V : The Hierophant

Key Items

The many items with magical properties that give depth to the story

   The works of the series are tied together through the town called Silent Hill and the long-standing religious tradition native to the region. As might be expected from such prevalent themes as the otherworld, resurrection of the dead, as well as occult elements and other phenomena, various religious items such as charms and equipment used in rituals appear widely in the games.
   There are items that are referenced from various religions and folklore and of course, there are original ones as well. These religious items give a unique depth to the story. Let us examine this using a few representatives. If one acquires more information on the subject, one should be able to gain a deeper appreciation for the series.


Halo of the Sun/Talisman

The two crests of the series are deceptively similar. On the talisman, the seal that appears in the first game is inscribed.

The Halo of the Sun is the crest of the religious organization. The difference between the two seals has an important significance in the series.

A red liquid that appears in the first and third games. Made from a medicinal herb, it seems to have the effect of repelling evil spirits.

A charm that appears in the first game. It has the ability to break the continuity of the boundary that surrounds Alessa.
The Book of Lost Memories

An original book written about the history of the town. It appears in the second game, Restless Dreams, and the third game.

It would seem that after the first game, Harry once again procured some of the liquid for the sake of his daughter.

Harry receives the Flauros from Dahlia.

A section of this thick book is quoted in each of these three games.
White Chrism and Obsidian Goblet

Items used in rituals required to see the "rebirth" ending in the second game. Supposedly, they are used to resurrect the dead.

Details concerning the ritual to bring the dead back to life are written in the book of Crimson Ceremony.
An examination of the names of key items reveals an influence from various religions

The Seal of Metatron: According to the Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), the angels Metatron and Samael originally shared the same existence.

Aglaophotis: A medicinal herb that appears in the Kabbalah. It is used to expel demons from the possessed and can also be used for a magical array.

Flauros: One of the seventy-two demons that appears in the Lemegeton, a book of magic said to have been compiled from the writings of King Solomon of Israel.

The Book of Crimson Ceremony: The roots of the Crimson Ceremony lie in Mayan and Aztec rituals. At one time, the ritual of human sacrifice was quite prevalent.

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