A   R   T   S  
Hieronymus Bosch
The depiction of a paradise inhabited by strange monsters

   A Dutch artist who was active during the latter half of the 15th century. Bosch's preferred subject matter includes mazes, curious monsters, and demons. In his masterpiece The Garden of Earthly Delights, monsters that are only heads and legs also appear.

Strange rituals in which monsters dance are also frequently depicted.
Pieter Brueghel
Equal depictions of common people and the bizarre

   A 16th century Dutch artist who is famous for religious paintings with an Old Testament motif. On the other hand, there are also a great number of works in which curious monsters with plant and insect motifs appear.


Works with biblical themes such as The Tower of Babel are central.
Francis Bacon
Questioning the foundations of the human body
   A modern artist from England who is known for works in which violence and the human body are made into motifs. His works have had a great influence on the creature models in and after Silent Hill 2.
Salvador Dali
An artist who embodies surrealism
   A Spanish artist representative of the 20th century. Dali is famous for his works depicting melted clocks and deformed bodies. He also drew still lifes as though drawing strange creatures.
Andrew Wyeth
Depicting moments veiled in silence
   An artist who typifies American realism. Wyeth's central theme is everyday country life. His casual landscapes are depicted with a unique sense of atmosphere.
M   U   S   I   C  
Industrial Rock
Sound that is aggressive and violent
   Sounds that are mechanical like those of a construction site and inspire fear in the listener are influenced by the dark sound of artists like Killing Joke and Alien Sex Fiend.
New Age Classics
The source of a profound sense of atmosphere
   The roots of the sounds that produce a sense of atmosphere lie in the compositions of musicians such as the fusion artist George Winston, as well as Vangelis, who worked on films like Blade Runner.
German Techno
Techno that gives an uplifting feeling
   The uplifting sounds of German techno are mechanical and strange. DAF, Nitzer Ebb, Klaus Nomi and the like have all had a strong influence.
New Wave Pop
Melancholy 80s pop
   A source of a sense of pathos is electronic pop from the 80s that uses electronic instruments. The sounds of Midge Ure, who fronted Visage and Ultravox are essential.

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