XII : The Hanged Man

Douglas Cartland

The morgue's card signifies the ironic fate of the private detective

   The story of the third game begins with the occasion on which Douglas finds Heather. Although he was originally searching for her at Claudia's request, Douglas comes to assist Heather after Harry's death. In the end however, it is beyond his power to help her.

C r e a t o r ' s    C o m m e n t a r y

The Hanged Man card originally means self-sacrifice, perseverance, and selflessness. Douglas' ironic fate is expressed by this card, as he sticks his nose into Heather's affairs but in the end is not of any help at all.
(Hiroyuki Owaku)

He is a kind man who tries to help Heather, who he has only just met, but...

Guiltless characters who visit Silent Hill by chance

   In the town of Silent Hill, those who shoulder the weight of their crimes and their own pasts gather. However, like Douglas, characters who happen to become involved for some reason or other have also come to appear. These characters, who hold no darkness in their hearts, come to fulfill the role of supporting the protagonist.

Cybil was supposed to assist Harry in his search for his daughter. In the end, she was parasitized by a creature.
Having gotten to know Mary in the hospital, Laura visits the place which held memories for Mary in the hopes of seeing her again.

The second time around, Douglas' shocking proclivities come to light

   Upon starting an Extra New Game and entering the "Konami command" (up up down down left right left right XO) at the title screen, Douglas appears in his hidden costume and the middle-aged widower's secret interests are revealed. From behind, Douglas' appearance seems to be the same as always. But when he turns around...!

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