Side Quests

There are 14 side quests to be completed in the town of Silent Hill. These quests are neither mandatory for the completion of the game, nor they're connected to the main storyline, however most of them have interesting little stories of their own and are fun to do.

Starting points for the side quests (or the earliest possibility to start):
Bird Cage - Hillside, at the porch of the house at the end of McCammon Street to the north of the Police Station
All Points Bulletin - Hillside, run into one of the police cars in the street
Stolen Goods - Pearl Creek, apartment building through which you enter Pearl Creek from Hillside
The Art Collector - Pearl Creek, art gallery in the alley south of the Centennial Building
The Bank - Pearl Creek, Bank on the corner of Lansdale Avenue and Brite Street
Homeless - Pearl Creek, Pearl Creek underground entrance
Ribbons - Pear Creek, the missing person poster near the intersection of Lansdale Avenue and Cook Street
Cinéma Vérité - Chastain Heights, Movie Theater on Lamon Street
The Gramophone - Chastain Heights, apartment building on Brite Street
Shadow Play - Chastain Heights, loft on Brite Street
Dead Man's Hand - Pleasant River, house on south side of Rice Street
Ashes to Ashes - Pleasant River, house on north side of Rice Street
Mirror, Mirror - Port District, house on Ketchum Street
Digging up the Past - Hillside, in the yard to the north of Straub Street (on your second playthrough)

Bird Cage

There are five bird cages with birds inside them around the town. The quest starts when you release the first bird.

Set all of the birds free
You should release birds from all five bird cages to complete the quest:
1. Hillside, at the porch of the house at the end of McCammon Street to the north of the Police Station.
2. Pearl Creek, at the corner of Brite Street and Lansdale Avenue to the south of the Bank.
3. Chastain Heights, in the northern part of Brite Street where the street makes a 90-degree turn to the west.
4. Pleasant River, in the eastern part of Rice Street in front of the barricade.
5. Port District, in the docks at the edge of the town.

Achievement/trophy: Birdman
Each release grants you a small portion of a video
Gallery's drawing: DJ Ricks

All Points Bulletin

There are four police cars patrolling the town. If you try to approach one of them, you'll be attacked by monsters and this will also start the side quest.

Stop the patrol cars / Find the police patrol dispatcher
To stop the cars you need to find the Police Station. The station is in Hillside, between McCammon Street and Campbell Street. Enter the Police Station through the hole in the northern wall. Cross the chasm and continue until you’re in the dispatcher’s office.

Identify each patrol car's call number
The objective of the quest is to recall all the cars using the dispatcher’s radio. To do so, you need to know a 4-digit call sign of each car. The signs are written on the chalkboard in the same room, however they’re incomplete (Note: The number of readable symbols on the chalkboard depends on your chosen puzzle difficulty). The digits and letters in the signs are aligned in columns in a certain ascending or descending sequence. You could alternatively look at the call signs written on the cars running in the town, but that takes more time and is a bit dangerous because of monster attacks. The codes will be the same for all puzzle difficulties:

Use the radio to enter these numbers and recall all four cars to complete the side quest.

Achievement/trophy: Calling All Cars
Gallery's drawing: Cunningham

Stolen Goods

The quest takes place in the apartment building through which you enter Pearl Creek from Hillside. After you enter the apartment through the window, exit into the hallway and climb up the stairs to the third floor. Go to the right and find the door with the Threatening Letter. Take the note and go through the door. Head into the bedroom, take a look at the hanging body of the thief and pull the bead frame to uncover a stash of stolen items. Grab all the items from the box: Locket, Gold Watch, Money Box and War Medal.

Return the stolen items to their rightful owners
To complete the quest you need to return all the items to where they belong. To find the appropriate places you need to explore the apartments in the building and listen for the background sounds which indicate the place and hint what item should be put in that place. Here are the places where the items belong:
1. Locket. Apartment on the 3rd floor (across the thief's apartment), living room. Place the Locket on the table with a tray.
2. Gold Watch. Same apartment on the 3rd floor (across the thief's apartment), bedroom. Place the Gold Watch on a hand display on the table by the windows.
3. Money Box. Apartment on the 2nd floor, child's room (with a disco ball). Place the Money Box on the nightstand with some coins on top by the window.
4. War Medal. Apartment on the 1st floor, bedroom. Place the War Medal in the case on the nightstand.

The quest is complete. Now you can collect your reward for it. Go back to the thief's apartment on the third floor. You'll find out that the body is gone leaving a new set of clothes for Murphy to put on.

Achievement/trophy: Neighborhood Watch
Special costume
Gallery's drawing: A nun

The Art Collector

The quest starts in the art gallery located in the alley south of the Centennial Building and to the west of corner of Cook Street and Laymond Avenue. Find the back door and enter the gallery. Go into the second room to the left to collect two Mystery items: the Gallery Letter (1) from the couch and the Gallery Owner’s Note from the desk. Proceed down the hallway into the exhibition area to find the Gallery Letter (2) on the counter. Now return back to the hall and find the stairs to the basement. In the basement approach a large table to start the side quest. Examine the table to find a 3x3 grid on top of it and three paintings. You need to find another six.

Find the missing paintings
The six paintings are scattered around the town:
1. “Despair” - Hillside, Police Station, in a barricaded room near the dispatcher’s office.
2. “Sunrise” - Hillside, underground entrance, in the booth.
3. “Wonder” - apartment building through which you enter Pearl Creek, the painting is hanging in the kitchen of the 1st floor apartment.
4. “Certainty” - Pearl Creek, in the storage unit on Laymond Avenue to the north of the Pearl Creek underground entrance. To open the door you need a code which is hinted in the Addressed Envelope, found on the pavement to the north of the storage unit. The keypad code is 827 (circled numbers in the address on the envelope).
5. “Hope” - Chastain Heights, in the storage room of the hardware store east of St. Maria’s Monastery. To unlock the storage room you need to collect the Storage Room Key from the cash register in the store. The painting is hidden in the pillar behind the crate - move the box away to get it.
6. “Freedom” - Pleasant River, in the back of the van on Rice Street where the street bends.

Once you’ve collected all of the paintings, return to the art gallery to begin the next stage of the side quest.

Arrange the paintings on the table
Put all the paintings on the table and start arranging them. The red symbols on each painting help you to put them in the right places on the grid. Once you arrange all the paintings correctly, you're no longer able to move them. Switch to UV light from your forensic flashlight to reveal a town map with a marked location on it.

Find the location of the crypt
The location indicated by the map is in Monroe Cemetery outside of St. Maria's Monastery. Go there, find the crypt with an open gate between two statues (Note: If you didn't arrange the paintings on the table correctly, the gate will be locked). Climb down the ladder and proceed down the passage to the locked gate.

Unlock the crypt's secret
There are nine stone tiles with symbols on the wall to the left of the gate. To unlock the gate you need to press the tiles with the right symbols which come from the paintings. Depending on the puzzle difficulty there might be additional hints to complete the task. In any case, the right tiles will be:
1. Tile in the top left.
2. Tile in the center
3. Tile in the bottom left.
4. Tile in the bottom right.

Activate the tiles and the gate will unlock. Beware a Weeping Bat behind the gate. Continue your way into the burial chamber and collect some reward items here: a First Aid Kit and a box of Shotgun Shells on the ground. The main reward for the quest is the Tomahawk in the sarcophagus in the middle.

Achievement/trophy: Art Appreciation

The Bank

This side quest takes place in the Bank on the corner of Lansdale Avenue and Brite Street. Before you start the quest look around the building for some good weapons as this quest involves a lot of combat. There's a Crowbar in the office on the 1st floor and a Fire Axe up in the director's office on the 2nd floor. When you're ready head down into the basement and enter the vault. Try to open one of the safety deposit boxes to trigger the alarm and start the quest (Note: If you don't wish to continue the quest, go into the director's office on the 2nd floor and press the kill switch under the table to stop the alarm. This, however, will also close the vault's door, so to try again you need to re-enter the Bank's building).

Bank mystery
To complete the quest you need to defeat five increasingly hard waves of coming monsters in the main hall of the Bank. Each victory opens one safety deposit box with some useful items in it:
1. One Screamer, a First Aid Kit in the box.
2. Two Screamers, Pistol Bullets in the box.
3. One Screamer and one Brawler, a Colt in the box.
4. Two Brawlers, Pistol Bullets in the box.
5. One Screamer, one Brawler and one Stabber, three First Aid Kits in the box.

The quest is complete when you defeat the last enemy. Don't forget to collect the remaining items in the vault as your reward.

Achievement/trophy: Silent Alarm
Colt and various supplies


The quest starts in the Pearl Creek underground entrance. Climb down the stairs via the eastern entrance to find a homeless man named Homer standing by the fire. Talk to the man to hear his proposal and start the quest. He needs some items in return for which he's going to unlock the doors to the underground tunnels leading to other parts of the town.

Find food for the beggar
First the homeless man ask you to bring him some food. Get back to the street and search for a vending machine. Location of the machine for different puzzle difficulties:
Easy - at the intersection of Brite Street and Laymond Avenue.
Normal - along the south edge of Cook Street between Laymond Avenue and Lansdale Avenue.
Hard - in the alley south of Crook Street.

Use the Money from your inventory to purchase a Candy Bar from the vending machine and return to the homeless. As a reward he will unlock the tunnel to Hillside.

Find a warm coat for the beggar
After you give Homer the Candy Bar, he complains about cold nights and asks you to bring him a coat. There's an Old Coat in the thrift shop on Brite Street west of the Movie Theater. The exact location of the coat in the shop is different depending on your chosen puzzle difficulty:
Easy - near the shop’s cash register.
Normal - in the storage room.
Hard - in the back of the storage room.

Return to Homer to give the Old Coat and unlock the tunnel to Chastain Heights.

Find a fishing rod for the beggar
The last thing Homer asks you to bring him is a fishing rod so that he could feed himself. You can find it in the docks of Pleasant River. The exact location of the Fishing Rod depends on your chosen puzzle difficulty:
Easy - near the center of the docks.
Normal - in the spillway outside of the Pleasant River underground entrance.
Hard - on the boardwalk along the east edge of the docks.

Return to Homer and give him the fishing rod. He will unlock the tunnels leading to Pleasant River and the Port District. The quest is complete.

Achievement/trophy: Will Work For Food
Unlocked underground tunnel system


To start the quest find and read a missing person poster on the wall of the building on Lansdale Avenue just north of Cook Street.

Find the missing girl
Proceed to the north and find the Mother’s Note on the lunch box by the lamppost with a yellow ribbon to get a new objective.

Follow the girl's trail home
According to the note you need to follow the ribbons tied to the lamp posts and trees across the town. Yellow ribbon means turn to the left, red one - to the right. Look carefully as some ribbons got loose and lie on the ground. Go north from the first ribbon, then make your way to the east through the gaps in the barricade. Cross through Logan's Park, then through an alley south of the Movie Theater. Turn north, then reach Rice Street through the alleys. On Rice Street go through the gate to the docks before you reach the bridge and then to the westernmost pier. Reach the end of the pier to find a Key on a medical bracelet.

Find the girl's home
The label on the bracelet attached to the key says "Lamon Street". Return to Lamon Street and search for an entrance into an apartment building north of the Movie Theater. Climb up the stairs to find a locked apartment. Use the Key from the pier to unlock the door, go inside and into the bedroom. Collect the Mother’s Confession from the bed to complete the quest. After you complete the quest, the locked door near the apartment's entrance will swing open. Search the room to collect two First Aid Kits.

Achievement/trophy: Long Walk, Short Pier
Reward: Two First Aid Kits
Gallery's drawing: A boy

Cinéma Vérité

The side quest takes place in the Movie Theater on Lamon Street, west of the Centennial Building. Enter the building and begin your search for the quest related items.

Find the film reels
First you need to find three film reels (exact location depends on your chosen puzzle difficulty):
1. Film Reel "The House on the Lake". On a coat check counter in the lobby (Easy/Normal) or in the small room behind a concession counter (Hard).
2. Film Reel "The Silent Children". In the toilet stall in the restrooms (Easy/Normal) or behind the seats in the showing room (Hard).
3. Film Reel "The Secret of the Attic". In the film storage room (enter from the projector room).

Fix the projector
Enter the projector room to receive the side quest's objective. The projector's missing a light bulb which you need to find to get it working. Search around the room to find the Film Splicing Guidelines sticked to the wall. The door to the left of the projector is locked - you need to obtain a code for the keypad to open it. On Easy the Replacement Bulb is found in the poster storage room at the back of the theater. On Normal and Hard you need to go outside to collect the bulb. Head towards St. Maria’s Monastery and enter the hardware store to the east of the monastery. The Replacement Bulb is on the shelf just behind the counter. When you get the bulb, return to the projector room of the Movie Theater and insert the Replacement Bulb.

Play a flim / Examine the screen
To learn the code to the locked door you need to play the three film reels, enter the scenes through the screen and find digits that makes the code. The order in which you play the reels is indicated by the attached notes (examine from the inventory):
1. "The House on the Lake". Enter the house, go down the hallway past the stairs and through the door ahead. The first digit (9) is written on the wall to the right. Return to the entrance to exit the film.
2. "The Silent Children". Move through the room to find the next two digits (24) on the wall by the ladder.
3. "The Secret of the Attic". The last digit (1) is written on the window of the attic.

The whole code after you put together all the digits gonna be 9241. Enter the code and go into the room.

Open the attic trunk
Use the film splicer in the room to combine the three film reels into a single one. Place the Spliced Reel into the projector and run down to the screen to enter the last film. This film contains locations from all three reels. Enter the house, move past the stairs and enter the room to your left. Take a Wooden Crank from the window sill. Continue through the door at the end of hallway and then through another door. Get to the table by the window with a box on top of it. Attach the Wooden Crank to open the box. Collect a Key and climb the ladder in the corner of the room. Move through the attic to the window and use the Key to open the chest by the windows. The chest contains a Golden Gun and 2 boxes of Pistol Bullets. Return to the Movie Theater through a point of entrance to complete the quest.

Achievement/trophy: Cutting Room Floor
Golden Gun and Pistol Bullets
Gallery's drawing: Postman

The Gramophone

The quest takes place in the apartment building on Brite Street to the south of the Movie Theater. Pull down the retractable ladder to get into the apartment (if you don't have a Hook, there's one across the street by the red garage doors). Once you're in the apartment look at the gramophone on the small table just in front of you. It's not working - you need to collect some items first.

Fix the Gramophone / Find the record
Go up the stairs and enter the child's room to the left. Take a Crank from the bloody cabinet. Proceed through the adjoining bathroom (there's a First Aid Kit on the shelf), then across the hallway and into the bedroom. Collect a Vinyl Record from the dresser. Now head down to the gramophone, insert the Crank and put in the Vinyl Record. Turn the crank clockwise to play the record. A dead body of a woman will materialize in front of you on the ground. Take a closer look at the body to get a further hint what to do. A writing on the ground by the body says "Turn back time". You should now turn the gramophone's crank in the opposite direction - counterclockwise. Watch a crime scene of a man killing his wife unfolding backwards in front of your eyes.

Put the victim's spirits to rest
After you watch the scene to the end the spirit of the murderer will emerge from his portrait on the wall and attack you. Run to the painting and burn it using the Lighter from your inventory. After you destroy the portrait, the spirit will be gone and the quest is completed.

Achievement/trophy: Turn Back Time
Gallery's drawing:

Shadow Play

The side quest starts in the loft in the northern part of Chastain Heights, on Brite Street where the street makes a 90-degree turn to the west. Enter the building and climb up the stairs to the loft. You'll see a map on the table up ahead. Light up the candles on the table and their light will reveal some symbols on the map. These symbols indicate the place of five shadow symbols hidden across the town.

Locate the shadow sigils on the map / Find all of the hidden shadow sigils
1. Soul-Eye. The first symbol is right here in the loft. Grab the Soul-Eye fragment from the chair in the room, then find the Soul-Eye shadow symbol on the wall with a help of UV beam from your flashlight. Insert the fragment into the base by the symbol. Now switch your flashlight to normal light and rotate the fragment in the base so that the shadow from the fragment and the drawing on the wall would make the image seen in UV light. Adjust your position until you get the desired image projected on the wall. After the symbol is complete, the fragment will transform into Soul-Eye Token. Take it with you. Now search for the remaining shadow symbols in the town taking into account the map and do the same procedure for all of them to acquire other tokens.
2. Four. The Four fragment is in Chastain Heights, in the box along the northern edge of Brite Street just as you exit the loft. The Four shadow symbol is in the alley leading to the southern part of the street.
3. Healing. The Healing fragment is in Pearl Creek, at the intersection of Cook Street and Lansdale Avenue (southwestern corner). The Healing shadow symbol is in a small park to the south-east from where you found the fragment (move around the building through an alley to the south to get there).
4. Enlightenment. The Enlightenment fragment is in Pearl Creek in the construction site between Laymond Avenue and Lansdale Avenue. The Enlightenment shadow symbol is in the Pearl Creek underground entrance (where you meet the homeless man).
5. Harmony. The Harmony, 1st Part fragment is found in the box at the base of the drawbridge control tower in Pleasant River. The Harmony, 2nd Part fragment is at the top level of the control tower. The Harmony shadow symbol is at the base of the control tower below the drawbridge.

Loft map
When you collect all five shadow symbol tokens return to the loft and place them on the map. Put each token at the corresponding shadow symbol's location. Once you arrange them in the proper locations, a Demon Statue appears on the table. You can use the statue as a good melee weapon. The quest is complete.

Achievement/trophy: What's Your Sign?
Demon Statue
Gallery's drawing: Murphy

Dead Man's Hand

The quest is located in the house in Pleasant River, on the south side of Rice Street. Go around the house to enter it through a backdoor. Move through the room with a card table into the utility room to find a dead body with his hand in a vice and a ripped heart. You'll get the side quest's objective after seeing the body.

Find the missing heart
Climb down the stairs to the basement. There are two paths here. The path on the right leads to a Fire Axe at the end. The path on the left leads to a ladder into the underground tunnels. Climb down through the hole. The underground tunnels are a bit tricky to navigate and the area doesn't have a map, so follow the directions carefully not to get lost. Move forward and to the left, then to the right. Run forward, go past the first intersection and at the next intersection with the three paths chose the path to the right. Reach the end of the path to find a Human Heart (the beating of a heart hints about its location - the closer you're are, the stronger is the beating). After you collect the heart, follow the path back to the ladder (take care of the attacking monsters). Return to the body and place the Human Heart inside. That completes the "Dead Man's Hand" quest. The body will vanish leaving you with your reward - a First Aid Kit.

Achievement/trophy: Telltale Heart
Reward: First Aid Kit
Gallery's drawing: JP Sater

Ashes to Ashes

The quest starts in the house on the north side of Rice Street in Pleasant River. Enter the house and explore the rooms. Take the Inscribed Snapshot from the table in the living room. Go upstairs and step into the bedroom to find the Funeral Announcement at the foot of the bed. Collect the Urn from the dresser in the corner of the bedroom. Now you need to find a proper place to scatter the ashes from the Urn.

Scatter their ashes at their special place
The special place is depicted on the picture you found on the 1st floor of the house - it's in the docks. Exit the house, turn to the east and then through the gate towards the docks. Go to the biggest pier and find a bench near the end of it. Use the Urn from your inventory at this place - this will reveal a sequence of numbers on the bench - 16814. The quest is complete, however you didn't collect you reward yet.

Get the reward
Return to the house on Ketchum Street and find a safe in the 2nd floor bedroom. Use the numbers from the bench to open the safe's door. The safe contains a Colt.

Achievement/trophy: Dust to Dust
Reward: Colt
Gallery's drawing: Frank

Mirror, Mirror

The quest takes place in the house on Ketchum Street in Port District, to the west of the bridge. Enter the house and approach the mirror in the living room to begin the quest.

Make the reflection tell the truth
There are five interactive objects in the room: a portrait, a dresser, a TV, a lamp and a candle. The mirror cycles through five reflections. During each phase you need to adjust one of the five objects on this side to match the reflection in the mirror. After you activate the right object, the mirror will switch to the next reflection. Adjust all five items correctly and the mirror will break to pieces revealing a hidden room with some supplies: 2 First Aid Kits and 2 boxes of Pistol Bullets. Don't hesitate too long solving the puzzle as an invisible monster will enter the room (it can be seen only in the mirror) and attack you if you won't be fast enough.

Achievement/trophy: Spot the Difference
Gallery's drawing: Sewell

Digging up the Past

This side quest becomes available only after you finish the game at least once. To complete this quest you need to find and collect seven Silent Hill Artifacts buried in the ground throughout the town. Dig sites are marked by the barrels with candles on top of them. To dig up the artifact, you need a shovel which you can also find in the town.

Find all of the hidden treasures
Dig sites:
1. Hillside, in the yard to the north of Straub Street.
2. Hillside, in the back yard of the house on Lansdale Avenue.
3. Pearl Creek, in a park south of Cook Street.
4. Logan’s Park, in the northwestern corner.
5. Chastain Heights, in the small fenced area west of the Movie Theater.
6. St. Maria’s Monastery, in the front yard by the building to the north.
7. Port District, in a small yard in the southwest corner of the district.

Retrieve the Silent Hill Artifacts from all seven dig sites to complete the quest.

Achievement/trophy: Useless Trinkets
Special ending
Gallery's drawing: