XVI : The Tower


A long-standing religious tradition native to the region is twisted by history

   The town of Silent Hill is where Claudia and Dahlia took steps to bring about the revival of God, and where in the second game James attempted to resurrect his deceased wife. It is a town that has an indigenous belief system that has been passed down over the years. With the appearance of nothing but unearthly rituals and fanatical priests over the course of the series, players have never clearly seen the true essence of the town's religion. Exactly what is the nature of the faith that originates from the town's former inhabitants?
   Concerning the history of this area which was revered as sacred ground and the doctrine which became the foundation for this faith, let us arrange a delineation of the relevant documents and dialogue from the series.

C r e a t o r ' s    C o m m e n t a r y

The religion of Silent Hill references various elements of different religions such as the origins of Christianity, Japanese folklore, and Aztec rituals. Original Native American beliefs have to do with animals and spirits that dwell in places, and borrowing their power to make oneself stronger. The names of the gods have Mayan and Aztec motifs. Using the strange pronunciations as a reference, I thought up original ones.
(Hiroyuki Owaku)

   Before settlers first came to Silent Hill, the future site of the town had come to be valued as a holy place. The ceremonies that were conducted on this land became a model for the present-day cult faith. It is important to note, however, that the native religion is not the same thing as the cult. Think of them as being like Japan's Shinto shrines and Jizo statues.

The altar under the antique shop from the first game. Doesn't it seem to bear a striking resemblance to a household Shinto shrine in Japan?

It seems that when the town's former inhabitants still lived here, strange rituals were conducted on this holy ground.

   The basis for what the cult believes is derived from a myth that has been passed down over the years. In summary, "Once, God set out to create paradise and Her power ran out, but someday God would be resurrected once again. The doors to paradise would be opened, and everyone would be saved." One detail unique to this religion is the idea that during the dawn of humanity, there was only suffering and hatred. It would seem that this has become a foundation for this unique belief system.

The voice of a believer that suggests self-sacrifice. One imagines that there were many such fanatical devotees.

The six paintings displayed in the chapel are a depiction of the myth that is the basis of the cult's doctrine.


   The popular beliefs native to the region began to take shape as a religion several decades ago. A rapid expansion took place over the course of a few years that was the result of Vincent's achievements. It can be surmised that Alessa, who was born around thirty years ago, was established as a saint in the cult and thus the structure of the organization was only recently put in order.

It seems that shaping the indigenous faith into a religion was the work of Vincent.
The three saints were probably established fairly recently, sometime after the Civil War.
This structure in which many lesser gods appear under the chief deity differs greatly from Christianity.

The otherworld's church sheds light on the history and true image of the religious organization

   Although the church that appeared in the first game was Christian, the design of the church in the third game is unique to the cult. It can be surmised that the cult's influence grew over a period of seventeen years before the church was constructed. Furthermore, it is established that the underground area of the otherworld's church is in fact a ruin where the town's former residents once conducted rituals. If one examines the walls in detail, it becomes apparent that there are new discoveries to be made.

What appear to be murals on the walls in the church's otherworld indicate that this place is a ruin.
Unlike an ordinary church, the followers' seats are constructed to face each other.
It appears that the underground chapel is a ruin that was sealed up until now.
C r e a t o r ' s    C o m m e n t a r y

In a church in the real world the adherents normally sit opposite the priest, however in the otherworld's final church the priest is encircled by the adherents. It calls to mind not praying to God, but everyone in attendance watching a ceremony taking place in the central area, don't you think? The design has a motif inspired by British Parliament.
(Masahiro Ito)

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