Short Walkthrough

This walkthrough gives you only the basic instructions to progress through the main storyline of the game. It doesn't cover any side quests or secret places in the game. This walkthrough is mainly for the players who got lost or are stuck at some puzzle, but don't want any additional spoilers and wish to explore on their own for the most part.

Color legend
Game Tokens - items
Wrench - weapons
Flashlight - equipement
Map of the Outskirts - maps & memos

01. Ryall State Prison

- Follow Officer Sewell down the hall and enter the shower room
- Turn on some showers to trigger the next objective
- Grab one of the weapons lying on the bench by the sinks
- Attack the inmate by following the on-screen instructions
- Follow Officer Sewell through the prison block

02. Devil's Pitstop

Get back to the highway
- Go under the fallen tree where the bus' headlights are showing
- After you run into birds, squeeze into the gap between rocks to the left to get a Flashlight by the dead body of the prisoner
- Return to the main path and continue going deeper into the forest
- Cross the gorge via the uprooted tree
- Approach the rock in front
(Cutscene. Make your choice during this cutscene)
- Approach the rock to climb up to the highway

Find a way out of the area
- Go to the Gas Station
- Get the Map of the Outskirts from the bench
- Grab a Wrench from the toolbox and use it to proceed through the locked gate
- Climb up the ladder and cross the roof to drop down
- Go through the gap between trees in front of you
- Go up the stairs and enter the Aerial Tram Station

Obtain a ticket to get to Devil's Pit / Find the missing ticket machine
- Grab Game Tokens from the counter
- Go through the left doorway and hit the switch to get the aerial tram into the right position
- Exit the building, go down the stairs and follow the trail on the ground until you bump into a locked gate
- Head to the right and approach a pickup in front of the diner

Change into new clothes
- Find the gap in the diner fence and climb through
- Break the diner's backdoor's padlock with the wrench and go inside
- Take the Devil's Pitstop Map from the table in the dining area
- Enter the kitchen, find the gas valve and try to turn it
- Activate the alarm on the wall

Diner Otherworld
- Use the valve in the room's corner to stop the water coming and open a path out of the kitchen
- Head forward, then up the long stairs and through the door
- Continue into the room, rotate the painting and run through the opened gate while it's open
- During the chase episode turn left, then to the end of the hallway and around the corner
- Try to run through the openings - the two will close on you - run through the only remaining opening
- Climb through the hole at the end of the passage
- Slide down
- Go up the stairs and turn the valve
- Enter the room and rotate the painting
- Go down, enter another room on the ground level and rotate another painting
- Go forward the new path
- After the Void appears, run to the left. The gate's ahead gonna close as you approach, so circle around, turn the valve on your way to open the gate and go around one more time to run through the opening
- Go up the stairs a bit until the Void is not chasing you anymore and then climb down
- Go through the door

- Go through the door to the left
- Enter the room down the hall and go down the basement
- Find the locked gate and smash its padlock
- Continue into a room here and take a Piece of Wire from the barrel
- Run back through the basement
- Deal with the Screamer and find the lift (in the area past the staircase)
- Use the Piece of Wire to fix the controls and go up to the surface
- Step into the shack C (the first one to the right) to find some clothes for Murphy to change into. You'll also get a Police Badge and a Rusty Key
- Go beyond the shack B through an open gate to find the generator and start it up
- Head into the shack B to find the ticket machine - use the Game Tokens to activate it

Ticket Machine Puzzle

- Place three balls into the corresponding slots in the upper area as the water rises

- Collect the Free Ticket
- Exit the shack, follow the marks on the ground and squeeze through the gap in the barricade
- Use the Rusty Key to unlock the gate
- Run back to the Aerial Tram Station (keep following the ground marks)
- Enter the Tram Station, use the Free Ticket in the machine next to the turnstile and step onto the tram to travel to Devil's Pit

03. Devil's Pit

Find a way into town
- Step out of the tram and go through the double doors on your right
- Climb down the stairs into the yard
- Go through the door in the corner of the yard, then into the next room through a bathroom
- Take the Lighter from the workbench
- Pick up the Axe in the room and chop through the boards on the door
- Go through another boarded up door in the yard and collect the Key from the key rack
- Go up the stairs and unlock the door with the Key
- Proceed forward and take the Devil's Pit Map by the information billboard
- Go to the observation deck

Follow the path down to the train
- Take the elevator down to the level below
- Move through an observation deck, then take a path between rocks and cross the bridge
- Climb up and continue forward

Find an alternate route down
- Take the path to the left, rotate the crank to open the door and enter the cave
- Take a Pickaxe and clear the doorway ahead, continue forward deeper into the mine
- Go up the stairs by the elevator and approach the valves to solve the puzzle

Water Wheels Puzzle

- Turn the left valve three times
- Turn the middle valve twice
- Turn the right valve twice to activate the elevator (once for the pumps)

- Before you touch the valves move the crate under the slamming door to prevent it from blocking your way back
- Turn the left valve three times
- Turn the middle valve twice
- Turn the right valve twice to activate the elevator (once for the pumps)

- Before you touch the valves move the crate under the slamming door to prevent it from blocking your way back
- Turn the middle valve twice
- Turn the left valve three times
- Turn the right valve twice to activate the elevator (once for the pumps)

- Step into the elevator to go down into the deep mines
- Go forward, deal with the Screamer and push a mine cart to cross the chasm
- Follow the path and go through the door with a note
- Go through the room, climb down the stairs and smash the boards blocking the ladder
- Go up the ladder, continue via the bridge and into the elevator to go to the deck
(Cutscene. Make your choice in this cutscene)
- Open the gate nearby with the valve and continue through the mine until you're in an open area
- Climb up the stairs and enter the control room
- Chop through the doors and activate the detonator to clear the way up ahead
- Continue forward through the cave and into the elevator which'll take you down
- Proceed to the train station and approach the control panel

Train Control Puzzle

- Red (E), Blue (A), Orange (C)

- Blue (A), Green (B), Grey (D), Orange (C)

- Grey (D), Red (E), Green (B), Blue (A)

- Board the mine train
(Cutscene. QTE during this cutscene)
- Go up the stairs, then to the left (avoid the puddle on the ground)
- Use the control box to open the gate nearby and proceed through it
- Continue moving forward, hop through an opening and grab the Town Map
- Exit through the door

04. Hillside

Escape from Silent Hill
- Go forward and then find the stairs leading down to the parking lot
- Cut through the boards into the shack and then continue through the hole in the wall
- Go down to the alley between Straub Street and McCammon Street, continue via Campbell Street until you're on Lansdale Avenue
- Go north via Lansdale Avenue until you bump into a barricade, turn to the house on the left, go into the yard, pull down the retractable ladder (use the Hook leaned on the bench nearby) and make your way along the balconies into an open apartment window
- Climb down the stairs and exit the apartment building

05. Pearl Creek

Find a way to the Radio Station
- Move through an alley to the east
- Go north via Laymond Avenue and then cross Logan's Park
- Enter the Centennial Building through the west entrance

06. The Centennial Building

- Go through the door and pick up The Centennial Building Map
- Enter the garage, examine the freight elevator behind the locked gate

Enter the building via the service elevator
- Collect a Forensic Flashlight from the trunk of the police car
- Go to the locked gate by the fire track and smash the padlock
- Use the fire hose to drain the basement
- Go down the stairs and collect the Security Card from the wheelchair
- Return back to the security office in the garage and enter using the Security Card
- Use the control panel to open the elevator gate and enter the elevator to go up to the first floor
- Move through the storage, cut through the boards (pick up the Fire Axe in front of the elevator if needed) and enter the Library
- Proceed through the Library, push the movable ladder and climb up to the second floor
- Go toward the Vault
- Move through Room 208 into the Main Hall
- The door to the right wing is protected by a security code

Find the unlock code
- Climb down the stairs and go through the door in the back of the Main Hall to the right and then through Room 106 into the office hall (alternatively you can go through Rooms 102 and 101)
- Go into Room 104 to collect an ID Card
- Get into Room 105 using the ID Card
- Arrange the envelopes on the desk to get a code - 851136
- Return to the locked door on the second floor and enter the code
- Head to Room 204 and climb up to the third floor
- Hop through a hole in the wall, cross the chasm via beams and continue to Room 301
- Climb down the ladder and go into Room 200 to pick up Slides from the desk. Return to the third floor
- Go into the Main Hall on the third floor and pull the wheelchair blocking the elevator doors
- Go into the elevator and descend to the second floor (you need a security card to get to the Radio Station)

Unlock the elevator to the radio station
- Go to the Video Archive and put the slides into the projector on the desk to get hints about the code to the vault door

Vault Door Puzzle

- The code for all puzzle difficulties is IX, VI, I (9, 6, 1)

- Open the vault door using the code
- Collect an ID Card from the hanging body and enter the next room for a flashback scene
- Exit the vault and take the elevator to the eighteenth floor
- Take the Studio Map from the wall to the right once you exit the elevator
- Proceed forward and enter the radio studio
- Proceed through the door ahead, enter Room 1703 and pick up a Diluent in the adjoining storage room (on Hard puzzle difficulty the Diluent is in the kitchen area in the elevator hall)
- Use first the Diluent and then your Lighter on a trash pile nearby

The Centennial Building Otherworld
- Run straight through the gate
- Take the path to the left (avoid falling cars from the ceiling), hit the switch at the end and go through the opened gate
- In the upside-down room press the button to open the door and exit the room
- Continue forward and enter the elevator
- After the Void appears run to the right and navigate yourself between and through the cages
- After you fall down proceed through the corridors with Wall Corpses until you get to the door with the switch. Hit the switch and proceed through the stage with cages
- Rotate the painting at the end and exit through the door
- Press the button to stop the clock hand in a suitable position to get onto it
- Make it to the end of the clock hand and head forward
- Proceed through the blade traps and reach the end of the level
- Slide down

07. Chastain Heights

Inquire at the Monastery
- Get to St. Maria's Monastery

08. St. Maria's Monastery

- Go straight through the door, grab the Monastery Map from the wall and then enter the room to the south
- Squeeze through the gap in the wall, pull the bookshelf and go through the opening
- At the end of the passage grab the Fire Axe and retreat to the Main Hall
- Cut through the boarded door and head down the hall

Learn the Bogeyman Rhyme
- Turn right, go through the door and the outside
- Go straight, turn to the right and into the door into the Chapel
- Go up the stairs to the second floor and through the door on your right (don't follow the girl)
- Cross the chasm and climb down the stairs
- Enter the Chapel and approach the altar gate
- Use your Lighter to drop down the chandelier
- Use the chandelier to open the gate
- Take the Poem Fragment 1 from the altar book

Locate the missing Rhyme Pages
- Go through the door to the right of the altar
- Outside go up the stairs and through the door ahead enter the orphanage
- Go to the theater auditorium in the northern part of the wing
- Pull the retractable ladder in the back and climb up (the Poker is in the Class Room on the first floor if you need it)
- Enter the adjacent control room to pick up a Lever on the desk and a Vinyl Record in the drawer of another desk (the Lever is down in the auditorium on Hard puzzle difficulty)

Theater Play Puzzle

- Use the switch on the right in the Control Room to turn off the lights
- Put the Vinyl Record into the gramophone and play it
- Operate the spotlight to light up the stage
- Hit the lever to the left of the spotlight
- Insert and hit the lever to the right of the spotlight
- Use the wooden cylinder in the corner to imitate rain
- Use the hanging sheet metal to imitate thunder

- Climb down the ladder and make your way through the forest to the cottage on the stage
- Enter the cottage and arrange correctly the tiles on the chest to open it and get the Blackboard Eraser and Poem Fragment 2
- Exit the cabin
- Go up the stairs to the second floor into the Class Room
- Use the Blackboard Eraser to erase the chain on the chalk board to enter the flashback
- Run ahead in the flashback
- Go into the door in the back of the room and then into the Play Room
- Exit to the corridor, then into the Main Room and hack through the boards on the door on the other side to enter the Hospice (the Fire Axe is attached to the pillar in the northern part of the Main Room)
- Enter the Restroom and get to the corridor north of the Kitchen
- Squeeze through the gap and get into the X-Ray Room in the north through the Surgery
- Use the X-ray machine to determine which Screamer has items in the belly and search it to get a Key and Poem Fragment 3

Return to the boy
- Exit the room and use the stairs to climb down
- Go through the right door, then through the room in the north to get to the door. Use the Key to get out
- Get back to the boy

Monastery Otherworld
- Follow the girl's trail
- Run from the Void (go straight, to the left upstairs and through the garden)
- Move past the spikes (first and second sets emerge twice in a row, third doesn't move, fourth moves out slightly, fifth - five times)
- In the fight defeat the Screamers and wait for the Boogeyman to make a crack in the right wall. Proceed through the crack
- On the stairs search for a picture with a silhouette. Enter the door next to the picture
- Repeat the same on the next staircase
- In the theater go up the stairs to the control room
- Hit the left lever to open the curtains
- Go downstairs and move through the passage behind the stage
- Use the left bell twice, the bell in the middle once, the right bell once and the left bell again once
- Go through the door and then move through the attic

- Fight with Boogeyman
- You'll get a Boat Key after the cutscene
- Approach the crack in the wall to further
- Move through the sewers to get out

09. Pleasant River & Port District

- Get to to the bridge and enter the control tower to lower it
- Get to the docks in the Port District and use the boat there to leave Silent Hill

10. Overlook Penitentiary

Escape from the prison
- Go to the end of the walkway and turn to the left
- Push the beam and make it across to the central watchtower
- Head down the stairs, take the Prison Block A Map, descend further and take an Access Card and a Flashlight from the lower level
- Exit through the gate on level A3 using the Access Card
- Go right the walkway
- Go down the stairs and turn to the right
- Get to the corner staircase and head down to level A2
- Go east along the cells and then north
- Turn into the cell where the ball came out from and go up to the end, take the Angry Letter from the small table
- Get to the northern stairwell
- Go up one level
- Smash the padlock, run east, get free from the Prisoner Juggernaut and run past the exposed wire
- Cut the power to the wire from the fuse box
- Enter the control room using the Access Card
- Approach the panel with monitors. Wait a bit and the press the button after its cover opens
- Make your way to the gate on the other side of the block
- Get into the control room using the Access Card
- Take the Prison Block B Map from the drawer
- Press the button on the control panel to open the gate ahead
- Unequip all your items on the counter
- Move through the metal detector and collect your possessions from the counter, move through the door into Block B
- After the fight move to the left hallway

Workshop Storage Keypad Puzzle

- 2345

Normal, Hard
- 22345

- Enter the workshop storage
- Move the crate to the ventilation cover
- Remove the cover using the Quarter Dollar (if you didn't collect it before, there is one on the shelf in the room)
- Move through the ventilation duct
- After the fight with enemies use the Access Card to proceed through the gate
- Head upstairs to the catwalk and into the room to the left
- Head downstairs and enter the Showers
- Examine four marks at the crime scene to get the Prison Shank, Mourning Badge and Crime Evidence
- Exit the Showers through the double doors and approach the body on the floor

Prison Otherworld
- Run through the Void (look for the arrows on the walls to help yourself navigate)
- Move past the spikes (first set emerges twice in a row, second - once, third - twice, fourth - five times, fifth doesn't move)
- Call the elevator and step onto the platform
- Defeat enemy waves during stops to progress further
- After the elevator completely stops jump onto the catwalk and go up to the end
- Climb to the catwalk on the left, go further and climb up the ladder
- Go to the end of the catwalk and climb down
- Descend further until you're on the lowest level
- Cross the bridge
- Save yourself from the falling and climb up onto the bridge
- Proceed through the opened gate
- Use the valve to rotate the room
- Enter the adjoining room, use the floodlight (button in the middle of the room) to drive the Prisoner Juggernauts to the back of the room and trap them in the cages (buttons on the sides of the room)
- Use the valve to turn the room upside down, press the button in the center of the room, turn the valve again and proceed through the opened gate
- Enter the room with spinning blades
- Step onto the plate, run along the right wall, step onto the next plate, run to the opposite corner, stop the next blade and exit the room
- Continue forward and jump through the hole
- Use the floodlight to drive Minions into the inner yard and use the lever in the control room to shut the gate
- Exit the control room through the other door, downstairs, proceed through the padlocked gate and climb up the ladder
- Use another floodlight to trap Minions in the inner yard and shut the gate
- Climb downstairs, turn the crank by the gate and squeeze through the opening
- Proceed through the crack in the wall
- Escape from the Void
- Step onto the platform in the end of the chase scene
- Put the Prison Shank, Mourning Badge and Crime Evidence onto the scale and proceed through the gate

Boss: The Wheelman
- Defeat the boss cutting him from his life support system: step onto the respiratory bellows, use the spotlight to incapacitate the boss temporarily, ride down and approach one of the panels to pull out the tube. Repeat the process for the three remaining tubes

Final Fight
- Defeat Cunningham using your ranged attack. Choose either to kill her or to spare
(Ending Cutscene)

- Congratulations! You've finished the game