Silent Hill: Hunger

Region: USA, Europe
Release date: 2006.04.04 (USA), 2006.06.02 (Europe)
Publisher: Konami
Writer: Scott Ciencin
Interior art: Steve Perkins and Alex Shibao

Released as part of The Silent Hill Experience Silent Hill: Hunger tells the story of Douglass Payne and his fiancé Rosy, recently transported to the idyllic, serene Silent Hill. Doug’s hit on hard times, ousted from a prominent editorial position at a big newspaper where he was on track to deliver some huge stories before his ego got in the way and he was kicked to the curb. Now, settling down in Silent Hill, as his bride-to-be falls in love with the place, Doug is consumed with finding the next big story to get him back on top. When a 911 call is made to an abandoned house and the responding officer is murdered, reporter Douglas must find the answers to the mystery, all the while trying to find his love Rosy and figuring out the secrets that lie within a new stranger in town.

Silent Hill: Hunger (screenshots)