XXI : The World

Another World

Does the real world influence the otherworld born of delusions and the power of the town?

   The power of Silent Hill absorbs what people hold in their hearts and manifests delusions and elements of their subconscious minds. And so, the truth is that the consciousness that becomes the main constituent of what is called the "otherworld" varies. As a few different incarnations of the otherworld have been presented up to this point in the series, let us ascertain the differences in each of these respective works.

In the otherworld of Silent Hill, the world is seen differently depending on the person.
On some occasions the shift to the otherworld can occur suddenly.

The main constituent of the otherworld differs in each work of the series

[Silent Hill]
Due to her severe burns and endless suffering, Alessa's power runs wild. Her agony is manifested and the entire town is swallowed up by the otherworld.
  [Silent Hill 2]
Regarding James, who escapes from the crime that he has committed, elements from the depths of his consciousness are manifested. What the power of the town causes to appear before him is an otherworld that is a combination of his delusions and his desire for punishment.

  [Silent Hill 3]
The shift to the otherworld that occurs in the shopping mall, among other places, has to do with Claudia. As she recovers her memories, Alessa's influence grows stronger.

Harry searches for his daughter in the otherworld.
As James acknowledges his crime, the otherworld disappears.
Claudia possesses a unique power.

Inclusion of a phantom ending

   If Heather should attack Claudia in the final stage of the game, God is born and it's "game over." However, this can be interpreted as another conclusion to the story.

C r e a t o r ' s    C o m m e n t a r y

The truth is that when we first started development on this project, we considered including an ending for this situation. However, in order to show another means of resolving this in a way that could be easily understood, we decided to show it in the form of a "game over." Just what sort of god was born, and what happened to the world? These questions remain, but Heather is already gone so the player has no way of knowing what happens next.
(Hiroyuki Owaku)

It's intended not to simply be "game over," but another ending.

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