XXII : The Eye of Night

The God

The being that sleeps inside the holy mother... is this truly God?

   At the end of the game, the creature called "God" appears. However, the form that it assumes seems too sinister for it to be the same being that is supposed to bring paradise to this world. One possible explanation for this is that if the town of Silent Hill holds the power to materialize delusions and innermost thoughts from one's subconscious, "God" is the result of someone's delusions just like the other creatures.
   And did the seed of God that was growing inside Heather truly disappear? That is left to the player to interpret.

C r e a t o r ' s    C o m m e n t a r y

In the original tarot, there is no Eye of Night card. The idea is that this card is added corresponding to a Hebrew vowel, even though tarot originates from the Hebrew alphabet which has only letters that are consonants. The card suggests God.
(Hiroyuki Owaku)

The fetus that Heather vomited up may have been actualized by the human subconscious as well.

The form of God that is born to the earth changes depending on those who summon it

   The god that sleeps inside Alessa has appeared in various forms throughout the series. The fact is that there is no one form of God because the form that it takes is projected by the minds of those who summon it. A book in the church regarding the form of God. It notes that the form and name of God have come to change.

With the influence of the red liquid, Dahlia's delusion is projected.

A manifestation of the mental image of God that Alessa herself had.
  the god

God vaguely resembles Alessa because Claudia's thoughts are projected.

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