Murphy Pendleton

The game’s protagonist - a prison escapee who escapes after the crash of his prison transport, from the crash he finds his way into the town of Silent Hill.

Anne Cunningham

The jail officer who shown chasing Pendleton in the game trailer. Her head is covered with blood which may have happened as a consequence of the car crash.

Howard Blackwood

A postman, whom Murphy meets soon after his escape from the prison bus. He's not so simple as it may seem at the first glance.

JP Sater

A man from the town of Silent Hill. He's playing with a pair of big coins in his hands. Upon Pendleton's visit to the town he remarks: "First-time visitor, huh?"


A boy and a girl are seen in the flashback. The same girl is also seen depicted on a picture in the deserted apartment which main hero gets into. The dated clothing style of the children suggests this scene may be from the past. Are these children ghosts of the past, and if so, are they somehow related to Pendleton?