XI : Justice

Letter from Silent Heaven

To what extent do James' delusions reflect reality?

   James, the second game's protagonist, murders his wife who suffers from an illness due to the burden of nursing her. However, in the work in which his delusions have become the focal point, many mysteries remain after the story's conclusion. Why is James under the impression that his wife died three years ago? And when did he kill her? Focusing on two matters that become key points, let's inspect these mysteries left behind by Silent Hill 2.

Laura says that she became friends with Mary when she met her at the hospital last year. As James believes that his wife died three years ago, his memory is greatly shaken.

   Holding the letter addressed to her, Laura tells James that her birthday was last week. If this letter that was supposed to be sent to her on her birthday is real, then Mary was alive until quite recently.

The contents of the letter to Laura are effectively Mary's last words to her.


   At the start of the game, James is in possession of "Mary's letter." As he awakens to the crime he has committed, the contents of the letter disappear. What this signifies is that the letter itself was James' delusion.

After killing Eddie, the words vanish from the page. Finally, the letter itself disappears completely.

Happy days for the two of them surely "died" three years ago

   Taking the facts mentioned above into consideration, there can be almost no doubt that Mary was alive three years ago. However, there is no mistaking that three years ago something happened. Couldn't it be that what James made himself think of as his "wife's death" is really the turn for the worse that Mary's condition took three years ago? James, weary of nursing his wife, probably lost his memories of that three-year period as a result of the shock of having taken her life with his own hands.

Although James recovers his memories, it isn't revealed exactly when the crime was committed.
The real reason James came to Silent Hill was to take his own life in a place of memories. If this is the case, could Mary's body be in the car!?

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