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The immortal Alessa repeats an infinite loop of birth and death

   In addition to "terror," motifs that have to do with life such as "birth" and "reincarnation" also become major themes in Silent Hill 3. It may fairly be said that like rotating objects and the crest which is used as a save point, a "cycle of rebirth" motif is inlaid throughout the game and Silent Hill 3 is thoroughly filled with this "loop."
   It is worth contemplating the proposition that this "cycle" is closely linked not only to the work itself, but also to the act of playing the game.

The possibility of various profoundly meaningful interpretations is hidden in what Heather says after she understands the significance of the religious organization's crest.
What could the reason be for choosing a merry-go-round as the setting for the fight with the Memory of Alessa?
The hidden meaning of rotating objects

   Beginning with the merry-go-round in the opening, and then the handle that Valtiel operates as well as giant electric fans, rotating objects appear everywhere in the game. It can be thought that these objects suggest the circular passage of time.
  Even the development of the story is inevitably similar?

   The story of the first game begins with a nightmare, passes through an amusement park and concludes in "nowhere." The third game also starts from a nightmare and finally comes to an end in a church. One should reach an understanding if one imagines that even the story development which is similar to a surprising degree is a phenomenon that "loops."
The revolving merry-go-round symbolizes the repeated reincarnation of Alessa herself.
Even the giant ventilation fans that appear since the first game can be seen as overlapping with this "cycle."
Exactly like the first game, in the beginning of Silent Hill 3 the protagonist is just about to awaken from a bad dream.
In the final stage of the game, the protagonist comes to wander about "nowhere," a realm which is formed from memories.

Save and Load
Save points = the crest of the religious organization which signifies resurrection and the flow of time

   According to a book that can be read in the church, the crest of the religious organization is known as the "Halo of the Sun." The three circles drawn in its inner part signify present, past and future. Couldn't it be that there are two meanings in the fact that this crest appears as a save point, namely that "Heather regains her memories as a result of looking at the crest" and "her time is managed by the player?"

Each time the player loads a game in the real world, Heather comes back to life again in the game.
The crest of the religious organization signifies charity and resurrection, as well as present, past and future.
C r e a t o r ' s    C o m m e n t a r y

Given that the crest of the religious organization symbolizes "resurrection" and "save and load" are perceived as a "cycle of rebirth," it seems that a link to the real world is created. After she understands the significance of the crest, Heather remarks, "Even if I die, it's not the end. That's certainly convenient, I think. But somehow... I can't help but feel that this is terribly unpleasant." The truth is that this is a message to the player. In short, it means "as far as the player is concerned starting over again and again is convenient, but for Heather herself, this is painful."
(Hiroyuki Owaku)

Gameover and Restart
Valtiel, who drags Heather away, is an angel that governs the cycle of rebirth

   Upon receiving "game over" in places such as the church and amusement park, a demonstration of Valtiel dragging Heather's body away occurs. Although his purpose is to restore life to Heather, whose body is where God resides, if one shifts one's attention to the real world it is possible to interpret "game over and restart" as a kind of "death and rebirth." Regardless of Heather's own will, she is brought to life again by the player and the story must continue.

At the moment of "game over," Valtiel appears. He drags Heather off somewhere to restore life to the body of the mother of God.
The handle that Valtiel turns suggests all of these "looping" phenomena.

C r e a t o r ' s    C o m m e n t a r y

In the religious tradition native to Silent Hill, Valtiel is a being that is close to God. In other words, he is established as an angel. Simultaneously with acting as an agent of God, Valtiel takes on the role of watching over the body of the mother until God's revival. For this reason, he continues to observe Heather without harming her. When a "game over" occurs, he takes Heather away to restore life to the body of the mother of God. In this case, there are two meanings to Heather's rebirth. One is that she is reborn as Alessa's reincarnation in the game scenario. The other is that she is reborn when the player retries the game another time.
(Hiroyuki Owaku)

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