Fan Tracks & Remixes

2016.12.04  Surreal East - Betrayal (Remix)
2016.12.04 Surreal East - Promise (Remix)
2016.12.04 Surreal East - Rain Of Brass Petals (Remix)
2016.03.31 Piano covers by Piano Horror
2016.03.12 mymorningjackets - You're Not Here for Classical Guitar
2016.03.12 XīnTiào - Not Tomorrow
2016.03.12 Svetolir - Silent Hill
2015.08.09 katethegreat19 - Music Box Theme
2015.04.05 Alex Heidern - Lonesome Ghost
2015.03.29 Tom Graczkowski - It's Coming (Silent Hillz Theme)

Inspired Tracks

Alex Heidern - Lonesome Ghost
blackannis - Fracture
blackannis - Stalker
blackannis - The Long Road
Christopher Albertus - Broken Silhouette
Christopher Albertus - Forever Lost
Christopher Albertus - Infinite Happiness
Christopher Albertus - Pyramid Head
Christopher Albertus - Run
Christopher Albertus - The White Crow
DJMonster! - Jimmy the Homicidal Maniac
DJMonster! - Single Celled Amnesiac (short)
DJMonster! - Tracheotomy (with a spoon)
DJMonster! - Two Weeks On A Morphine Drip
DJMonster! - White Sheets and Machines
Gavin Salkeld - Defiance Of Dark
Gavin Salkeld - Defiance Of Dark (Special Edit)
Javier Martin Hernandez - Reanimación (Reanimation)
Kasia Zam - Legionowo City Theme
Paregoria - Brookhaven Hospital
Patterns in the Ivy - Music Box Medley
Pedro Barão feat. Trenchant06 - Restless Dreams
Program - Stranger
Ray Richmond - Experiment
Ray Richmand - Lost
Ray Richmond - Not Dreaming
Ray Richmond - Rain
Ray Richmond - Totaled
Ray Richmand - Wander
Reptilium - Grip Of Rage
Scar Process - I, Crimson
Svetolir - Silent Hill
Tears Of Mankind - Way Through A Fog
Tom Graczkowski - It's Coming (Silent Hillz Theme)

Remixes & Covers

Silent Hill  
angelusdeadman - Silent Hill (Not So Silent Mix) Silent Hill
Children of the Monkey Machine - Act 3 Search for Cheryl
Dacula - Welcome To SILENT HILL (Acoustic Guitar) Silent Hill
DirtyZ - Not Tomorrow (Ambient Remix) Not Tommorow
EClaire - Just Today Not Tomorrow
Javier Martin Hernandez - Al Final de la Sombra (At the End of the Shadow) Not Tomorrow
Jonn - Remember Her Not Tomorrow
Josh Culotta - Silent Bentonville Not Tomorrow
K. Praslowicz - White Claudia Rock Silent Hill
Ordas - ! (Foreword) Silent Hill (Vocal Cover)
Reyals - Silent Hill Silent Hill
RS3 - Midwich
Sefiros - Bleeding Out Not Tomorrow
Sefiros - Reborn Tears of...
Skeletorium - Not Tomorrow Not Tomorrow
Skogyr - Silent Hill Silent Hill
Stillhet - Silent Hill Silent Hill
Tamimi - Nay Tomorrow Not Tomorrow
The Wingless - All Good Girls Not Tomorrow
The Wingless - In The Dollhouse Not Tomorrow / Tears of... / Silent Hill
Watchdog - Tainted Room Not Tomorrow (Vocal Cover)
XīnTiào - Not Tomorrow Not Tomorrow
Silent Hill 2  
AquaVita - Theme Of Laura (A Capella) Theme of Laura
BeyondTSM - Town of Drifting Memories Alone in the Town
BigShot - I Hate Laura Theme of Laura (Reprise)
Comatron feat. Angryboy Rulz - Sacred Place Promise
DJ Monster! - Born From A Wish Remix Born from a Wish
DJ SADAN - Theme Of Laura (DJ SADAN dnb mix) Theme of Laura (Reprise)
EazyP - A Bad Memory Promise
Element - Yanэma Gel Promise (Vocal Cover)
Everyone - Promise Promise
Javier Martin Hernandez - Esperándote (Waiting for You) Theme of Laura / Promise
jmm1233 - Theme of Laura (jmm1233 Remix) Theme of Laura
Kajed Berd - Monsters In Town Alone in the Town
Kajed Berd - Music Box of Chaos Music Box
katethegreat19 / Erutan - Music Box Theme Music Box
Lionheart - The Truth About Laura True
Lt. Raziel - Music Box (Acoustic Guitar) Music Box
Lt. Raziel - Theme of Laura (Acoustic Guitar) Theme of Laura
Mich Zimmerman - Intro (Apt. 7) Theme of Laura
Musharraf - Lost In The Darkness Promise / Theme of Laura (Reprise)
mv / hellven - Le Tourment de Laura Theme of Laura (Reprise)
NAKi - Theme of Laura (nver remix) Theme of Laura
NoWave - Truthless True
Ocean's Next Victim - Laura's Requiem Theme of Laura (Reprise)
Omniverse - Laura's Innocence Theme of Laura
Paragon - Mary In Chains True / Overdose Delusion
Raven Squad - Depression True
Ray Richmond - Remembering Laura Laura Plays the Piano
Reyals - Delusion Overdose Overdose Delusion
Reyals - Fatal Promise Promise
Reyals - Three-One-Two True
Sefiros - Ambient Truth True
Sefiros - I Lost You Once... Promise
Sefiros - I Won't Lose You Again True
Sefiros - Music Box (Eighteen Inches) Music Box
Sefiros - Nightmares Alone in the Town
Sefiros - Theme Of Laura (Lament Of A Child) Theme of Laura
Sefiros - Under The Influence Overdose Delusion
Shea Bile - Summertime Diamonds Promise (Reprise)
Spike Masters - Alone True
Spike Masters - Music Box Music Box
Spike Masters - True True
Spyros Tserkezos - Theme of Laura (Acoustic Cover) Theme of Laura
Steve Pardon - True (It's Gone Now mix) True
Sumo Blanco - Promise (Sumo's Dark Christmas Remake) Promise (Reprise)
Surreal East - Betrayal (Remix) Betrayal
Surreal East - Promise (Remix) Promise
Tears Of Mankind - Theme Of Laura Theme of Laura (Vocal Cover)
The Guitar Hero - Promise (Live at Heaven's Night) Promise
The Red Devil Incident - Promise Promise (Vocal Cover)
The Wingless - There Was A Hole Here True
Silent Hill 3  
Contact - Lost Carol (Contact Edit) Lost Carol
GeeViouS - Maternal Heart (Hyper RmX) Maternal Heart
Javier Martin Hernandez - Al Principio (In the Beginning) Sun / Never Forgive Me / Never Forget Me
Javier Martin Hernandez - Por favor, ámame otra vez Please Love Me... Once More
Koebi - Awakening of a World of Peace
mymorningjackets - You're Not Here for Classical Guitar You're Not Here
Surreal East - Rain Of Brass Petals (Remix) Rain of Brass Petals
Tears Of Mankind - Please Love Me Please Love Me... Once More (Vocal Cover)
Джельсомино - You're Not Here You're Not Here (Vocal Cover)
Silent Hill 4: The Room  
LoOk - Nightmarish Waltz (LoOK's edition) Nigtmarish Waltz
Patrick C. Wagstaff - Alone Room of Angel / Nightmarish Waltz / Fever Chill / Two Evils
Sefiros - 16121 Room Of Angel
Tears Of Mankind - Room Of Angel Room Of Angel (Vocal Cover)
Tears Of Mankind - Tender Sugar Tender Sugar (Vocal Cover)
Silent Hill: Homecoming  
Soaring Man - Alex Theme (Remix) Alex Theme
Silent Hill Movie  
Venusian - Tainted Town Piano Cover
Children of the Monkey Machine with Steve Pardon - Static Aversion SH1 - She / SH2 - Promise
FamilyJules7x - Silent Hill Guitar Medley
Omniverse - Love Not Tomorrow SH1 - Not Tomorrow / SH2 - True

Edited Versions

Akira Yamaoka - End of Small Sanctuary (Extended)

Piano Versions

Silent Hill 2 - Promise Spinoff (Piano Version)
Silent Hill 2 - Promise (Piano Version)
Silent Hill 3 - Letter ~ From the Lost Days (Piano Version)
Silent Hill 3 - You're Not Here (Piano Version)
Silent Hill 4 - Cradle of Forest (Piano Version)
Silent Hill 4 - Tender Sugar (Piano Version)

Piano Versions (Piano Horror)

Piano covers of Silent Hill tracks by Liam Seagrave.

 Piano Horror

Silent Hill 2 - True (Piano Version)
Silent Hill - Not Tomorrow (Piano Version)
Silent Hill 4: The Room - Room of Angel (Piano Version)
Silent Hill 2 - Theme of Laura - Reprise (Piano Version)
Silent Hill 2 - Music Box (Piano Version)
Silent Hill 2 - Letters (Piano Version)
Silent Hill - Fear Of The Dark (Piano Version)
Silent Hill - Clawfinger (Piano Version)
Silent Hill - Not Tomorrow (Creepypasta Piano Version)
Silent Hill - Tears Of... (Piano Version)
Silent Hill 3 - Innocent Moon (Piano Version)
Silent Hill 2 - Promise Reprise (Standard Piano)
Silent Hill 2 - Music Box (Creepypasta Piano Version)
A Dance in Nightmarish Dreamland - Entrancing Horror Music (Silent Hill Composition)
Silent Hill 3 - Unhappy Carousel (Piano Version)
Silent Hill: Homecoming - The Terminal Show (Piano Version)
Silent Hill: Homecoming - Cold Blood (Piano Version)
Silent Hill: Homecoming - Witchcraft (Piano Version)