XIX : The Sun

Extra Feature

Are the "science fiction-like elements" that can be enjoyed after a clear game connected to the UFOs?

   Up to this point in the series, players have come to enjoy bonus elements in various forms after clearing the game. From Silent Hill 3, a connection comes to light: A "UFO ending" common to which are the three games of the series. Could the science fiction-like additional elements that have appeared so far have something to do with the UFO endings?

Depending on whether conditions are fulfilled and puzzles are solved, new costumes are made available.
Including the overseas editions, the number of costumes added is twenty-five in all.
Princess Heart

If one imagines that experiments have been performed on Heather, maybe her ability to transform isn't so strange!?
  Beam Saber

A sword of light that is clearly not a weapon of this earth. Who in the world could have given it to her?
  Hyper Blaster

The hyper blaster that appears in the first game is enabled after a clear game with the UFO ending.

Is the UFO ending which establishes a continuity between the three games the true ending!?

C r e a t o r ' s    C o m m e n t a r y

I think that those who have seen it know-- it connects all three works of the series, doesn't it? The truth is that this is what really happens.
(Hiroyuki Owaku)

Does the reason why Heather can transform and use special weapons become clear if one sees the UFO ending!?

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