XV : The Devil


Is the true nature of the grotesque creatures that are produced by the otherworld really what one expects it to be?

   The reason why creatures exist differs subtly in each work of the series. While the subject in Silent Hill was Alessa's hatred, the delusions of James, who suffered from feelings of guilt, were manifested in Silent Hill 2. As there were also creatures acting under Claudia's instruction that appeared in Silent Hill 3, it can be inferred that there was also a variation in their existence. Could these creatures truly be monsters, as one expects? Let's explore their true nature.

Could the creatures that appear in the game be illusions that Heather sees?
C r e a t o r ' s    C o m m e n t a r y

Concerning the true nature of creatures, I think various explanations are possible. Even now I get lots of questions about the true nature of creatures. Although I don't intend to suggest the correct interpretation here, what Vincent says in the library room-- "Monsters...? They look like monsters to you?"-- is something that was provided as an answer to this question.
(Hiroyuki Owaku)

Vincent points out that Heather takes pleasure in defeating the creatures.

Making of Creatures

Although its silhouette is human, the creature has an organ that shouldn't be there.

Many creatures that appear to be completely integrated with matter have appeared in the series.
A rough sketch of the pendulum. Although there are traces of the human form, it is entirely changed into a thing with ambiguous implications.
C r e a t o r ' s    C o m m e n t a r y

In older drawings, the demons are depicted as monsters with horns and fangs. This is because the target at that time was the fear inspired by wild animals. And so in order to express the scariness of the demons in a way that was modernistic, another motif was necessary. Fundamentally, human beings harbor a fear of others, and in particular, a fear of that which is impossible to comprehend. Therefore, the human form was made into a motif and many creatures that are as if dissimilated into living things with ambiguous implications came to be designed.
(Masahiro Ito)

The rumors from four years ago were true!! A disclosure of the whole story of the phantom creature

   In the first game, there was actually a child-type creature that was discarded. When Silent Hill first went on sale, rumors about this became a topic of conversation among some fans. Accordingly, if one checks the preview images of Silent Hill that were presented to the public at E3 of 1999, sure enough, there is a creature that doesn't appear in the game.
   The truth is that the "mumbler" that appears in the elementary school was pronounced "no good" as many as three times by the Ethics Committee, which was something that gradually gained quite a bit of notoriety.
   Let's introduce the whole story of the design changes that stretch from the phantom creature to the mumbler.

The child-type creature that was rumored by some to exist was real after all!

C r e a t o r ' s    C o m m e n t a r y

Could it be that the three times the same creature was determined to be "no good" set a record for the highest number of times this
happened in the history of the CESA Ethics Committee? It seems that the point of fighting and killing a creature with a child-like form became quite a problem. Silent Hill's preview images are included in the "Lost Memories: The Art and Music of Silent Hill" DVD.
(Hiroyuki Owaku)

This is one of the images that was presented to the public at E3. It also appeared in a magazine as an image from midway through the development process.

#2 was created as a nopperabou-like humanoid monster that is not wearing clothes.
(note: In Japanese folklore, a nopperabou is a ghost without a face.)

Compared to child #2, this humanoid creature is somewhat larger. The head was modified.


The child-type creature that appears in the classroom is extremely shocking.

(larval stalker)

The fact that it was made into a shadow-like being that is unable to attack got the approval of the Ethics Committee.

CHILD #2''

As for the stalker that appears in "nowhere," child #2" was made into a silhouette.


Because the humanoid silhouette was abandoned and hook-like claws were added, permission for the domestic release was finally obtained.


A creature that was designed anew. It appears in the North American edition of the game.

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