Fan Albums

2021.01.02  Raymond Richmond – Welcome to Silent Hill
2020.12.24  Mathias T. Taylor – Silent Hill 2 Soundtrack Tribute
2015.08.09 Dale North – Silent Horror Original Soundtrack
2015.03.29 Christopher So – Lakeside Tales

Christopher So – Lakeside Tales

Composer: Christopher So
Release date: 2015.03.13
Style: Trip-Hop, Ambient

01 Preface
02 Distant Memory
03 Charon
04 Blood Moon
05 Unrepression
06 Regret
07 Last Rite
08 Shadow Ritual
09 Spirit Frost
10 Empty Places

Christopher So – Lakeside Tales
Album on Bandcamp

Dale North – Silent Horror Original Soundtrack

Composer: Dale North
Release date: 2014.04.07

Dale North's 2005 soundtrack to the X-Strike Studios survival horror film paying tribute to games of the same genre.

01 Mark's Theme - Introduction
02 Silent Horror Main Theme
03 Confrontation
04 That Same Old Feeling
05 I'll Cut You
06 Holy Geez
08 Failing That
09 I Don't Know Anymore
10 Horrible Musicbox
11 Is It Safe Here?
12 Lost Time
13 Making Our Way
14 Is It Human?
15 Lea's Theme - Passing By
16 Bittersweet
17 Makes No Sense
18 Briggs' Theme - Strangely Epic
19 True Terror
20 One Last Hope (Mustin's Silent Horror Remix)

Dale North – Silent Horror Original Soundtrack
Album on Bandcamp

The Industrialism – Silent Hill: Rebirth Original Soundtracks

Composer: The Industrialism (M1A1)
Release date: 2011.03.26
Style: Dark Ambient, Abstract, Downtempo, Experimental, Ambient

Soundtrack for the Silent Hill: Rebirth fan game.

01 Theme of A Sad Revenge
02 Mutilated Noise
03 Fol Florest
04 Green Beans of Little Happiness
05 Sick For Searching, Sad To Continue
06 Promises For A God
07 Ashes Pushed Into The Ground
08 Is My Heart Pulsing? Because I Can't Feel It
09 God's Sentiment
10 Regards From A Innocent Person
11 The Darkness That Grows In Our Mind
12 Black Night
13 The Reversed Prayer Maker Called Tundra
14 Personal Feelings
15 Revenge — Inside Of A Small Cemetery
16 The Traitor
17 Crane Drone
18 Love In A Patient Room
19 Silent Hell
20 When No One Loves You
21 Fol Florest (Reprise)
22 Mind Is Playing a Joke
23 Inside Of The Nightmare Terror On A Destructive Fog
24 Working To Build A Normal Life
25 Heavy Fuzz I
26 Heavy Fuzz II
27 Trapped Feeling
28 Corrosive C-Path
29 Love In A Patient Room (Reprise)
30 Theme of A Sad Revenge (Reprise)

The Industrialism – Silent Hill: Rebirth Original Soundtracks

The Industrialism – An Orphan Without Hope

Composers: Cesar "M1A1" Alexandre, Erik Satie
Release date: 2013.03.07
Style: Modern Classical, Field Recording, Ambient

"An Orphan Without Hope" is a small, semi-improvised EP by my project. Recorded in 2003, these tracks are some of my earlier experiments with piano, field recordings and, where applied, synthesizers, more before than experimenting with electronic music in 2006. I love these small piano pieces, so I wanted to release them as a small release any time in my life. In the end, I dedicate this short EP for my shorty and my actual bride. The melancholy of these tracks are perfect to describe how much I love her."

- Cesar "M1A1" Alexandre

01 ...And Delusion Reigns Summertime
02 Illness Ecstatic I
03 Illness Ecstatic II
04 Illness Ecstatic III
05 Gymnopedie III: Lent et Grave

The Industrialism – An Orphan Without Hope

Mathias T. Taylor – Silent Hill 2 Soundtrack Tribute

Composer: Mathias T. Taylor
Release date: 2020.12.20
Style: Instrumental, Acoustic

01 Overture
02 Theme of Laura (Solo Extended Cut)
03 Laura Epilogue (Matty Taylor Version
04 Interlude I (a. White Noiz, b. Forest)
05 Promise (Reprise) (Matty Taylor Version)
06 Interlude II (a. Ashes and Ghosts, b. Null Moon, c. Heaven's Night)
07 Love Psalm (Matty Taylor Version)
08 Interlude III (a. The Darkness That Lurks in Our Mind b. Laura Plays the Piano)
09 True (Matty Taylor Version)
10 Betrayal (Matty Taylor Version)
11 Interlude IV (Black Fairy)
12 Theme of Laura (Reprise) (Matty Taylor Version)
13 Overdose Delusion (Matty Taylor Version)
14 Promise (Matty Taylor Version)
15 Overdose Finale (Ending Credits)
16 Theme of Laura (Matty Taylor Demo) Bonus Track
17 Theme of Laura (Acoustic) Bonus Track

Mathias T. Taylor – Silent Hill 2 Soundtrack Tribute

os1R!s – Music Inspired By Silent Hill

Composer: os1R!s (Egor Pronin)
Release date: 2008.01.01
Style: Trip-Hop, Ambient

01 Silent steps (edited)
02 Broken radio
03 Walking with wind (edited)
04 Dream or reality
05 Lake
06 Restless day
07 Escape from yourself
08 I need your love (edited)
09 Streets are watching
10 Lost memories (Part I)
11 Subway
12 Why are you here
13 Love or hate
14 Strange sense (edited)
15 Gray noon
16 Elevator
17 I will never see you again (edited)
18 Door is locked (edited)
19 Clock, that shows truth
20 Basement
21 Lost memories (Part II)
22 Alternate world
23 Unspeakable creatures
24 Depths of your fears
25 Lonely night (edited)
26 Indefinite pressure
27 Terrible dance
28 Rebirth ritual
29 Final battle
30 End of a nightmare

os1R!s – Music Inspired By Silent Hill

Raymond Richmond – Welcome to Silent Hill

Composer: Raymond Richmond
Release date: 2021.01.01
Style: Ambient, Industrial

01 Promise (Replay)
02 Nearing Seperation
03 Watchfulness and Chaos
04 Blood and Rust
05 Hidden Well
06 By Being Lost
07 Seven Thousand Beasts
08 Clouds Weren't Weightless
09 Endless Fog
10 Ones Who Ride
11 Path to Below
12 Congregation
13 Necessary Caution
14 His Own Prestige
15 No Longer Divided
16 Alone In The Town (Alternate)
17 The Choking Heat
18 Leonard

Raymond Richmond – Welcome to Silent Hill

Yoshimasu Kamiya – Surreal, So Real

Composer: Yoshimasu Kamiya
Release date: 2012.07.20
Style: Instrumental Rock

This demo/EP can best be described as a collection of "ambient rock" soundtracks. Though sonically diverse in style and tone, all seven songs express the dualities of dreams vs. reality, serenity vs. discordance, and the moments when those balances become threatened.

Beyond "surreal, so real," each storyline marks the beginning of an open-ended concept album whose characters, plots, and musical genres will transform based on creative fluidity.

01 Uchina noir: Ghosts of Chibichiri Cave
02 She Who Wandered: Infatuation
03 She Who Wandered: Chaos
04 Uchina noir: The Cocktail Party
05 Interlude [Limbo]
06 Beneath the Sakura Trees: 死ぬ [Death]
07 Beneath the Sakura Trees: 接吻 [Kiss]

Joseph Yoshimasu Kamiya – Surreal, So Real
Album on Bandcamp

Y-Ring – Nightree / Morningas

Composer: Y-Ring
Release date: 2007.09
Style: Trip-Hop

A single from Liminality: The Silent Hill Inspired Album. "Nightree" is a longer non-edited version of "Day at the Hospital" from the album, whereas "Morningas" can be found on the album under the title "Little Baroness."

01 Nightree
02 Morningas

Y-Ring – Nightree / Morningas