XIII : Death


Falling and descending time and again to arrive at the abyss of the heart

   In Silent Hill 2, "holes" (including vertical corridors and long, downward staircases) appear repeatedly upon and after James' arrival beneath the Historical Society. James falls through these holes many times over as if lured by something. One can think that these holes symbolize the abyss which has opened up in his heart. By means of falling through holes, James dives into his own subconscious and finally comes to accept the crime he has committed. As with the scrawled words at the bar, it seems that in the town of Silent Hill holes open up here and there and lure those who hold darkness in their hearts.

Perhaps holes are entrances to the abyss of the heart seen only by those who bear the weight of misdeeds.

Strangely shaped elongated holes that suggest the birth of God

   Although holes appear in Silent Hill 3 as in the previous work, Heather does not merely drop down them but also ascends using ladders. It seems that the implication of the holes that appear in the third game differs greatly from that of the previous work. And so, the hint is in the difference in the shape of the holes.

Surely, the hole that is torn up by Valtiel symbolizes the birth of God.
Even in a painting in the church, an elongated hole is depicted. Could it have some ritual purpose?
C r e a t o r ' s    C o m m e n t a r y

Although many holes also appear in the third game, these ones are oblong and elliptical in shape. In other words, they are depicted as a "birth" motif. The "holes" which appear in various scenes are related to Silent Hill 3's themes of "life" and "rebirth." The design drawn on the Eye of Night card is also related to "holes."
(Hiroyuki Owaku)

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