wall in Room 302 of the Past after collecting the memos and viewing the living room cutscene.
  • Keys of Liberation: Inside the coat pocket on Walter's corpse in the back room of Henry's Room 302 after viewing the above cutscene.

After collecting the six memos in the living room and bedroom of Room 302 of the Past, head to the living room for a cutscene with Joseph Schreiber, the previous tenant of Room 302.

He tells you that you must locate and kill Walter Sullivan, who must be somewhere nearby. Grab the Pickaxe of Hope that appears on the end hallway wall. Also take note of the writing on the side walls:

"The gate to Hell"

"Why must I destroy this wall...?"

Looks like Joseph tried to break down the wall but couldn't. Henry can't do it either here, but what if you tried in your own 302? Return there via the washroom Portal.

There, find the same piece of wall between the bedroom and washroom and use the Pickaxe of Hope to break it down (you'll hear a crash from behind there if you move anywhere else beforehand). Head through the new hole in the wall to find Walter's corpse... It was here all along.

Examine his body a couple times to get the Keys of Liberation. As you can imagine, these keys will unlock your front door. But before leaving, check your laundry room to find Joseph's Letter on a low box in front of the portal:

"He used this place as the locus for the creation of his world. I'm certain he must have performed the "Ritual of the Holy Assumption" near here. But I'm just not strong enough to stop him anymore...

He locked me up in this room and played with me just like a toy... My eyes are starting to go blind... The pain... I can feel my body starting to die... But...things are taken care of...

Whoever lives here after me... You'll be the 21st, the last of the sacrifices... I leave it up to you...

When the bell tolls, the ritual begins. Eileen=mother's body, blood. Part of the mother's flesh=the super's room. This is all that I've been able to figure out. I hope this letter gets to you in time...

Joseph Schreiber"

You've already found the location of the ritual in your hidden back room. But the last paragraph outlines your task after leaving 302. You must find part of the mother's flesh in the super's room... The Umbilical Cord mentioned in the super's diary. The super's room 105 is your next destination.

Head to your front door and use the Keys of Liberation to escape.

20. Removing Room 105's Chains (Outside Room 302)

Location: First Floor, Outside Room 302

At the super's door you will be greeted by six chains locking it from the outside, not too different from the chains on 302's interior up until now.

To remove the chains you will need to find six hanging body statues of Walter in the east wing. When examined, each statue will fade away and remove one chain from 105's door. Find all statues in the following locations:

  • Statue 1: In a circular cage inside room 104.
  • Statue 2: In the south corner of the 1F east wing hall.
  • Statue 3: In the living room of room 103.
  • Statue 4: In the living room of room 102.
  • Statue 5: In a circular cage inside room 101.
  • Statue 6: At north end of the 1F east wing hall.

Find and examine all six statues to make them disappear, removing all the chains from room 105. You'll witness a cutscene with Eileen back in the lobby. Now enter the room with Eileen and claim the Umbilical Cord from the living room shelf.

21. The Final Sacraments (Below Room 302)

Requires: Umbilical Cord: On the living room shelf in room 105 during Outside Room 302.

After returning to 302 with the Umbilical Cord, Walter's body will be missing from the back room. Upon checking the depression below where he was, Henry notices it's actually a hole he can jump down.

Make sure you have what you need (Umbilical Cord and ideally the Rusty Axe and up to five health items) and jump down to the red room, then jump down again to the final arena.

Down there, you'll be in a large area with a shadow form of Walter that cannot be harmed and Eileen under his possession potentially walking to her death inside the blood pool with the spinning machine.

You'll also see a huge creature resembling a human, which is the current form of Walter's corpse that was hanging in Room 302's back room. Additionally there are four spears flanking it on each side (eight in total) that are locked in place to start off.

To piece it all together, recall Joseph's August 5 Red Diary from Room 302 of the Past:

"The Crimson Tome
'Bury part of the Conjurer's mother's flesh within the true body of the Conjurer.'
Part of the flesh=super's room?"

Joseph's Letter from the laundry room also confirmed the bottom statement, which we can deduce to be the Umbilical Cord that you now hold.

The "true body of the Conjurer" is the huge creature in this arena (Walter's true form). Therefore, you must bury the Umbilical Card within the Conjurer's body. Check your inventory and use the Umbilical Cord while standing right under the massive head. If it doesn't work, make a small adjustment and try again.

This unlocks the eight spears on the stones as hinted in the cutscene. Now you must grab each Spear of the Holy Mother and stab it into the giant Conjurer. It's best to do this by grabbing all four on one side, stabbing them in, and doing the same with the other four. Once that is done, Walter will lose his shadow ability and can now be harmed.

From this point, simply defeat Walter by normal means to finish the game. The Rusty Axe's charge up swing on constant repeat is the best way to do so, while stepping back after landing hits to escape his bodyslam range. After enough damage, he'll drop and the game will be over.

Quick Reference Solutions

In this section you'll find just the solutions for the key puzzles of the game. Refer to the previous section for full explanations or for all other smaller puzzles.

Forest Spade and Key

  1. Ensure you have the Chocolate Milk to start off.
  2. Find little Walter in the southwest cemetery.
  3. Give the Chocolate Milk to Jasper at Wish House to get the Blood-Inscribed Spade.
  4. Use the spade by the tree root in the second last southeast path to get the Rusted Bloody Key.
  5. Use the portal in the next end path to dump the key in your chest and return.
  6. Head back to Wish House and use the portal to get the key from your chest, then return and use it to get inside.

Revolving Prison Cells

  1. Open the sluice gate on the roof.
  2. Turn the 2F handle right 4 times.
  3. Turn the 3F handle right 2 times.

Don't forget you still need one more turn after the cutscene of DeSalvo being freed.

Prison Basement Keypad

The code is 0302.

Bar Southfield Keypad

The code is 3750.

Wheelchair Doll Parts

Find all five Doll Parts from the wells in this order with a lit Torch:

  1. Doll's Head in second southwest passage.
  2. Doll's Left Leg at end of southeast passage.
  3. Doll's Right Arm at end of northeast passage.
  4. Doll's Left Arm in second northeast passage.
  5. Doll's Right Leg in first northwest passage.

The Crested Medallion is in the northwest end path. Note you can flip the order of 3 and 4 if your Torch is lit, but it's always fine to get 4 on the way back.


Find and place the four items like so:

  1. Find Billiard Ball at end of shower room hall on B12.
  2. Find Volleyball by boxes at south of B12.
  3. Place Billiard Ball on the billiard table in Bar Southfield on B15.
  4. Place the Volleyball inside the basket in Albert's Sporting Goods on B5.
  5. Find the Cake Candles on the counter in Albert's Sporting Goods on B5.
  6. Place the Cake Candles on the cake in the birthday room on B3.
  7. Find the Stuffed Cat in the birthday room on B3.
  8. Place the Stuffed Cat in the cage in the pet shop on B7.

Then proceed through the clock door underneath the pet shop.

Bar Southfield Keypad New Code

The code is 4890.

Hanging Walter Statues

Find and examine Walter's hanging body in each location:

  1. In the circle cage in 104's hallway.
  2. In the corner of the east wing hall by 104.
  3. In the living room of 103.
  4. In the living room of 102.
  5. In the circle cage in 101's hallway.
  6. At the north end of the east wing hall by 101.