A strange opening that begins with the symbolic appearance of the legs of two young girls. For the theme song, a vocal accompaniment was used for the first time.

01. Valtiel turns the handle. Overhead, the legs of two young girls that resemble those of Alessa and Cheryl are hanging.
02. Heather awakens from a bad dream in the hamburger shop. The interior of the store is strangely enveloped in the red of the setting sun.

03. Valtiel clings to the ceiling in a long corridor. His head trembles and vibrates oddly.
04. The church is the setting of the final stage of the game. Claudia stands before the pulpit with her back turned.

05. In the confessional, Heather listens to an unknown voice that expresses repentance. The owner of the voice committed a murder in order to get revenge for the murder of her own child.
06. Douglas drives Heather to Silent Hill. In the car, secrets regarding her birth are revealed.

07. Heather passes through the gates of the amusement park. In the main part of the game, she experiences the same sense of dread from the beginning of her nightmare all over again.
08. Heather and Claudia confront each other in the church. Alessa, who exists inside Heather, regains her memories indicating that the birth of God is near.

09. Heather sees a "closer" creature for the first time. It becomes aware of her as she enters the room, and attacks her.
10. Vincent appears before Heather and gives her an enigmatic piece of advice. When she first encounters him, his intentions are unknown.

11. Heather in the car on the way to Silent Hill. She holds her father's notebook, which was found by Douglas.
12. The "split worm" creature attacks Heather. Its appearance resembles that of the "split head" that appears in the first game.

13. An unmanned subway train enters the station at high speed. Heather seems to be in imminent danger of being run over and killed by the train.
14. Valtiel drags Heather's body away after her strength has run out. In certain locations, seeing this scene is the same as getting "game over."

15. Heather sets foot in the otherworld for the first time in the shopping mall's elevator.
16. A scene connected to 09. Heather, who has picked up a gun, takes the life of another for the first time at this point in the game.

17. Douglas, who has collapsed due to his injury, aims his gun at Heather's back as she walks away.
18. Valtiel's silhouette wriggles behind a giant ventilation fan. He first discovers Heather's existence in the shopping mall.

19. On the revolving merry-go-round, countless strange shadows reminiscent of burn marks crawl.
20. As in 01, Valtiel continues to turn the valve handle. What meaning could his behavior hold?

21. When the vinyl bag filled with blood is offered to the altar in the hospital, a huge hole appears in the room.
22. The bottom of the hole that becomes the scene of the final battle. Here, Valtiel is present, continually watching Heather.

23. Heather stands motionless at the unmanned merry-go-round. Sensing that someone is there, she turns her head...
24. The image of Heather looking over her shoulder is completely enveloped in a shade of an orange that is quite like the color of flame.

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