Silent Hill 3 develops a rich story using a limited number of characters. Let's look at a deconstruction of the transitions of their designs.


Name: Heather (Cheryl Mason)
Age: 17 (24)
Sex: F
Job: Various part-time work
Profile: An ordinary girl that could be found anywhere. She visits the mall to go shopping and finds that she has set foot into a nightmarish world.

creator's comment

Her name comes from Miss Heather Morris, who did Heather's voice and motion in the game. At first we had chosen the name Helen, but it was pointed out that this name is old-fashioned and so it was changed.

The outfit designs include coloring. Many of these drafts were considered.

French actresses such as Charlotte Gainsbourg and Vanessa Paradis were the models for these sketches.

Name: Douglas Cartland
Age: Late 50s
Sex: М
Job: Private detective
Profile: A middle-aged private detective who handles missing person and personal conduct cases. He originally worked as a police detective but retired ten years ago. On that occasion, he and his wife were divorced.

creator's comment

His name comes from a famous actor from the 1920s, Douglas Fairbanks. Simply put, this name just seemed to suit him. There is no real connection to his namesake.
It seems that his image as an unremarkable middle-aged detective was solidified in the early stages of design.
Actors such as Ian Holm and Giancarlo Giannini were the models for these sketches.

Name: Claudia Wolf
Age: 29
Sex: F
Job: Priestess in a religious organization
Profile: A priestess who believes deeply in her religion. In order to create paradise, she shadows Heather and attempts to cultivate the hatred inside of her.

creator's comment

Her name comes from an Italian actress from the 1960s, Claudia Cardinale. Originally we had named her Christie, but it was pointed out that this name is too "cute" and so we decided to change it.

A draft featuring a long robe that trails along the ground.


Of the four characters, her design was the most difficult. Dressing her like a holy woman was considered as well.
The model for these sketches was Hollywood actress Julianne Moore. An early design in which she is a skinhead covered in tattoos. This design was discarded.

Name: Vincent
Age: 24-26
Sex: М
Job: Priest in a religious organization
Profile: A young priest who is at odds with Claudia and supports Heather in order to thwart her plans. The prospect of putting himself in physical danger scares him.

creator's comment

His name originates from Vincent Gallo, an actor known for films such as Buffalo '66. The association is suggested by his unshaven look. He isn't cool like his namesake, though.
Modeled after the actor Ethan Hawke. These sketches emphasize derangement and moodiness.


Although Vincent's clothes in the game are formal, casual outfits were considered as well.

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