Roots of Street Names

Most of the names of streets in the town originate from the names of authors. Let's make all of their roots clear.
South Side (from SILENT HILL 2&3)

The setting for the second and third games is the south bank of Toluca Lake, South Vale. Including the thin alleyways, all thirteen streets originate from the names of authors.

1   Nathan Ave.
Robert Nathan
A fantasy author who also writes poetry and the like. His representative works include Portrait of Jennie, The Adventures of Tapiola, and Long After Summer.
2   Wiltse Rd.
David Wiltse
A novelist who is also active as a movie and tv scriptwriter. Among others, his representative works are Home Again and Prayer for the Dead.
3   Lindsey St.
David Lindsay
A mystery writer whose specialty is psychological thrillers. His representative works include the Stuart Haydon series and A Cold Mind.
4   Vachss Rd.
Andrew Vachss
An unconventional author who is also active as an attorney specializing in child abuse cases. He debuted with Flood, a novel set in his native New York.
5   Martin St.
David Martin
His specialty is powerful, hard-boiled psychological thrillers such as Lie to Me and Cul-De-Sac.
6   Katz St.
William Katz
His representative works include Facemaker and Surprise Party. Katz's forte is suspense with a science fiction theme.
7   Sanders St.
Lawrence Sanders
After being active as a journalist, Sanders debuted as an author at the age of 50 with The Anderson Tapes. Works such as his Deadly Sin series are famous.
8   Neely St.
Richard Neely
He became a writer after working at a newspaper publishing company. Among others, his representative works are The Plastic Nightmare and A Madness of the Heart. Neely has a cult-like following among certain fans.
9   Harris St.
Thomas Harris
Harris is the creator of Doctor Hannibal Lecter. He is known for works such as The Silence of the Lambs and for being a rather unprolific writer, as he has had a total of only four novels published.
10 Saul St.
John Saul
A leading figure in the horror novel world said to be second only to King and Koontz. His representative works include Guardian and Creature.
11 Munson St.
Ronald Munson
His specialty is suspense novels with a theme of computers. Munson's representative works are Fan Mail and Night Vision.
12 Rendell St.
Ruth Rendell
An authoress who is called the queen of the world of contemporary English mystery. Her representative works include Simisola and the Inspector Wexford series.
13 Carroll St.
Jonathan Carroll
A modern horror author whose specialty is dark depictions like The Land of Laughs and After Silence. He currently resides in Vienna.
North Side (from SILENT HILL)
~ residential area

What became the setting for the first game is the north bank of Toluca Lake. Starting with Bachman Road, most of the streets have collapsed and are impassable.

1   Finney St.
Jack Finney
Representative works: From Time to Time, The Woodrow Wilson Dime.
2   Matheson St.
Richard Matheson
Representative works: Where There's a Will, Mr. Right.
3   Bloch St.
Robert Bloch
He is famous as the original author of Hitchcock's Psycho.
4   Bradbury St.
Ray Bradbury
Representative works: The Martian Chronicles, Fahrenheit 451.
5   Midwich St.
from Village of the Damned
Midwich Street originates not from an author but from the name of the town in the movie Village of the Damned.
6   Levin St.
Ira Levin
Representative work: Rosemary's Baby.
7   Bachman Rd.
Richard Bachman
Richard Bachman is Steven King's pen name.
8   Ellroy St.
James Ellroy
Representative works: L.A. Confidential.

~ business district

Bloch Street and Sagan Street are connected by a bridge that can be raised and lowered. The two streets join the business district with the residential area.

1   Sagan St.
Carl Sagan
Representative works: Contact, Cosmos.
2   Koonts St.
Dean R. Koontz
Representative work: The Face of Fear.
3   Crichton St.
Michael Crichton
He is the original author of works such as Jurassic Park.
4   Wilson St.
Colin Wilson
Representative works: Encyclopedia of Murder, The Occult.
5   Simmons St.
Dan Simmons
Representative works: Song of Kali, Hyperion.

South Park ~ Lake Side
~ resort area

There are only two new streets here. The "W" in W. Sandford is an abbreviation for "West." Bachman Road connects to the street of the same name in the residential area.

1   Sandford St.
John Sandford
His representative works include Sudden Prey and the Prey series. Sandford is also a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist.
2   Craig St.
Kit Craig
Her real name is Lillian Craig Reed. She is an authoress who previously worked as a newspaper reporter. Although she has more than one pen name, she has had a number of psychological thrillers such as Gone published under the name Kit Craig.

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