An opening movie featuring many images and various speculative situations that do not appear in the main part of the game. Spoken dialogue is added once the game is cleared.

01. Maria speaks to James from the other side of the bars. For some reason she seems to possess the memories of his wife, who is supposedly dead, and yet...
02. James and Maria hold a conversation through the bars. James is confused by the fact that Maria has Mary's memories.

03. Light streams in through the window of the vacant sickroom. It appears to be the same as Mary's sickroom, which is seen in the endings.
04. Countless objects are sucked into a "hole" at tremendous speed. This image does not appear in the main part of the game.

05. A strange creature lurks in the innermost darkness. It is also a vision that represents what lies hidden in the depths of peoples' hearts.
06. A light shines into the vacant private room, as if searching for something. Could the shadows of bars indicate that this is a prison cell?

07. James stares at his reflection in the mirror in the observation deck's restroom. This is the scene that leads into the story.
08. When Mary visited Silent Hill with James three years ago, James made a video tape recording.

09. James wanders through a place that resembles a prison holding a woman in his arms. Could this scene which doesn't appear in the main part of the game be an image from James' mind?
10. As in 08, an image from the recording that was made three years ago. Mary likes the location of Silent Hill very much.

11. Maria meets James again in the hospital's otherworld. She becomes angry at being mistaken for Mary and vehemently presses James to explain himself.
12. James encounters Angela for the first time in the cemetery. She stares suspiciously at James, who is using the trail to pass through to the town.

13. As the light is suddenly directed onto him in the underground prison, Eddie loses his cool. His agitated expression betrays his consciousness of his crime.
14. James meets Laura again on the way to the park. She clearly harbors some animosity towards him.

15. Lying in front of a mirror, Angela gazes with vacant eyes at the kitchen knife that she holds in her hand. She entrusts James with the knife before she leaves.
16. Eddie puts the gun muzzle to his temple. Like 13, this is the scene in which he encounters James in the prison.

17. Laura gives Eddie a kick while he sits on the street. This scene indicates that the two of them met by chance on the way to Silent Hill.
18. Maria speaks to James from the other side of the bars. Like 01, this is an image from the scene in which she meets James again in a passageway in the labyrinth.

19. In contrast with 04, this time a large quantity of something is ejected out of a hole. The objects seem to resemble mannequins and body parts.
20. A close-up of a "mouth" that writhes bizarrely. It belongs to a being that portends of Mary, the "flesh lip."

21. Eddie vomits into the toilet. He appeals to James to believe that he hasn't killed anyone.
22. Maria lies sprawled on the stage at Heaven's Night. Although this image doesn't appear in the main part of the game, she possesses a key to this establishment.

23. Laura visits Mary's room. She enters tentatively while assessing the situation. Who could be there that she has set her eyes upon?
24. Reaching through the gap in the bars, Maria touches James' cheek and says, "See? I'm real."

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