XVII : The Star


Motifs in the solutions to riddles chosen to include meaning and purpose in the works of the series

   The Silent Hill series has come to reference many literary works in the form of motifs in the solutions to riddles. However, these references are not limited to mere citations. The subjects and world views of the original works have important meanings and suggestions in the games. Looking back at these many motifs, let's reaffirm the significance included therein.
Motifs that have to do with juvenile literature appear in great numbers throughout the series.
Even in the name of a key, an important meaning that is closely connected to the basis of the work is included.

   The ones that are used most often as motifs that appear in the series are juvenile literary works that began as fairy tales. Making use of these many different works relates the otherworld itself to the depths of the consciousness of the young girl called Alessa. The fact that the works that she loved appear in the otherworld clearly indicates that the otherworld is a manifestation of Alessa's mind.
   In the young girl's room that appears in the final stages of Silent Hill 3, original texts with motifs that have come to appear in the games such as Oz and Alice as well as Mother Goose and Cinderella can be found on the bookshelf.

Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz are important reference books.
The Wizard of Oz
In the early stages of Silent Hill, three keys called Scarecrow, Woodman, and Lion are necessary to open the path to the elementary school. The names originate from the three traveling companions of the young girl who is the protagonist in The Wizard of Oz.
Alice in Wonderland
In the first game, plates of Turtle, Hatter, Cat, and Queen appear as items that open a door in the hospital. These names all originate from characters that appear in Alice in Wonderland.
Grimm's Fairy Tales
In Silent Hill 3, Cinderella and Snow White appear in the solution to a puzzle in the Marchen Travel at the amusement park. The stories of these two young ladies also appear in the solution to the music box puzzle in the hotel from Silent Hill 2.
The monster and the priestess
This fairy tale which appears in the office building in Silent Hill 3 is the only one that is completely original. Of course, it goes without saying that the priestess in the fairy tale who once died and returned to life most likely signifies Heather (Alessa).
C r e a t o r ' s    C o m m e n t a r y

The otherworld in the first game is a world manifested from the depths of Alessa's consciousness. The reason why many items and
solutions to riddles that originate from works like Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz appear is that these are Alessa's favorite books from her childhood. In other words, they indicate that the otherworld itself is produced by Alessa. Similarly, an illustration from The Lost World, which is one of her favorite books, is used as a motif for one of the creatures that appears in the first game. Also, Alice and Oz are both stories about young girls who lose their ways in an "otherworld." Such content also suggests Cheryl and the protagonist, who have lost their ways in the otherworld.
(Hiroyuki Owaku)

   A poem is employed in the solution to the riddle in the crematorium under the hospital. When the riddle level is set on "hard," a long and complex poem appears. This poem is based on a piece of poetry from Mother Goose called "Who killed Cock Robin?" In Europe and America, everyone is familiar with poetry from Mother Goose. What significance could its appearance in Silent Hill 3 hold?

   Names of doors that are unfamiliar appear in "nowhere" of the first game.
The truth is that they originate from the names of angels that appear in a medieval book of black magic called the Grimoire. Each angel is a being that governs a planet: Ophiel rules over Mercury, Hagith rules over Venus, Phaleg rules over Mars, Bethor rules over Jupiter, and Aratron rules over Saturn. Why were these doors given the names of angels?

   In Silent Hill 3, five books including Shakespeare's four great tragedies of Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth, and King Lear as well as Romeo and Juliet are used in the solution to the riddle in the bookstore. Shakespeare's works have been adapted all over the world and have become motifs in many works, and the sorrow that these tragic works hold has a strong relevance even to the subject of the game.

This esoteric poem was created with a motif of the original work.
The unfamiliar names of angels originate from a book of black magic.
Macbeth's lines overlap with the grief of the characters.
C r e a t o r ' s   
C o m m e n t a r y

Like Oz and Alice, the reason for using Mother Goose is that Alessa liked these stories when she was a child. It hints at the fact that as the setting of the game moves to Silent Hill, the otherworld also switches from being under Claudia's influence to being under Alessa's.
(Hiroyuki Owaku)
C r e a t o r ' s   
C o m m e n t a r y

In "nowhere" of the first game, occult-like elements are arranged even in the names of items and doors, which is mainly to represent magical elements that Dahlia possesses. The names of doors suggest planets, and indicate that a deeper part of the realm of Alessa's mind is being entered.
(Hiroyuki Owaku)
C r e a t o r ' s   
C o m m e n t a r y

The expression of emotion is particularly strong in Macbeth, don't you think? There's also a part in which the "hills of heath" lead to the pronunciation of "Heather." Also, if one consults the book one can read the line, "An existence completely forgotten after it has ended," which expresses reality for the game's characters.
(Hiroyuki Owaku)

A summary of the works that have become motifs

The Wizard of Oz Dorothy, who is blown by a tornado into the Land of Oz, heads for the capital city with three comrades in order to return to the world she came from. Snow White The original work is one of Grimm's Fairy Tales. Snow White, who loses her life because of a poisoned apple, is revived by the prince's love.
Alice in Wonderland While chasing after a white rabbit, Alice falls down a deep hole and loses her way in a wonderland inhabited by strange animals. The Little Mermaid Andersen's fairy tale. In the end, the mermaid, who is in love with a human, sacrifices her body for love.
Macbeth Trusting in the witches' prophecy, the fearless general Macbeth murders his own friends and acquaintances one by one and is drawn into a world of nightmares. Cinderella The prototype is Charles Perrault's fairy tale, which was later compiled as one of Grimm's Fairy Tales. It is the story of a girl who marries a prince with the impetus of a glass slipper.
Hamlet From the words of his father's ghost, Hamlet knows how his father, the king, met his end. He feigns madness in order to take revenge on the new king. Mother Goose Nursery rhymes that have been handed down since long ago in the English-speaking world. Several hundred compilations of these nursery rhymes have been made, and they have been referenced in every direction including movies and literature.
Romeo and Juliet Despite being from opposing families, Romeo and Juliet fall completely in love. The two of them become victims of the quarrel between the two families. Grimoire A medieval book of black magic. The angels that appear are rooted in the Olympic Spirits of ancient Greece.
Othello Othello, who is black, loses faith in his wife Desdemona (who is white), and comes to make the worst possible decision. Tu Fui Ego Eris In Latin, it means "I was you. You will become me." Originally these words are engraved on tombstones.
King Lear An historical drama with an ancient England motif. Betrayed by his daughters, old King Lear becomes deeply upset and loses his sanity. Cursing the world, he wanders about the wilderness.

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