Silent Hill is a town where an ominous god is worshipped, and where those who hold darkness in their hearts gather. This is a look back at half of the lifetime of the young girl from whom it all originated.

20 years ago
One after the other, the staff at a development group die accidental deaths

Mysterious consecutive deaths

The staff of a company that was working on developing the town as a sightseeing area died mysteriously one after the other. Because of the extent of the the mystery surrounding the cause of these deaths, it was rumored that there was some connection to the town's religion. It was thought that the mysterious deaths overlapped with the strange faith from the town's past.

14 years ago
Alessa is born

Alessa is born

Alessa had unique abilities since she was very young. In school they called her a witch and tormented her by excluding her and scribbling  on her desk. In "nowhere" of the first game, we catch a glimpse of the pain that characterized Alessa's childhood.

12 years ago
Claudia is born

Claudia is born

Two years after Alessa, Claudia is born. The parents of the two girls were of the same faith, and it seems that they were on extremely good terms during their childhood. In Alessa's room, memories of the two of them remain.

11 years ago
Harry suffers the death of his wife

7 years ago
Cheryl is born

Dahlia's ritual

A fire breaks out that burns down six houses in the business district. It was declared that Alessa's dead body had been found at the Gillespie house, which was the origin of the fire. However, the cause of this fire was a ritual that Dahlia conducted using her daughter Alessa in order to bring about the coming of God.

Lisa nursed Alessa, who was made to continue living by means of an incantation.
Kaufmann probably replaced the body.

(no time indicated)

Drug circulation

After the fire in the business district, a drug known as "PTV" becomes prevalent in town. First a criminal investigator and then the mayor, who had redoubled efforts to impose control, met with mysterious deaths one after the other.

PTV was circulated among tourists and the town was corroded.
An unseen alliance existed between the hospital and the religious organization.

"Heather" is born.

"Heather" is born

Alessa (14 years old at the time) suffered from the burns inflicted upon her since the ritual that brought about the descent of God. In order to escape Dahlia's control, she calls out to Cheryl, her other self (7 years old at the time) to return. Due to the power of Alessa's thoughts, the town is transfigured into the otherworld.

In his attempt to rescue his daughter, Harry becomes involved in the events that take place in Silent Hill.
After the two girls became one, a new life was born.

5 years later
A murder case in Portland

A murder case in Portland

After the events of Silent Hill, Harry took Cheryl (Heather) and moved to Portland. However, her whereabouts were discovered by a cult member who was searching for her. Apparently at this time Harry kills a perpetrator.

(no time indicated)

Expansion of the religious organization

After Dahlia's death, there was a period of inactivity in the religious organization. However, after around ten years had passed it became active once more. The structure of the organization was adjusted and the number of adherents rapidly increased. One young priest was behind this renovation. Vincent is the one whose efforts financed and implemented the structure of the organization.

? years later

The materialization of delusions

Starting with the first game, the power that the town holds has intensified greatly. It has reached the point that those who hold darkness  in their hearts are called to gather, and each of their unconscious minds is manifested.
Deep "holes" appear to those who hold darkness in their hearts.

17 years later

A priestess behaves recklessly

Claudia, a priestess in the religious organization, discovers Heather, who is the reincarnation of Alessa. In order to bring paradise to the world she tries to resurrect the god that sleeps inside Heather. Claudia attempts to nurture the god that sleeps inside Heather with hatred.

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