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A summary of the reincarnations of Heather, who has the memories of three people

   Heather, who obtained an immortal body as a result of being impregnated with God, possesses the memories of three people: Alessa, who received severe burns due to Dahlia's ritual; Cheryl, who was separated from Alessa as a result of the ritual and raised by Harry; and Heather (real name: Cheryl), who was born as a result of Alessa's and Cheryl's return to a single body. The dialogue and events that take place in the game should become easier to understand if a summary of these facts is arranged. At the final stage of the game, the memories that Heather recovers are reflected in the otherworld.
An overview of Alessa's reincarnations

[Alessa is born] ----(7 years)----> [Dahlia's ritual. Cheryl is born] ----(7 years)----> [Heather is born. SH1] ----(17 years)----> [SH3]

[Alessa is born] ----(31 years)----> [SH3]

[Cheryl is born] ----(24 years)----> [SH3]

A murder case that Harry was involved in twelve years ago?

   After the first game, Harry lived an ordinary life in Portland with his daughter. Twelve years ago however, the religious organization, which had regained influence, formulated a plan to abduct the young girl who had been reincarnated. This ended in Harry killing a cult member. Thereafter, in order to hide from the cult Cheryl was called by the assumed name "Heather" and her black hair was dyed blond. The "murder case of twelve years ago" is mentioned in Douglas' notebook, but it doesn't relate all the particulars of the case.

Heather is awakened by the religious organization = Alessa's abilities

   Heather, the protagonist of Silent Hill 3, is the reincarnation of the two young girls who appeared in Silent Hill, Alessa and Cheryl. This girl, who carries God inside her body as a result of the ritual that Dahlia once conducted, assumed an alias and dyed her hair to conceal her whereabouts. However, seventeen years later, because her body had matured enough for her to take on the role of the mother, her existence was perceived by the religious organization.
   One can think that Vincent's line, "the time has come" also signifies the fact that Heather's body has matured as the mother of God.
   Additionally, Heather's abilities as the mother of God are awakened as she regains her past memories in the game, and a premonition of this is already apparent even in the bad dream that immediately follows the opening. What becomes the scene of the beginning of her nightmare is the amusement park that also appears in the latter half of the game. One can think that Heather is endowed with precognitive abilities and that this dream was a warning that she sent to herself.

C r e a t o r ' s    C o m m e n t a r y

The Fool card in the game suggests Heather. This card means departure, potentiality, and recklessness. I think that her recklessness in fighting against Claudia and, in a certain sense, her genuineness are applicable to "the fool."
(Hiroyuki Owaku)

At the beginning of the game, the scene at the amusement park is a "premonitory dream." It warns of the danger that is imminent in Heather's future.


Heather's age varies depending on the interpretation

24 & 31

   The voice on the phone from the hospital locker blesses Heather for being 24 and 31 years old. If one adds her 7 years as Cheryl to Heather's true age of 17, her age becomes 24, and if one adds her 7 years as Alessa, her age becomes 31.

  Birthday Card

   14, the first number, is the period before Alessa returned to a single existence in the first game, 7 is the period before Cheryl returned to a single existence, and 17 indicates the length of time Heather was alive after the two girls returned to a single existence.

  Douglas' Note
17? 24?

   The results of the investigation conducted by Douglas, the private detective, identified Heather's registered age as 24. One can infer that Harry raised Heather as the child he found 7 years before the first game-- in other words, that he raised her as Cheryl.

The true nature of the voice's owner is shrouded in mystery.
A puzzling numerical formula is written on the birthday card in the hospital.
It's unsettling even to Douglas' observant eyes.

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