Pictures in the gallery of the Extra menu are unlocked by completing side quests.

Postman - complete the “Cinema Verite” side quest
Carol - complete the “Digging up the Past“ side quest
Napier - complete “The Gramophone“ side quest
Sewell - complete the “Mirror, Mirror“ side quest
Murphy - complete the “Shadow Play“ side quest
Cunningham - complete the “All Points Bulletin“ side quest
Frank - complete the “Ashes to Ashes“ side quest
DJ Ricks - complete the “Bird Cage“ side quest
A nun - complete the “Stolen Goods“ side quest
A boy - complete the “Ribbons“ side quest
JP Sater - complete the “Dead Man’s Hand“ side quest


Something tells me this guy is somehow more than just an ordinary postman. The way he talks, the way he moves... I mean... he's way too relaxed for this ridiculous place. He's at home here, alright. I still can't figure out whether I should fear him or trust him, but still... he's the closest thing to what I would call a responsible person around here.


You used to be my lover, my best friend, my wife. I've never truly understood how you could have forgiven me for all the things I did in my life before we met and even after. How you came to know me, see me for what I am and love me. Now I need your forgiveness more than ever as I can't forgive myself.


Do I feel sorry for him, for what I've done to him? I keep telling myself that he deserved what he got but... the sounds he made... all that blood... the face of absolute terror. Disbelief turned into the understanding of inevitability... all by my own hands... May God forgive me!


I thought you be one of those okay guards, the ones who play by the rules - a proper bastard but fair - but you just love to play those games of yours, don't you? Offering a deal that is hard to decline. Well... I couldn't.


It's me. It's always been me, my own worst enemy, the one who always screws up and lets other down. I've tried so many times to start over and find my way to peace, but then... Back in the can the Chaplain told me that I should not punish myself, but it's the only thing I've got left under my control. Maybe this horrible place is exactly where I've been heading all these years.


Why is she so angry with me? She's not the abusive guard type who is turned on by bullying inmates. No, she doesn't enjoy it at all, and yet no guard has ever pointed a gun at me the way she did.


What was it you saw in me? What's the point in helping just another screw up - constantly dismissed even by his loved ones - and yet you somehow found a reason to believe in me. Well, you shouldn't have done that, my friend. People believing in me tend to end up badly.

DJ Ricks

I don't know what his story was, but I am certain as hell he did not fit this place any more than I do. He knew things and his plan sounded solid, but in the end that narrow margin between knowing and doing, that little bit of courage to do things on your own, he lacked. That was what buried him here forever.

A Nun

I have never really understood this concept of self sacrifice, to give up your own life and the chance to have your own family for the sake of serving others. But back in the orphanage we were all grateful as hell that those women chose to be teachers, nurses and yes, even true mothers to us.

A Boy

I wonder if the pain of losing you might ever become at least bearable. They say time heals all wounds and life goes on no matter what losses we've suffered, but for me the world stopped the moment your smile left it forever.

JP Sater

I can't get out of my head what he told me just before he jumped. It sounded like an apology and an accusation at the same time, but just a little bit underneath I wonder... did he even pity me?

Collectibles - Silent Hill Artifacts


Description: The bloody rabbit from Silent Hill 3.
Location: Chastain Heights, at dig site along the north edge of the park in front of St. Maria’s Monastery.


Description: A toy UFO from the Silent Hill UFO ending.
Location: Pearl Creek, at dig site in the northwest corner of Logan’s Park.

Circle Emblem

Description: The occult symbol of The Order.
Location: Chastain Heights, at dig site in the park west of the movie theater.

Alien Toy

Description: An alien doll from the Silent Hill UFO ending.
Location: Hillside, at dig site in a yard west of Lansdale Avenue near the transition to Pearl Creek.


Description: The magical substance in Heather's necklace, Silent Hill 3.
Location: Port District, at dig site in the yard in the south-western corner of the district.

Hyper Blaster

Description: A sci-fi ray gun from the Silent Hill alien abduction endings.
Location: Pearl Creek, at dig site in the playground at the corner of Cook St. and Laymond Ave.


Description: The radio from Silent Hill.
Location: Hillside, at dig site in the yard north of Straub St.

Child’s Kite

Description: A child's kite with the initials "C.P." written in marker.
Location: Pearl Creek, on a bench in the northern part of Logan’s Park.

Canvas Sack

Description: A wet, moldy canvas sack, which smells like it was found at the bottom of a lake.
Location: St. Maria’s Monastery, in the classroom on the 2nd floor.

Toy Van

Description: A toy van that looks like Pat Napier's van.
Location: St. Maria’s Monastery, in the restroom on the 2nd floor.


Bonus Weapons

These secret weapons were originally offered as exclusive in-game bonuses from various US retailers. Despite this fact, the weapons can be obtained by all players. All you need to know is the code to unlock the green locker right after you arrive from Devil's Pit to Silent Hill. The locker is in the building by the parking lot. Just enter one of the following codes to get the weapons you desire:

171678 (Gamestop) - Nail Gun and Double Axe
353479 (Amazon) - Pistol .45 and Baseball Bat
911977 (Best Buy) - Rifle and Golf Club

Take into account that all these bonus weapons, although being great and powerful, are as well breakable and have limited ammo.


Xbox 360: 41 achievements (1000 points).
PS3: 42 trophies (1 platinum, 3 gold, 14 silver, 24 bronze).

Rain Maker
Collected all trophies.
Capital Punishment
Completed the game on the hard game difficulty setting, any ending.
100G / Gold
Good Behavior
Completed the game on any difficulty without killing any monsters.
50G / Silver
Silent Hill Tour Guide
Completed all side quests.
100G / Gold
Useless Trinkets
Completed the "Digging up the Past" side quest.
5G / Bronze
Completed the "Bird Cage" side quest.
5G / Bronze
Calling All Cars
Completed the "All Points Bulletin" side quest.
5G / Bronze
Neighborhood Watch
Completed the "Stolen Goods" side quest.
5G / Bronze
Art Appreciation
Completed "The Art Collector" side quest.
5G / Bronze
Silent Alarm
Completed "The Bank" side quest.
5G / Bronze
Will Work For Food
Completed the "Homeless" side quest.
5G / Bronze
Cutting Room Floor
Completed the "Cinéma Vérité" side quest.
5G / Bronze
Turn Back Time
Completed "The Gramophone" side quest.
5G / Bronze
What's Your Sign?
Completed the "Shadow Play" side quest.
5G / Bronze
Telltale Heart
Completed the "Dead Man's Hand" side quest.
5G / Bronze
Dust to Dust
Completed the "Ashes to Ashes" side quest.
5G / Bronze
Long Walk, Short Pier
Completed the "Ribbons" side quest.
5G / Bronze
Spot the Difference
Completed the "Mirror, Mirror" side quest.
5G / Bronze
Silence is Golden
Killed or incapacitated 10 Screamers.
20G / Silver
Shadow Boxer
Killed or incapacitated 10 Dolls.
20G / Silver
Piñata Party
Killed or incapacitated 10 Weeping Bats.
20G / Silver
Killed or incapacitated 10 Prisoner Minions.
20G / Silver
The Bigger They Are…
Killed or incapacitated 10 Prisoner Juggernauts.
20G / Silver
Fight or Flight?
Escaped from 20 monsters.
20G / Silver
Silent Hill Historic Society
Completed Murphy's Journal with all Mysteries.
50G / Silver
Stay of Execution
Incapacitated 20 monsters without killing them.
25G / Silver
Gun Control
Killed 25 monsters with the Pistol or Shotgun.
25G / Bronze
Used 20 First Aid Kits.
10G / Bronze
Puzzle Master
Completed the game on the hard puzzle difficulty setting, any ending.
100G / Gold

Secret Achievements/Hidden Trophies

Now You're Cooking…
Survived the Diner Otherworld.
10G / Bronze
Out of the Frying Pan
Rode the Sky Tram to Devil's Pit.
10G / Bronze
Going off the Rails
Escaped from Devil's Pit.
10G / Bronze
Found a Friend!
Met DJ Ricks in the Radio Station.
10G / Bronze
Whatever Doesn't Kill You…
Escaped the Radio Station Otherworld.
10G / Bronze
Ashes, Ashes
Collected 3 pages of the rhyme book.
10G / Bronze
Broken Cycle
Defeated The Bogeyman.
10G / Bronze
No Turning Back
Reached Overlook Penitentiary.
10G / Bronze
Ending A
Achieved "Forgiveness" ending.
50G / Silver
Ending B
Achieved "Truth & Justice" ending.
50G / Silver
Ending C
Achieved “Full Circle” ending.
50G / Silver
Ending D
Achieved “Execution” ending.
50G / Silver
Ending E
Achieved “Surprise!” ending.
70G / Silver