VIII : Strength

Power of the Town

Just what is the effect of the mysterious power of this town that was revered as a sacred place?

   Originally Silent Hill was a holy place to the area's former inhabitants. It would seem that although the power of the town was not evil in nature, due to a number of factors including the spread of an epidemic and executions at the prison, the power that this place held was greatly distorted. Furthermore, due to the large-scale shift to the otherworld that occurred in the first game, the town has become a great catalyst for the manifestation of peoples' unconscious minds. It appears to have become a place that beckons to those who hold darkness in their hearts. Silent Hill was once revered as a sacred place. That power has been completely twisted over the course of history.
The materialization of the darkness that sleeps in peoples' hearts

   In the town of Silent Hill, a power exists that gives discernable form to peoples' innermost thoughts. As for the otherworld that appears in the series, the town is not merely showing the characters their nightmares, but actually manifesting elements of their unconscious minds.

Those who have guilt are summoned

   Due to the appearance of the otherworld on a massive scale in the first game, the town has come to be a place that calls those who hold a profound darkness in their hearts. It seems that people with afflicted minds are easily drawn to the otherworld.

Transcending time, minds are connected

   It would seem that in the otherworld, time and physical limitations are transcended and peoples' thoughts are communicated. In accordance with this are the enigmatic phone conversation and Stanley's letters in the third game, as well the director's letters, among other things, in the second game.

If the subject's mind is in a state of turmoil, the state of the otherworld will be chaotic as well.

The town calls to those who bear the weight of some crime and shows them what is in their hearts.

It seems that in the otherworld, the flow of time has no continuity.

The darkness of Silent Hill transcends the boundaries of the town?

   In the third game, the otherworld appears even in the shopping mall and subway, outside of the town called Silent Hill. It is possible that this is due to Claudia's abilities. However, if one imagines that the human mind is where the otherworld dwells and holds power, then perhaps the shift to the otherside could occur regardless of the location.

C r e a t o r ' s    C o m m e n t a r y

The shift to the otherworld that takes place outside the town depends entirely upon a unique power. The power that absorbs and reflects what people hold in their hearts is established as being exclusive to the town of Silent Hill.
(Hiroyuki Owaku)

The occult magazine that was dropped in the subway has an article regarding lingering thoughts.

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