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The hamburger shop in the shopping mall is a Happy Burger, which also appears in Silent Hill 2. It would seem that it's a chain store.

After starting an Extra New Game with data from Silent Hill 2, if one investigates the mailbox in the apartment building, a "letter from a dead wife" is...

If one investigates the counter in the bakery after getting the "flamethrower" secret weapon, for some reason the lettering on the leaflet has changed.

In the first game, an article about the American homicidal maniac Ed Gein is used as a sample of a newspaper post in the town.

Posing as the names of shops, the names of gods are written in great numbers on the doors in the hallway in the shopping mall where Heather encounters Claudia.

A sign reads "floor 1" in the lobby of the otherworld's elementary school in the first game. The source material for this is the movie 12 Monkeys.

Moore, Ranaldo, and Gordon are in the list of teachers in the elementary school from the first game. The names originate from members of Sonic Youth.

There is a store called "Li Jun Fan" on the map of the shopping district in the first game. It seems that a fondness for Bruce Lee is responsible for this.

For some reason, there is quite a bit of fishing tackle in the bar in the hotel from Silent Hill 2. This is because the person responsible, having an aversion to alcohol, was unable to collect information on bars.

The paintings in the Western-style house from Restless Dreams include processed pictures of random items, hotel panorama shots, and the like-- things that aren't actual paintings.

The names Midkiff and Crosby are in a memo in the hospital from Silent Hill 3. They originate from the names of two actors from the movie Pet Sematary.

[93] Being able to get a handgun from a shopping cart in the apartment building in Silent Hill 2 is a satire of guns in American society.

"Li Jun Fan" appears on the map of the shopping district in the first game. Next to this is none other than a "Konami Burger."

During the interval space in the hospital, "What a wonderful world!" is written on a wall. It's an homage to Exorcist 3.

With data from Silent Hill 2, if one investigates the toilet in the bathroom in the otherside shopping mall...

There is a save point in the art gallery in the otherside office building, but if one investigates the painting that is in this spot in the "right side" art gallery...

In Silent Hill 2, James can ride in the hotel's service elevator even while holding "Mary's picture" and "Mary's letter."

The truth is that the hair on the back of Douglas' head is thin; he combs his hair straight back from his forehead to cover it. It seems that this is a worry that his creator has.

The following message appears only once in the makeshift morgue from Silent Hill 2: "...Did that just move or was it only my imagination?"

In Silent Hill 2 the wall of the well can't be broken without the kind of weapon that can be used to strike it, but it can be broken with just the "hyper spray" secret weapon.

If left standing idle the character will go into a standby action, and when James has the chainsaw equipped...

In the haunted house from Silent Hill 3, the clothes of the corpse that hangs down in Danny's room are identical to those of the designer who created them.

The drawing that became the foundation for the map of the church was done by the daughter of a friend of the staff. What she drew was "France."

In a passageway and on an outer wall of the otherside church, a mural is created from a drawing of Valtiel and Incubus centered around a female figure.

There are only three dwarfs near Snow White in the amusement park. If one searches the area, in the transparent floor panels the remaining four figures are...

Next to the place where the complete works of Shakespeare fell off the shelf, an image of Macbeth and the queen in an embrace can be seen on a book binding.

The name of the next station in the subway is Bergen Street, which is an homage to the movie Jacob's Ladder.

Although the beam saber is associated with a certain science fiction epic, it seems that the true source material is the Space Sheriff series. The proof is the way Heather readies the weapon.

In Silent Hill 2, a picture of what seems to be an assembly of the development staff is on display in the Historical Society's exhibition room.

Although America is the setting for Silent Hill, the reference material for creating the map was actually places in Japan like Towadako and Tazawako.

On a poster in the shopping mall, the words "Tirn Aill" are written, which means "fairy world."

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