III : The Empress


The suffering of a young girl who is unable to die as a result of being impregnated with God

   Alessa attempts to release Heather from the suffering that God would surely cause her. Ever since she was born, the original Alessa had unique abilities. The direct cause of her undying state is the seed of God that was implanted within her by means of a ritual that Dahlia conducted in order to bring about God's descent. Heather, who is Alessa's reincarnation, is finally drawn to the town of Silent Hill when her body has matured enough for her to take on the role of the mother.

It becomes clear that Claudia and the original Alessa were childhood friends.
Heather regains Alessa's memories, but the will that dictates her actions still differs from hers.
C r e a t o r ' s    C o m m e n t a r y

Alessa, who lies dormant inside Heather, makes appearances in various places as her memories are revived. The reason why her behavior differs depending on the place is in accordance with what's written in the occult magazine that was dropped in the subway. The principle behind her behavior is that she desires to escape from suffering. It will become easier to understand if I say "to die."
(Hiroyuki Owaku)

In order to escape from her suffering, she attempts to return to a single body
 from [SILENT HILL] 
   In order to understand Alessa's situation, it is necessary to look back at what happened in Silent Hill seventeen years ago.
   Alessa, who received extensive burns as a result of the ritual that brought about the descent of God, finds her other self in order to escape from her eternal suffering and, because of God's revival, attempts to destroy herself. However, Dahlia uses Harry to prevent her from carrying out her plans.
Alessa's power grew to the extent that it exceeded Dahlia's control. For that reason, Dahlia uses Harry.

The church that materializes as a guide for Heather = Alessa as a young girl

   In the church that is the final stage of the game, a young girl's crying voice and footsteps materialize, as well as a map that is reminiscent of childlike scribbling. Although these phenomena act as a guide for Heather, the simplistically drawn map and forlorn sobbing are not there to lead her-- rather, the explanation comes to light if one imagines that Alessa's thoughts from her childhood linger in the church. It may be that the younger version of Alessa who was teased and called "witch" is wandering aimlessly about the church.
   While the Alessa that appears at the amusement park is an entirely different person, if it's the younger version of Alessa from before she encountered the fire then there is no need to destroy "herself" who is suffering from the pain. In this way, one can imagine that Alessa's purpose and the form that she takes differs greatly depending on the place.

Footprints walk along the corridor accompanied by the sound of sobbing. They are most likely not showing Heather the way, but simply wandering aimlessly about the church.
A map that is drawn with a childlike simplicity. Alessa, whose mother was Dahlia, must have visited this church.
To end her perpetual suffering, Alessa's obsession materializes

   At the merry-go-round in the amusement park, the "memory of Alessa (Alessa's obsession)" appears. In accordance with her name, she is not Alessa herself but her profoundly dark emotion that clings to this place. Her intention is to escape from the pain in which she was perpetually made to live by destroying herself. And so, for that reason she acts out of a sense of kindness in that she wants to spare Heather from that same suffering.
   In the first game, Alessa's aspirations were never realized and her obsession adhered to this place for a period of seventeen years.

The event that occurs in the hospital's storeroom in which Heather's reflection in the mirror freezes in place is an omen embodying Alessa's obsession.

The object of Alessa's obsession was only for herself to cease to exist. It is a sentiment that is rooted in benevolence.

The fact that she comes to attack many times over with different weapons indicates the depth of her suffering.

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