A diagram of the interrelations of the series' characters centered around Alessa, who is repeatedly reincarnated. A deeper understanding is likely to be reached from summarizing the relationship to the religious organization.

------ Parent and child relationships
------ Husband and wife
------ Transmigration of souls
_______ Characters connected to the religious organization
------ Silent Hill residents
Cybil --> Harry Support in his search for Cheryl James <--> Angela Meet in Silent Hill
Harry --> Cheryl Child that was found and adopted James --> Eddie Murder
Harry --> Heather Child that was born anew, picked up and raised James --> Mary Murders her due to the burden of nursing her
Douglas --> Heather Support for her revenge James --> Maria Projection of his delusion
Vincent --> Heather Support in stopping Claudia Maria <--> Mary Closely resemble each other
Claudia --> Douglas Commissions him to search for Heather Ernest Baldwin --> Maria Asks her to search for items for a ritual
Claudia --> Heather Seeks her to bring about the rebirth of paradise Laura <--> Eddie Meet on the way to Silent Hill
Leonard --> Claudia Abused her when she was a child Laura <--> Mary Meet during hospitalization
Heather --> Claudia Revenge    
Cheryl + Alessa --> Heather Restored to one body and reborn    
Alessa --> Cheryl Divided into two due to resistance to the technique used to bring about the descent of God    
Lisa --> Alessa Responsible for nursing her during her hospitalization    
Kaufmann --> Lisa Gives her drugs and oversees Alessa's nursing    
Kaufmann <--> Dahlia Alliance centered around drugs    
Dahlia --> Alessa Performs the technique used to bring about the descent of God and impregnates her with the deity    

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