VII : The Chariot


Negative images related to the pain that Alessa suffered

   Since the first game, stretchers and wheelchairs appear as symbols of the otherworld. These objects are not there merely for the sake of invoking an element of weirdness; the truth is that they are an important hint that indicates the reason why the otherworld itself exists.
   Alessa, who originally suffered from severe burns, is the one whose delusions produced the otherworld in the first and third games. One can think that images related to fire, hospitals and the like indicate the pain that she constantly endured. Let's introduce a few examples.

"God" manipulating flame has to do with the fact that Alessa was burned in the ritual of resurrection.
The setting sun

After the bad dream in the opening, Heather awakens in the blood-like red of the setting sun.

The wheelchair is an image that has to do with Alessa during her hospitalization, hospitals, and death.
Writhing shadows

The writhing shadows on the surfaces of walls and creatures are related tothe burns that Alessa received.

An afterimage of the nurse Lisa appears in the otherworld's hospital

Forebodingly, a video image that appears in the first game is inserted during the interval when the hospital undergoes the shift from the right side to the reverse side.
Lisa appears along with Valtiel. Could it be that her spirit must continue to endure endless suffering?
C r e a t o r ' s    C o m m e n t a r y

Just before the shift to the otherworld in the hospital, the nurse Lisa who appears in the first game can be seen. The purpose of including this is to show that Alessa's influence on the otherworld grows stronger as she regains her memories. It indicates that even after the first game she continues to suffer in the otherworld. Although a nurse appears in a similar fashion in the church as well, this does not have anything to do with Lisa.
(Masahiro Ito)

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