The first game has four conclusions that play out depending on the protagonist's actions. Let's reaffirm their respective differences.

The orthodox ending, which is connected to the third game

After incubus is defeated, the woman appears once again. She presents Harry with a baby.
Harry escapes the town. In once again raising a child found in Silent Hill...
It was all a delusion? The incident ended with the crash

Suffering from the knowledge that his daughter may have been taken away from him, Harry involuntarily collapses.
The final scene depicts Harry's form with blood streaming from his head. He already seems to be unconscious.
An ending that has a hidden aspect of changing the opening image?

Cybil is one step ahead of Harry and finds her way to Dahlia before he does. However, her handgun is useless because of Alessa, who has regained her powers.
When the woman presents Harry with the newly born baby, she shows him which way to go in order to escape.
Alessa uses the last of her power to stop the falling sparks. Harry and Cybil escape to safety.
Cybil rescues Harry, who is crushed by despair

The bullet that Cybil fires is repelled and Alessa, who has returned to a single being, attacks Harry as incubator.
Incubator expresses her gratitude to Harry. Her voice is unmistakably that of his daughter.
Cybil roughly forces Harry to snap out of it as he has crumbled from the pain of the loss of his daughter.

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