A town that possesses a mysterious power, Silent Hill.
Using facts introduced in the games as a foundation, let's delve into the history of this town.

  In American history
  Relevance to Silent Hill
Before 16th c.       Native Americans conduct rituals here. This land is valued as a sacred place in Native American religion (see: folklore)
Around 1607   England begins colonizing North America    
Late 1600s       Settlers begin to come to Silent Hill
1692   Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts    
Early 1700s       A mysterious epidemic breaks out, and the town is abandoned
1776   U.S. declaration of  independence    
1789   First presidential inauguration of George Washington    
Around 1810   Civil war breaks out   The town is resettled as a penal colony.
Silent Hill Prison is constructed (see: prison)
Brookhaven Hospital is constructed in response to the outbreak of an epidemic (see: epidemic)
1820   Maine becomes a state   Allen Smith paints "waterfront landscape"
1830   Beginning of forced removal policy for Native Americans    
Around 1840       Silent Hill Prison closes
Around 1850       A coal field is discovered and Wiltse coal mine opens, which leads to the revitalization of the town
1861   Outbreak of the American Civil War   A man called Chester and his son both participate in the
war (see: the Civil War)
1862       Toluca prison camp is constructed for POWs
1865   Culmination of the Civil War    
1866       The prison camp is converted into Toluca Prison
Around 1890   End of Native Americans' organized resistance   At this time people everywhere in the town mysteriously disappear one after the other
Early 1900s       Toluca Prison closes and Silent Hill becomes a sight-seeing area
Nov. 1918       A sightseeing ship called the Little Baroness goes missing
1939       Strange events take place at Toluca Lake (see: Toluca Lake)
19XX       The mayor of Silent Hill dies suddenly, and one after the other the staff at a development group die accidental deaths



Sacred ground where Native Americans conducted mysterious rituals

Before settlers came from Europe, Silent Hill was a holy place. Even then, the land seemed to possess a mysterious power.

They revered the town as "The Place of the Silent Spirits." However, they  were driven away by settlers and had to abandon the town.

After the spread of an epidemic, resettling of the town as a penal colony begins

Many people lost their lives on this abominable soil. Consequently, the  town was used at first as a penal colony. It was at this time that it was given the name "Silent Hill."

After the closing of the prison, the Historical Society was built on its former site. It conveys a sense of the town's history.

Once more, the threat of a plague steadily wraps the town in darkness

The town was stricken by an epidemic. It may be that because of the unforeseen deaths of the town's population, as well as the thoughts and feelings of the prisoners, the original power that the town held was gradually distorted.

The current incarnation of Brookhaven Hospital has existed since it became large-scale in the late 1800s.
the Civil War

The town is drawn into the Civil War that divided the nation in two

The Civil War occurred in 1861. The stone statue by the lake is a memorial to Patrick Chester, a soldier who fought in the war at this time.

Although the conflict was originally born from political opposition, it  was distorted by future generations into an issue concerning the birth of the religious cult.
Toluca lake

After becoming a sightseeing area, a series of misfortunes befall the town

With the closing of Wiltse coal mine came the attempted reinvention of the town as a tourist attraction. However, due to a succession of boating  accidents the town gained a poor reputation as a sightseeing area.

The famous Toluca Lake is a place that overflows with atmosphere. It is known as an ominous lake that has become completely shrouded in a pervasive mist.

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